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137 сom
Costco Kirkland Signature 7.0 (Product Information)
Sep 13, 2016 in Rexton by  rasmus_braun
Kirkland Signature 7.0 is a RIC instrument accessible from Costco with highlights like Rexton 80 6c and Signia 7px items. • Premium TruCore execution • 42 channels, 20 pick up handles, 6 programs • TruCore Audio Exchange • Directional iLock and Mic-Pattern Adjustment ... Read more
135 сom
Adjusting the America Hears FreedomAD aids
Oct 25, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  GrampaDennis
Gale made the proposal in another string that we should begin a string particularly to share encounters and guidance for programming the America Hears FreedomAD arrangement helps with their Virtual Office programming. Here it is! To help get things I'll re-post several goodies soon that I have e... Read more
131 сom
My Experience Buying
May 07, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Aaron
A bit of a rage here. Simply my sentiment, others my vary and that is satisfied with me. Foundation, resigned Electrical Engineer. Claimed electronic assembling business. Age 75. Direct to serious hearing misfortune with run of the mill Ski incline. Heredity and seniority. Is by all accounts stabl... Read more
131 сom
Best Hearing Aid Manufacturer?
Nov 14, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  browne2012
I'm not certain if this has as of now been talked about or not? I'm pondering about the best listening device maker? I require a couple of Behind the Ear (BTE) amplifiers with ideal/high power. Would you be able to prescribe which amplifier producer is better for this kind of portable hearing assi... Read more
130 сom
Naida Adjustments & Audis
Aug 14, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Serendipity42
I know there are numerous many notes scattered all through this board about phonak Naidas & changes. I've grabbed bits & recommendations here & there, thank you everybody for the assistance. In any case, being another Naida client I am a tad bit disappointed in light of the fact that I f... Read more
129 сom
Costco-Siemens-Rixton-Kirkland Signature
Jan 04, 2009 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  dunk01
There is such a great amount of buildup about portable hearing assistants and brands. I went to audiologists and they prescribe the Siemens Aris 2, at about $2500 each. Costco reveals to me they have a similar thing that is made Rixton ( I may have the spelling incorrectly) which Costco offers a... Read more
121 сom
Hi! Im new to this forum. I have a lot of experience fitting hearing aids
Jun 04, 2010 in Hearing Aids by  mikejfl
Hi! Im new to this discussion. I have a ton of experience fitting amplifiers from basically all the real producers. I'd be cheerful to answer inquiries of assistance with portable hearing assistant thoughts or fittings. Anticipate being a piece of this discussion. ... Read more
120 сom
Are Digital Hearing Aids better than Analog?
Jun 17, 2006 in Analog Hearing Aids by  mac
Are advanced portable amplifier truly better? I experience considerable difficulties whether the computerized insurgency is only a showcasing buildup or on the off chance that it truly is better. Any individual who have utilized both Digital and Analog portable amplifiers... it would be ideal if y... Read more
115 сom
The Hearing Aid Industry - Feels like Extortion
Aug 17, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  edro
I am genuinely new to the business. About a year back I chose the time had come to look into making them hear helps. I am rapidly observing this industry is a tremendous trick. I will figure that some place previously, portable amplifier producers campaigned to have listening devices named as Me... Read more
115 сom
Self Programming DOs and DON'Ts
Jan 20, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
DOs: Get the fitting programming setup and prepared to utilize first!! Do this before you begin burning through cash on gear. You will require the most recent form of programming for the most recent model listening devices. The product is free and "for the most part accessible". However, a few mak... Read more
114 сom
Starkey Otolens - my review
Jul 30, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  skunker
Hey everybody, I'm staying here wearing my new Otolens. Just lifted them up yesterday. On the off chance that you're pondering, I have around 80db misfortune in the high frequencies. This is the first occasion when I've worn HAs since I was in grade school (I'm 29 now). I was conceived HOH. My... Read more
112 сom
The New Exelia M BTE, MyPilot, iCom Bluetooth review
Feb 23, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  biggeek
Product: I've recently put down $8060 on an arrangement of BTE Exelia M's...With the iPilot remote control and iCom Bluetooth/FM gadget tossed in "for nothing." I'll have a substance shaded Exelia M fitted March third for evaluation...Along with the iPilot remote... Read more
111 сom
Phonak ComPilot
Dec 03, 2011 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  matbas
I gotten my ComPilot on 12/1, so I have two days of utilization as I compose this. I have been utilizing the icom and MyPilot for around six months. All things considered, I found that I for the most part would not convey the MyPilot, in light of the fact that being a person the best way to convey... Read more
110 сom
A Little History
Dec 16, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  ed121
Prior to 1977, anybody could offer/fit amplifiers. There were serious sham's and incompetant fitters. The business appealed to the FDA to pronounce a little enhancer/sound conditioner (also called a Hearing Aid) as a Medical Device. The state lawmaking bodies at that point were campaigned to limit... Read more
109 сom
Costco Objectivity
Sep 22, 2012 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Tiler
Having posted various circumstances about Costco's portable amplifier program - I want to include some more prominent objectivity based various visits to various Costco dispensaries. Give me a chance to sort out my latest contemplations: 1. It is a fact that achievement is principally reliant on t... Read more
109 сom
hearing aid design flaws on the rise
Feb 16, 2012 in Hearing Aids by  corey
Hi I am new to the site. I truly am sad if there is another gathering on this theme, I haven't possessed the capacity to discover one utilizing look work. My initial 4 behind ear listening devices back in the 80's endured 5-6 years before the principal disappointment happened that incorporates a f... Read more
107 сom
Im getting hearing aids!
Oct 24, 2013 in Hearing Aids by  palmfish
I'm another part and this is my first post here. I simply saw this is the "distributed articles" territory so it shows up I posted this in the wrong area. My statements of regret... I'm 48 years of age and first saw the slow loss of my listening ability sharpness soon after I started my flying voc... Read more
106 сom
Widex Dream 440
Aug 05, 2014 in Widex by  SqueakyChu
I have tried the Widex Dream 440 for two weeks. I am heading off to my audie today for my two weeks change. I had one past change and requested time to better trial these before returning. Despite everything I might want to get notification from different clients of this portable amplifier. Your e... Read more
104 сom
Audiology Report and Questions
Oct 22, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Mark Chambers
Audiometric testing comes about show a gentle, dropping to tolerably serious high recurrence MHL right, and a direct to modestly extreme SNHL left. Sp rec is phenomenal right and reasonable left. Tymps WNL reciprocally. Acoustic reflexes are hoisted ipsi left in contrast with ipsi right.Given the ab... Read more
101 сom
Price of the new Oticon Agil Pro's
Apr 15, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Statos
I was told $3,075 per help. Is this ballpark for a great many people? ... Read more
101 сom
How to tweak one's own HA
Apr 21, 2008 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  lentia
Hello Everybody, There is a prior string on this gathering examining the tuning, or programming or, on the other hand tweaking of amplifiers by the client himself. I have perused this string and thought that it was intriguing. Lamentably I couldn't acquire clear responses to the accompanying... Read more
99 сom
Frustrated with lack of technical knowledge available
Apr 02, 2015 in Digital Hearing Aids by  pajamapuma
I was recently thinking about whether there are numerous other individuals out there that are past baffled by the absence of specialized learning accessible from both audiologists and amplifier maker sites. Listening devices are in fact really basic in their development, however when I pose speciali... Read more
99 сom
Songbird First Impressions
Apr 14, 2009 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Bobsk8
I chosen to post a string about my new Songbird, since there doesn't appear to be much talk of this guide on the gathering. As I posted on another string, I possessed a $800 Miracle ear numerous years back, and when it turned sour, I never supplanted it. I saw an infomercial about the Lee Majors Bio... Read more
99 сom
Is Downloading Fitting Software - Easy? Hard?
Dec 05, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
Initially Posted by xxxxxx;nnnnn Genie you should know about Genie versus >>Genie2<< Phonak Target Phonak iPFG Reverberate Avent... Read more
98 сom
Ever Felt Like You Were Ripped Off?
Jul 27, 2006 in Scam Alert! by  Admin
If you have, please share your expriences here. I see that there are no posts around there, so I need to accept that is something to be thankful for, however. ... Read more
97 сom
ReSound Future
Jan 05, 2011 in Digital Hearing Aids by  lowflyby
Im being fitted tomorrow on this astounding new gadget that just turned out a couple of days prior. I'll post the outcomes asap. They are so new they are not on the site yet. I talked with the plant rep and she was truly useful. I have old simple units that are 15 years of age, I lost one in a misch... Read more
96 сom
New ReSound "The Dot"
Jan 04, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  NumbEars
The new ReSound "The Dot BTE" is suppost to discharged for the current month. Any data on it? It is most likely a diluted rendition of the new Azure, I would think. ... Read more
96 сom
Cost of hearing aids!!!!
May 01, 2010 in Cochlear Implants, Middle Ear Implants, BAHA by  Barrmark262
Just cited 6M for new guides. Mine were 4500 3 years prior. I ponder what they cost the dispencer?? Dennis ... Read more
94 сom
Official Oticon Alta Pro Thread
Jul 16, 2014 in Digital Hearing Aids by  blackmamba
Ok so I'm the man in charge of the "authority Oticon Dual Thread " years prior . Well that is say 5 to 6 years back . I did that since it motivated approach to mistaking for individuals to get the information they needed when it was spread about wherever ? We had individuals asking a similar inquiry... Read more
94 сom
Resound Linx2
Feb 17, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  hearingnoob
Hi, I am new to the portable amplifier world and was fit with the Resound Linx 977TS fourteen days back. Things are going admirably and it functions admirably. Be that as it may they do have their constraints. I have heard that the Linx2 will be discharged one month from now and will have changes ... Read more

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