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Siemens Binax Ace?

2014-12-20 15:59:00 in Signia (Formerly Siemens) by  norpan
Hello everybody,

I'm new here and this is the first occasion when will wear amplifiers. I've had a hearing misfortune all my life, yet feeling disgrace about it, I've never figured out how to look for lobby for my concern...

I've been proposed Siemens Binax Ace. Do anybody have criticism on this listening device? Is it any not the same as Binax Pure?

I'm extremely grateful for your assistance!



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dougy Hi, I've quite recently been fitted out with Siemens Pure7 Binax helps, to supplant my 5-yr-old Pure 700's. The specs are practically indistinguishable to Carat, aside from the guides and battery are marginally bigger. I incline toward the littler size and as of now have extensive quantities of 312 batteries to go through. The Ace which one discussion part was questioning is lesser-spec'd - fine for mellow hearing misfortune yet lacking for my level of misfortune.

These new guides are significantly superior to my past Pure 700's - more volume change, more characteristic sound, much better directional sound, phenomenal TV gathering through the earphone attachment/remote transmitter, great Bluetooth lucidity by means of my Samsung S3 telephone.

The "easyTek" control/remote unit is vastly improved than the past miniTek show. easyTek has two receivers, giving amazing sound to the gathering on the flip side of the call. The "miniTek" which was utilized with the Pure 700's had an exceptionally poor mouthpiece - society used to state it seemed as though I was talking from inside a can bowl! The "easyTek" is a little fiddly to learn, yet a week or so ought to be sufficient to wind up noticeably appropriately comfortable with it.

I likewise downloaded the Android variant of the easyTek App for my telephone - it is a phenomenal free extra. Gives graphical volume modification and program determination. A capacity called "spatial arrangement" gives a graphical acclimation to the versatile directional mouthpieces - I won't know exactly how powerful that is until the point that Happy Hour on Friday evening!

The cost for the unit I got was $NZ12000 in the wake of permitting an administration endowment of $1000 and barring the remote transmitter which I as of now had. Really loathsome I figure, however New Zealand doesn't have the populace to constrain not too bad rivalry in portable amplifiers.

So far just the "Widespread" program is empowered - we came up short on time to set up the others so will do that in the new year.

I haven't attempted different brands by any stretch of the imagination, have stayed with Siemens the distance, these are my third part.



55 250 45

50 500 50

60 1000 60

65 2000 65

80 4000 75

95 8000 85

lapflede I purchased bx7 immaculate. I utilize the 312 rechargeable batteries. I get 14 to 15 hours of battery time on a charge, which is barely shy of an entire day. The carats with 13 batteries may have been exceptional in such manner. The size contrast isn't awesome.

norpan Doc Jake,

A debt of gratitude is in order for your answer. I will print it out and bring it. I think that its peculiar that she demands the way that there is no difference....

Would you mind informing me concerning the size 10 batteries? What is the distinction?

You rock

Doc Jake frankly spending that sort of cash and not getting the full binaural elements and hosing yourself out of the easyTek alternative is an awful move. the size 10 batteries would be a gem for me regardless of what the guide. I would take a size 13 rechargeable batteries over a size 10 non-rechargeable battery quickly. at the point when your AuD says there is no distinction and demand adhering to that story I would be searching for another AuD one that can read.

you might need to print out the PDF you connected to and take it along for your AuD.

the Ace does not have these elements that the Pure/Carat does

e2e remote

RechargeableVolume control


Sound info

Pro extras

touchControl App

Pure.Carat embellishments touchControl™ AppeasyTek™easyTek™ AppeasyPocket™Tek® TransmitterVoiceLink™eChargerBattery entryway with incorporated DAI

norpan OK thank you Rasmus!

rasmus_braun Originally Posted by norpan

Alright yet in the event that I dont plan to utilize the EasyTek, at that point?

At that point it relies upon whether you visit exceptionally uproarious places frequently, for example, gatherings and eateries. The additional components in the Pure may enable you to hear better in those circumstances.

norpan OK yet in the event that I dont plan to utilize the EasyTek, at that point?- - Updated -

Alright however in the event that I dont plan to utilize the EasyTek, at that point?

rasmus_braun Originally Posted by norpan

Gracious, So on the off chance that I comprehend this privilege: The main motivation to pick Ace over Pure is attentiveness? It is indiscreet to do as such? Are the elements, missing in Ace, truly helpful?

Sorry for my inquiries yet I feel befuddled, since it's my first guides ever.

Much appreciated

It is rash to pick the Ace in the event that you predict a need to utilize the easyTek. You can inquire as to whether he/she has demo units of the Pure that you can attempt in the workplace. There's a binaxDemo application that can be downloaded to your iPhone which will enable you to encounter the different binaural elements.

norpan Oh, So on the off chance that I comprehend this privilege: The main motivation to pick Ace over Pure is carefulness? It is rash to do as such? Are the components, missing in Ace, truly valuable?

Sorry for my inquiries yet I feel befuddled, since it's my first guides ever.

Much obliged

audiogal Originally Posted by norpan

Do you, or any other person know what highlights are deficient in the Ace's, that you can discover in Pure? As per my audiologist, there is no distinction?

The Ace doesn't have the full binaural capacities as Pure or Carat. It's not utilizing the 4 receivers for every guide as the others do, so execution in clamor is not as cutting edge. Estimate is substantially littler and it keeps running on a 10 battery. Likewise no volume control on the guides (it has a push catch however)

Demiles I had a similar inquiry regarding the Ace versus Pure. The primary contrast other than the simple tek is the binaural components that is a piece of E2E 3.0.

Doc Jake can;t figure what else you would require on the off chance that you take after norpan's connection

norpan Sorry, I found a supportive site here:

Much appreciated


norpan Moccassin, your replays are so useful! Much obliged to you for setting aside the opportunity to answer to my unlimited inquiries...

Do you, or any other individual know what highlights are inadequate in the Ace's, that you can discover in Pure? As per my audiologist, there is no distinction? I'm not discussing the Easytek.

Much thanks!


Doc Jake I was/am a major devotee of the miniTek.. in any case, times proceed onward so when I moved up to my Pure Carat Bx with 2.0 hp recipients I needed to go EasyTek now that I got the hang of it I wouldn't backpedal. I don't convey an advanced mobile phone any longer so applications don't intrigue me. btw, you can program the rocker switch on one guide to be VC and the other guide PC which proves to be useful. I utilize the eCharger, TVLink and sporadically screw around utilizing the VoiceLink. The easyTek additionally makes it simple for me to watch a motion picture or YouTube and so forth through BT. while the spouse sits in front of the TV.

moccasin Thanks for the information Doc Jake. I didn't know whether the simple tek would work with my amplifiers, so you recently put that choice to rest, despite the fact that I had effectively chosen it wasn't right for me in any case. I certainly think the climb to a 13 battery is justified regardless of somewhat bigger instrument. Despite the fact that batteries aren't unpleasantly costly, I get double the run time from my Aquaris with measure 13 batteries than I do with my Pures with their 312s. That by itself slices the battery spending plan down the middle, since they are both a similar cost in any case. Also that the bigger batteries are less demanding to deal with.

Doc Jake I would get the Pure Carat. It's a red hair bigger however has a size 13 battery. I get 18+ hours for every charge which incorporates a ton of gushing. Not very many people will see your guides they must be up genuine close and I'm speculating anybody getting that nearby will definitely know.

rasmus_braun Just a couple of extra remarks, the Ace and Pure are both evaluated the same for tidy and dampness resistance. The Pure has an on-board rocker switch which enables you to alter the volume without a remote control; the catch on the Ace can just change programs. The Pure additionally contains a T-curl and AutoPhone. Just the easyTek can be utilized with Binax portable hearing assistants; the miniTek is not perfect. What's more, easyTek won't work with more seasoned Siemens portable amplifiers.

moccasin "... I know I shouldn't, yet since it's my first combine, it's sort of humiliating to turn out with it..."

I thoroughly comprehend that issue. I was there myself six years back. Ultra tact has been a main thrust in the HA business for a long time, however now that the cutting edge people born after WW2 are entering the market, the interest for highlights, battery life (straightforwardly influenced by components) and dependability is pushing in front of "intangibility". Keep in mind when mobile phones were contending to see who could make the littlest telephone? Presently they are pressing them so loaded with innovation that you can scarcely hold some of them in one hand! Trust me...once you hear winged creatures tweeting and rain hitting your rooftop, and get passed the frenzy of what your auto or clothes washer seem like, and you can take a gander at individuals in their eyes as opposed to taking a gander at their lips, you won't think a flip about carefulness, and your humiliation will rapidly be supplanted by gloating rights and noting a huge amount of inquiries from every one of your companions that have additionally been denying the requirement for hearing help!

"...Do you surmise that Pure's are superior to Ace?..."

Yes. The Pures are highlight pressed The Ace concentrates on small, attentiveness, and I'm certain cost also, as they are stripped of the fringe network and different components of their cousins."...Are there whatever other contrasts than the remote capacity?..."

I'm a client, not an expert, so excuse the mystery, as I have no entrance to any data source other than leaflets and web correlations. The one thing I'm certain about is rechargeable capacity. The Pures have it and Aces don't. You might possibly administer to this element, however in the event that will spend a fortune on instruments, the inquiry is regardless of whether you wish to LIMIT your future utilization of components. I can get seven days on standard 312 batteries, or around 12 hours for every day on rechargeables. Over the life of the portable hearing assistant, the cost is about the same amongst rechargeables and standard batteries. I like the accommodation of rechargables, however since I frequently get gotten back to twilight, the utilization of standard batteries with an each Monday change routine was better for me until the point that I surrendered my Pures to the workplace as it were. Presently the rechargeable element is best for me. There will probably be a distinction in the quantity of various projects that you can have between the two models (I don't utilize the greater part of my accessible projects, however in the event that I ever need to include another setup, the capacity is there). The handout notices more grounded dampness resistance for the Pures, and makes no specify of dampness resistance for the Aces. That by itself could have a colossal effect for a few of us.

"...And what does that truly mean? That is to say, I can at present utilize the application to speak with my aids?..."

The Ace can get tonal change flags straightforwardly from a mobile phone, however obviously doesn't have the dialect to speak with a remote control, along these lines you can't stream sound from the telephone or a TV or other sound source specifically to the listening devices. You can just modify them or change programs with your phone or with the catch on the guide itself. Both of which are exceptionally diverting amid a progressing discussion. To me, the most UNDISCRETE thing you can do is modify your listening devices amid a discussion. The capacity to do that with a turn in a pocket while keeping up eye contact is gigantic, and inaccessible to the Ace.

The Ace will enable you to hear better, however the Pure will enable you to appreciate life while hearing better! :- ) "...Also, what is the contrast between the Easy Tek and the Mini Tek?..."

I have no involvement with the Easy-Tek. I began with the first "Tek Remote". It was gigantic, yet had extraordinary charge stamina and range to the guides, and I like it's capacity to alter base and treble. I later added the Mini-Tek to my aresenal, which is littler, lighter, and less demanding to "feel" without taking a gander at it. The Mini-Tek additionally gotten the capacity to utilize a telephone application to change the guides (decent element, yet infrequently utilized for reasons specified before). The small scale tek can be worn around the neck with a strap, or joined to a belt with a clasp, or just left in a pocket. It has a "cycle program" in the inside (which I like superior to anything the program choice catches on the enormous Tek), and volume here and there catches above and beneath the cycle catch. EASY AND INTUITIVE to use without looking! I as of late investigated getting an Easy-Tek, however have chosen that for my necessities, the Mini-Tek is a superior choice. The Easy Tek has little volume catches on top of the unit, and requires the neck circle for imparting to the guides, so I'm expecting that it HAS to be worn around the neck because of short proximity issues. I don't and would not wear a remote around my neck, obvious to others, and wearing one under a dress shirt that I'd need to access to get to modest catches, simply does not engage me. With the smaller than usual tek the most vital catches (cycle and volume) are anything but difficult to discover while covered up under a shirt and tie. I likewise think the round rubbery neck circle would trouble me a great deal more than the level nylon strap of my Mini.

Remotes are costly, adding 500 to 600 dollars to the cost of an arrangement of listening devices, however the remote opens up entryways and highlights that you would somehow or another not have. With regards to my wellbeing, I'm not a deal customer. I'm a component customer. The main thing more regrettable than burning through six thousand on an arrangement of highlight stuffed listening devices, is burning through four thousand on a set that you aren't content with. In then end, I once in a while utilize a portion of the components that both my listening devices have accessible, however when I DO need or utilize those elements, they are invaluable and worth each penny. Likely my next venture will be a "Voice Link" transmitter. The advantage for me there would be setting the transmitter before a TV at an inn or companion's home without connecting to the back of the set, and may likewise prove to be useful in certain loud situations when I simply need to hear one individual.

norpan Thanks Moccasin!

Disgrace about what? Yes, that is a decent question.... I know I shouldn't, however since it's my first match, it's sort of humiliating to turn out with it. I've chosen to this however and to carry on with my life to the maximum as opposed to staying away from specific circumstances.

Do you feel that Pure's are superior to Ace? Are there whatever other contrasts than the remote limit? Also, what does that truly mean? That is to say, I can even now utilize the application to speak with my guides?

Additionally, what is the distinction between the Easy Tek and the Mini Tek?

You're the best!

moccasin Welcome Anna! Feeling disgrace about what, holding up so long? Indeed, the great part is, you held up until the point that portable amplifiers progressed toward becoming PCs rather than just intensifiers, so congrats. Your first arrangement of portable amplifiers will be superior to anything many guides at present being worn! :- )

Siemens is an all around resourced organization that is basically first class for each item they put available, and their portable hearing assistants are no exemption. All amplifier organizations have their contrivances, and their fascination components, and they all put out magnificent items, yet those items are just in the same class as the Audiologists that are tuning and tweaking them to YOUR necessities, so I wish all of you the fortunes in having picked the privilege Audi.

With respect to the guides, tact goes out the window when you understand you can hear once more! One thing I adapted rapidly is that once individuals know you are wearing guides, they will talk all the more obviously and all the more specifically to you, so don't give up work for caution. You'll get significantly more use out of capacity than out of circumspection!! :- )

Despite the fact that I just utilize three projects (1. Ordinary, in view of my listening ability tests; 2. High amp, with everything route turned up, for when individuals are talking unobtrusively or whispering; and 3. Quieted for when I require a fast break), I switch these projects continually over the span of a day, so having a committed remote is an unquestionable requirement for me, since I don't care for fiddling with my ears, and I don't generally look after the phone control since it creates the impression that you are checking your messages while having a discussion with somebody (discourteous or ill bred and very diverting to the next individual). I truly like having my smaller than expected tek remote in my pocket or under my shirt, so I can make modifications without looking at a screen or diverting the discussion in any capacity.

I wear a more seasoned combine of Pure 700s (preceding the MIs and Binaxes turned out) generally at work, and all the more as of late had added the Siemens Aquaris 7Mi to my stockpile since I am exceptionally dynamic and dampness/sweat is a major issue here in sticky southeast USA. The greater batteries (measure 13) most recent two weeks in the Aquaris, and that is pleasant, and not worrying about dampness issues, but rather calm voice is much cleaner with the Pures, so since being repaired for dampness harm, those are saved for office work as it were. My Pures have littler (312) batteries, which keeps the measure of the guides down, yet they just most recent seven days, however since the Pures have rechargeable element, I simply keep them in the charger at work so they are constantly crisp and prepared.

There are such a variety of organizations, and each has such a variety of models and arrangements, it's mind-boggling to attempt to pick the correct guide the initially, or besides, second, third, and so forth time. Some publicized elements may appear to be magnificent, just to discover you don't generally utilize those elements, or they aren't all they are advertised up to be. I picked Siemens Pures the first run through, in light of all the "availability" highlights. The idea of hearing the TV, my mobile phone, my GPS and my PC specifically through my guides was a gigantic figure my examination for the correct guides. In any case, in this present reality, none of those elements function admirably for me by any stretch of the imagination, and most are just once in a while utilized. The uplifting news is, I hear better now, and that fulfills me extremely. :- )

Good luck with your new hearing wellbeing, and please update us as often as possible on your experience.

Demiles I'm tensely anticipating my fitting for the 7bx Pures on January sixth. They will be supplanting my present 10 year old guides so I'm expecting an emotional distinction.

norpan OH yet she educated me concerning the EasyTek, so it's presumably Pure at that point. I'll get them for a time for testing in a week and am so amped up for it! At long last hear once more! Anybody gave them a shot?

rasmus_braun The Ace binax can be utilized with a remote control application on your iPhone, however it doesn't speak with it remotely. The application produces high-recurrence tones which are grabbed by the portable hearing assistant amplifiers. This enables you to alter volume and change programs. In the event that that is all you require, at that point the Ace might be sufficient. In any case, you'll require the Pure binax (in addition to easyTek) in the event that you need to stream your iPhone discussions specifically to your portable amplifiers.

norpan Thank you Rasmus.

It's maybe the Pure will experiment with at that point, since I was let it know would work with my Iphone...

This is an extremely costly portable amplifier (1700€ per ear, in France) Are they justified, despite all the trouble? Contrasted with different brands or models? More established models of Pure?

much thanks

Anna - Updated -

Much obliged to you Rasmus.

It's maybe the Pure will experiment with at that point, since I was let it know would work with my Iphone...

This is an extremely costly listening device (1700€ for every ear, in France) Are they justified, despite all the trouble? Contrasted with different brands or models? More seasoned models of Pure?

much thanks


rasmus_braun The Ace binax is a little portable amplifier. It's a decent decision if attentiveness is your primary concern. Yet, the Ace does not have any kind of remote ability, so you won't have the capacity to utilize the Bluetooth streamer to associate your mobile phone or different gadgets. The Pure binax is a bigger listening device, however it contains remote components, some of which can enhance your discourse understanding in exceptionally loud circumstances.

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