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Phonak Spice
Sep 01, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  sonor/zildjian
Thenew top of the line item that Phonak will dispatch on EUHA in October is called Spice...Roadshows in Germany beginning Sepember 20, CEU Course on October fifth. I haven't discovered any points of interest yet. Would someone be able to reveal to me more? ... Read more
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Is Downloading Fitting Software - Easy? Hard?
Dec 05, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
Initially Posted by xxxxxx;nnnnn Genie you should know about Genie versus >>Genie2<< Phonak Target Phonak iPFG Reverberate Avent... Read more
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Pure primax 5px or Phonak Audeo B
Aug 03, 2017 in Hearing Aid Forum (Recently Moved) by  GatsbyScot
I will be testing both but always nice to get opinions from others as this is new to me. I am mostly deaf in one ear (have been for about 27 years) with fairly good hearing in other ear (slight drop off in high frequencies age/family trait related). Retired IT guy, 66 year old musician (hobby and pa... Read more
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Primax 7 with BiCros - how to differentiate low battery levels?
Apr 09, 2017 in Signia (Formerly Siemens) by  Phenomenon
Just began wearing a Primax 7 BiCros setup (great right ear, terrible left ear, CROS beneficiary on left ear). In what capacity will I have the capacity to tell which of the two has a low battery when the sound goes off? They are utilizing 312 batteries. Is there a setting in Connexx 8 some place ... Read more
9 сom
Widex USB Link + extras for sale
Oct 05, 2015 in Widex by  Gerk
The things are presently sold. Howdy people I have a Widex USB interface (utilized, yet never utilized by me!) available to be purchased, accompanied "additional items" (CD with drivers and that's only the tip of the iceberg) and USB link. I'm in Canada and I got it for a decent arrangement, wil... Read more
40 сom
Oticon OPN - does it live up to the hype ?
Oct 13, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  glucas
How that the tidy has settled, does Oticon OPN satisfy the buildup about better comprehension in commotion ? What is the accord ? ... Read more
196 сom
self programming where to get hard- and software
Apr 01, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  frogg
PAX, I found these drivers for hipro, with reference to GNresound programming, which is likewise accessible to the general population for download. Don't know whether they will help you or not. http://hello star too will be searching for a maker who has SW accessi... Read more
222 сom
"official" Oticon Dual Thread
May 20, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  blackmamba
I have seen this done on other Equipment Forum Sites not identified with this site . This can work extremely well in shielding related strings from being scattered and rehashed everywhere . Clearly this could be a genuine help to those new to the Hearing Aid Forum . As of this date the DUAL is ano... Read more
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searching for fitiing software
Feb 23, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Juergen
Hello, I will purchase a top of the line hearing gadget and for me it is critical that I am ready to do the fitting my self. So on the off chance that I deside to get one I need no doubt, that the product is accessible I have done a synopsis of all the product I know up to now. If it's not t... Read more
14 сom
2nd aids: Why "The best" frustration again
Mar 31, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  ohrob
Thanks to all in this gathering. It is really an indispensable asset with all the considerable sharing of data. This post is a vent and activity arrange approval ask. I got my first arrangement of helps 4 years prior. The underlying learning background was baffling as each audi (four) I went to wo... Read more
20 сom
Looking for sifit database for connexx6.4.5/7.2.2
Sep 20, 2014 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  badarihp
Hi, I just downloaded CONNEXX 6.5.5/RexFit 6.8.4 from, subsequent to introducing the product i can't choose siemens in 'Hearing Instruments', they have just Rexton in Manufacturer alternative box. So am searching for sifit(siemens) database and... Read more
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Firmware update for Resound?
Nov 30, 2016 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Avign0n33
I continue having issues with spilling to my guides, for the most part with the correct ear. I will get a brisk arrangement of four beeps, and, the correct ear quits spilling (customary enhanced hearing is NOT influence ed). I had this issue with both the iPhone 6s Plus, and now with the iPhone 7 or... Read more
176 сom
Obscene Hearing Aid Profits!!!
Sep 28, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  kevels55
Now people, I’m completely mindful I continue slamming into a similar drum of the hearing business, too bad if I’m like a canine with a bone! They (HA producers) have a hostage customer base, they should think it is their inherent right to abuse said customer base (by means of subterfuge/trickery/... Read more
14 сom
Discarding dead batteries
Oct 31, 2015 in Discussion on Hearing Aid Batteries by  hlaasdan4
What would i be able to do with dead batteries? Where to dispose of them, and so forth? Much obliged! ... Read more
12 сom
body worn reciver for smartlink
Oct 05, 2009 in Assistive Listening Devices Discussion by  inmate23
hi i HATE ear level items. furthermore, was believing that body worn reciver would great. are there any for the smartlink? ... Read more
13 сom
Deskphone headset with Tcoil?
Jul 13, 2015 in Assistive Listening Devices Discussion by  Ansextra
Can anybody suggest a deskphone headset with T-loop? My deskphone takes a 2mm connector and since getting my HA's I'm finding that I can hear preferable with the speakerphone over with my headset. Any thoughts? ... Read more
7 сom
Widex TV DEX and a new TV
Oct 05, 2013 in Assistive Listening Devices Discussion by  Lau2046
I just purchased a Samsung 6300 Series 6 Smart TV. I had a go at connecting my TV DEX to this and I'm exceptionally baffled that it's not working. I don't know why. It has all the earmarks of being in the correct openings, yet it's quite recently not working. Is it in light of this TV? Value any hel... Read more
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Cochlear BAHA 4 Power
Does anybody know whether Cochlear arrangements to make a BAHA 4 Power demonstrate? They have the Power show in the BAHA 3 family. ... Read more
80 сom
About Um bongo (real name also Steve)
Hope this helps anyone who is interested...... I initially examined Electro-Mechanical (Combined) Engineering at Coventry, at that point went ahead to do some Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Cardiff. This in the long run brought about me joining Knowles Electronics (google it) in the mid 19... Read more
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Siemens SiFit Database for Life 701
Jan 29, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  jzexport
I require a pointer to the SiFit database that incorporates the Life 701 listening devices. I have possessed the capacity to download the Connexx 6 programming, however it does exclude the SiFit database. I could download the Connexx 7 with SiFit, yet that does exclude the Life 701s. I welcome the a... Read more
4 сom
Phonak Naida Q70-UP and peak clipping
Feb 25, 2017 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  Tru_Biz
Hello! I am having an irritating issue with my portable amplifiers and I am thinking about whether somebody can offer assistance. I have Phonak Naida Q-70 UP. I have been modifying my HA's myself for around 2 years. My concern is, I think top cut-out. At the point when there is an uproarious... Read more
1 сom
DIY possibilities for my hearing loss
Nov 04, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  Jah
I put in quite a long while in Electronics and electronic gathering before my 30 year profession as a software engineer, and I have had a ton of accomplishment with small scale controllers as a leisure activity, for the most part centered around IoT at the present time. My listening ability misfortu... Read more
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upgrading Connexx 6.5.5
Oct 27, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  Ricked
I have Connexx 6.5.5 introduced on Win 10 Pro and everything is running OK. I read a post by DocJake that Connexx updates will work if done appropriately. I might want to introduce 7.0 and afterward 7.4.3 as a redesign, keep running in similarity mode for win 7, however the introduce adheres on atte... Read more
3 сom
Material for DIY
Oct 20, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  jpeinado
Hi: I might want to program my Siemens Pure 701 HA. I have been sending and getting messages from different gathering clients (thank you crown, Ricked). Presently, I know all the material that I need to purchase, and (nearly) where to get it - HiPro - >Aliexpress - CS44 Cables- - > ebay ... Read more
8 сom
DYI Fitting Software?!
Oct 10, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  horia
Hi, A great deal of time I consider building a product for DYI individuals. This product can be packaged with a programming box . I comprehend that self-programming can be hazardous if the client is not acquainted with some fundamental principles. In any case, this is not an issue in light o... Read more
4 сom
Very positive DIY experience
Nov 29, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  Tatters
​I had my first HA a couple of years prior, however I was never exceptionally content with it- - a considerable measure of low level murmuring and shushing commotions, which would bring seconds to fade away. I got tired of always heading off to the audiologist to attempt assist modifications, ... Read more
17 сom
My experience with the fittinglink 3.0
Apr 12, 2017 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  nravn
I obtained my Pair of Oticon OPN's 1 in december.. My present working environment/family circumstance requests me to frequently to move between Europe/USA. As an accomplished HI client, i have gone down the semi DIY Path. I purchased the fittinglink 3.0 from my nearby audi, including the work ar... Read more
3 сom
Programming - how often? And would you rent a programmer?
Apr 12, 2017 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  TRY
To the DYI-ers, how frequently do you really utilize your software engineer? Is it a couple of times over a month when you get another guide, or does it take more time to tune your guides to your inclination? After an underlying change period, do you backpedal and play with your settings infrequentl... Read more
2 сom
Signia Connexxlink, Connexx 8 programming
Mar 16, 2017 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  bob h
After battling with a neighborhood audiologist who had no recognition with remote programming and the subtle elements of how to set up hearing instruments, I at last found an extraordinary wellspring of assistance and data. I wound up buying an arrangement of Signia Pure 7px guides from Factory Dire... Read more
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