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Siemens Aquaris Remote/Controller Required? Android App?

2016-08-29 11:49:00 in Signia (Formerly Siemens) by  9-R
I'm truly keen on the Siemen's Aquaris yet I'm confounded about regardless of whether you need to buy a remote/controller with it? Nothing has been straight forward. Trusting that it could simply be controlled with my Android telephone and I wouldn't have to buy or drag a remote around.

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9-R I've truly been tweaking the Aquaris and thought I'd share for anybody that is intrigued.

Mine accompanied two diverse outside ear buds. The sound was great however there was a considerable measure of criticism, particularly when in encased spaces with hard surfaces like a vehicle or restroom. Experiencing entryways or being alongside a divider would highlight it. Got a shut vault however it was too little. Assisted with the criticism yet at the same time excessively. At that point got a bigger shut twofold vault. Input just happens now when I container my hand over my ear. It totally changed the sound and tone so I needed to re-modify calibrate frequencies. Needed to extraordinarily diminish the lower end and change the combination into 2k.

I likewise un-chose or killed Speech and Noise Management, SoundSmoothing, eWindScreen and de-chose the Automatic Microphone with the goal that it is Directional as it were. I just kept Turbo Feedback Cancelation. These expelled a portion of the handling and hoisted the computerized sound and it is presently more normal. I've since utilized it in swarmed zones, calm rooms and outside and am appreciating the outcomes.

9-R Just to followup - Got the PMs and bless your heart! Gotten my Aquaris and ConnexxLink yestersday and have it customized. As of now the sound and execution are superior to the comparative RIC loaner I got. So appreciative I can make the changes myself as opposed to setting up an arrangement, running in and disturbing another person doing it.

9-R Thank you everybody for the assistance. I don't care for the Siemens site page since it's not straight forward with its data on how the majority of their things cooperate.

For as much as the Tek/Mini-Tek are I think I'll get a ConnexxLink. This would give me the control I require. I discovered one hotspot for around that cost yet I can't check in the event that they're genuine. I discovered different connections on this site searching for something comparable with nothing posted. Would someone be able to PM me a source?

JustEd helps/aquaris/


Totally fixed lodging and battery entryway

IP68 guaranteed: No leakage and no harm amid nonstop inundation

Uniquely crafted delicate ear form for swimming

moccasin Originally Posted by 9-R

I needn't bother with any projects. Perhaps volume control in spite of the fact that I haven't needed to change my loaner yet. Whatever other RIC sort that is similarly as powerful with the earth?

On the off chance that you just utilize one program, at that point you needn't bother with ANY controller. When you close the way to the battery compartment, the guides boot up to the default program. Be that as it may they won't speak with your telephone without the remote.

I don't generally convey my remote, as I seldom need to change programs outside of my workplace, however I couldn't work at work without a remote.

Additionally, know that the Aquaris is not TOTALLY submerge confirmation unless you are fitted with a formed earpiece to keep water from getting into the sound tube. I didn't purchase mine to swim in, yet I am an overwhelming sweater and am regularly required to do my obligations out in pouring down rain, so they have been an incredible answer for my necessities.

Most upper level amplifiers today are made with "nano-covering" to shield the sensitive gadgets from dampness and sweat, however that doesn't prevent the dampness from getting in and closing down the guides for a drying day and age.

JeffBowser I've had an aquaris for a long time now. I didn't purchase the controller. Truth be told, I don't have the controller for my Widex CIC, either. I haven't discovered them all that helpful for me.

9-R Ugh, that sucks. Was truly trusting it wouldn't be that way. Just need a HA for my left ear.

I needn't bother with any projects. Perhaps volume control in spite of the fact that I haven't needed to change my loaner yet. Some other RIC sort that is similarly as strong with nature?

rasmus_braun There's an Android application accessible, however it requires the miniTek Bluetooth streamer to work. The Aquaris has no on-board controls, so you'll require a remote or the miniTek on the off chance that you need to change volume and projects.

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