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Has anyone trialed the new Siemens/Sivantos Primax aids?

2016-05-26 17:43:00 in Signia (Formerly Siemens) by  ziploc
It appears like it has been two or three months since the Primax line was reported. Is it accurate to say that they are accessible for audis to arrange yet? Any input about how their execution looks at to the Binax line? Much appreciated.


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Doc Jake It's all promoting and smoke and mirrows... all the new guides are GPS trackable they know where you are and have been

Siretman Is the Signia Primax portable amplifier the same as the Siemens Pure Binax 7? The portrayals utilize new words however is this simply advertising for the gadget under various proprietorship?

RainyJay I completely missed this reaction. Too bad! The Siemens helps replaced my 7ish-year-old Widex helps... I don't have a feeling of how they would contrast with later innovation. Did you ever wind up trialing them?

LawyerFL You might need to contrast with Oricon Opn which is a noteworthy leap forward to me, moving from Oticon Alta Pro of 3 years earlier. I'd love to hear how Signia Primax analyze as I just got the Opn.

ziploc RainyJay, when you discuss your past Widex helps, what model of Widex did you have? To what extent prior did you get those Widex helps? I am inquiring as to whether they were 7-year-old Widex helps the Primax helps could be relied upon to sound much better because of incredible progressions in innovation in that 7-year time frame. In the event that the Widex helps were just two or three years of age, the change with the Primax helps would propose a genuine progressive progress contrasted with extremely late innovation. Much obliged!

RainyJay I have a couple of the Signia Pure Primax 7px with custom earmolds and I truly appreciate them. I can't address the contrasts between the Primax and the Binax however the lavishness in sound between the Primax and my previous Widex helps is noteworthy - the sound really sounds fairly characteristic. Moreover, I feel like there is likewise a checked change in discourse clarity, particularly in complex listening circumstances and the urban condition. It's as yet troublesome on occasion, yet there are social circumstances that I'm satisfied with now that I would not have needed to explore without anyone else before (weddings, gathering pledges suppers, and so forth.)

rmingee Sorry, these will be my first guides, so tragically I can't remark on that particularly. Good fortunes, whatever you choose!

ziploc Thanks for your reactions, everybody! What I'm wanting to catch wind of is if one's capacity to fathom discourse is essentially preferred with the Primax's over with prevoius-era helps. Obviously, having voices, and so forth solid characteristic is critical, yet I am generally inspired by change in discourse coherence. For a considerable measure of clients normal sound and discourse coherence are two distinct things. A change in one doesn't really mean there will be change in the other.

I right now wear Phonak Audeo Q90's that I got toward the finish of 2013. The Phonaks still work OK, and they are a noteworthy change over unaided hearing, yet I truly feel that I may have the capacity to accomplish preferable discourse perception over I as of now have. On the off chance that these most recent era helps are truly fundamentally better I will do what needs to be done and spend a few thousand dollars out of pocket to supplant the Phonaks. I'm quite recently attempting to get some input before I begin trialing any new guides.

rmingee I will be getting my 7px set (at last!) this Wednesday. I needed to hold up to get them because of an occupation (and in this manner benefits) change. I did a demo (not by any stretch of the imagination trial) of them, the Phonak Audeo, and a Widex demonstrate (not certain which one) in the audi office. To me, with the same negligible change on each, the voice quality was a great deal more normal on them contrasted with the others - it truly was a stunning distinction. As we were talking, I decently fast overlooked I was notwithstanding wearing them, on the grounds that the audi sounded so regular. The Widex to me were exceptionally tinny and unnatural, and the Phonak was some place in the center.

I'll report back once I've had them a while, yet I'll be leaving traveling to Jamaica 3 days after I get them, and they are remaining home, so it'll be a while. :- )

Tim_Patr Hi!

I attempted the 3px, 5px and now the 7px of Pure Primax. I like them such a great amount of superior to the Phonak Audeo V70 which I had attempted as well, due to a few components (observe the string I opened where I am clarifying the points of interest). I don't have the foggiest idea about the binax, in any case, and I am a novice, so most likely you can't generally depend on my sentiment. However, I truly cherish them.


mnuttall87 I'm a first time portable hearing assistant client yet I as of now have the 7px primax/pures from Signia.

I don't know there is whatever else particular I can state - it's pleasant having the capacity to listen! I have to get some unique tulip sizes as the ones I have jump at the chance to drop out.

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