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504 сom
What is it about analog sound you like best?
Jul 08, 2011 in Analog Hearing Aids by  HearingAidHelper
As a hearing instrument professional, I hear individuals revealing to me how they like the sound of the analogs better, among numerous different things. I am doing an investigation about the particular reasons why individuals preferred their simple portable amplifiers better. The reason for existi... Read more
120 сom
Are Digital Hearing Aids better than Analog?
Jun 17, 2006 in Analog Hearing Aids by  mac
Are advanced portable amplifier truly better? I experience considerable difficulties whether the computerized insurgency is only a showcasing buildup or on the off chance that it truly is better. Any individual who have utilized both Digital and Analog portable amplifiers... it would be ideal if y... Read more
80 сom
Another frustrated transaction from analog to digitial
Aug 28, 2008 in Analog Hearing Aids by  Phyllis
I've been wearing portable hearing assistants for a long time, in my time there's been some significant changes as I experienced the exchange of what I wore when I was three, as far as possible up to now. At first I was quite eager to find out about the new enhanced computerized portable amplifiers,... Read more
61 сom
Are Analogs Better than Digitals??
Dec 10, 2009 in Analog Hearing Aids by  JgearyAud
While advanced portable hearing assistants have better processors, better circuits, and more accuracy control over recurrence and channels, would they say they are superior to Analog? I made this inquiry as I was given the exhibit of the WOW! portable amplifier (the insertable simple listening dev... Read more
43 сom
thinking about digital versus analog
Feb 12, 2011 in Analog Hearing Aids by  TerryB
I have recently at last got my restored Siemens simple guides (15 years of age) returned and re-customized. I have fresh out of the box new Phonak Ambra helps from the VA as well. I thought some may locate an immediate correlation between the two sets helpful. Utilizing the guides in legitimate se... Read more
30 сom
Looking for Phonak 332 XAZ
Feb 05, 2009 in Analog Hearing Aids by  DanInStereo
I know we don't have an 'available to be purchased' area in this announcement board, yet will attempt this in any case. I'm searching for no less than one Phonak programmable model 332 XAZ listening device. Must be in working request. If it's not too much trouble email or PM me in the event that you... Read more
30 сom
Really Depressed after having Phonak Naidas (Q50) for 6 months...
Jun 15, 2014 in Analog Hearing Aids by  DeafJam
Due to the way that I have been experiencing difficulty getting work starting late I went to State Services and they prescribed that I get new Digital hearings helps notwithstanding helping me discover a vocation. I have constantly worn Analog portable amplifiers since I was a child despite everythi... Read more
27 сom
frustrated with transition to digital
Sep 12, 2007 in Analog Hearing Aids by  timothy36
I have been wearing a simple portable hearing assistant for 32 of my 36 years. I have as of late been fitted with advanced portable amplifiers and have discovered little achievement. I like the energy of simple and experience considerable difficulties discussion with digitals. I have even been weari... Read more
23 сom
Do hearing companies still make analog?
Jul 18, 2015 in Analog Hearing Aids by  ant
Or would they say they are all advanced at this point? Oticon quit making them toward the finish of 2012. I grain got another 380P amid its November 2012. I lucked out, yet was compelled to go computerized in 2015. Much obliged to you ahead of time. ... Read more
15 сom
Why Not LARGE Aids?
Jun 04, 2009 in Analog Hearing Aids by  miket
Altho i've lost a decent lot of hello freq hearing - simply measuring my ear w. my hand helps a great deal in hearing discourse. I ought to get some kind of HA - yet the ones out there are little (small) and difficult to put on. I wear a BlueTooth phone headset for a considerable length of time ev... Read more
15 сom
Unitron Breeze Power Linear +3P in beige
Mar 31, 2009 in Analog Hearing Aids by  DanInStereo
A brief outline - I'm a 45 year veteran of wearing listening devices, the previous 28 months in a battle with advanced guides that performed deficiently for my life's enthusiasm - unrecorded music. Be it that it might, conceived with reasonably serious to extreme hearing misfortune, I inclined towar... Read more
14 сom
Analog still available?
Oct 17, 2009 in Analog Hearing Aids by  AutoLane29
Are simple listening devices still accessible. All I read about are computerized. ... Read more
14 сom
Lifelong analog user, need help updating and adjusting
Jan 27, 2016 in Analog Hearing Aids by  viridian
Hi all, fresh out of the plastic new part here! I'm one of those sad souls who has depended on BTE simple guides all my life (in my mid-30's, supported since toddlerhood), and need assistance making this inescapable move to advanced choices. To exacerbate the situation, it was just this previous wee... Read more
11 сom
Trying to help my Dad with his analog hearing aids...I have questions.
Jul 25, 2013 in Analog Hearing Aids by  Tisha
My Dad is 83 years of age and is wearing 2 year old Analog portable amplifiers. I don't have the foggiest idea about the brand, they cost him $2,000. His old ones he could control the volume. I figure before he obtained these, he had attempted the ITC and despised them. He's never attempted advanced... Read more
11 сom
Thoughts on New Pair of Analogs
Jun 26, 2012 in Analog Hearing Aids by  PeteAndRepete
I've attempted advanced HAs and can't stand them. It takes a decent piece to convey me to tears yet place me in digitals and that is what happens. I can't work at all at work. I've attempted to keep a receptive outlook yet I'd rather not wear HAs at all at that point wear digitals. Indeed, even my A... Read more
10 сom
Problem with Phonak Naida III
Jan 08, 2010 in Analog Hearing Aids by  storm197
Hi, My sweetheart have a Phonak Naida III for about a year and is continually having a similar issue. Around a few times each day, the amplifier just shutdown and she as to reboot it. They changed the Aid two month prior (they said as much) yet the issue is returning once more. Some other indi... Read more
9 сom
I have some analog / older hearing aids if someone is interested
Feb 23, 2015 in Analog Hearing Aids by  fredg2310
I know many people who favored these more seasoned models... so this is what I have. In the event that I can help somebody why not. Phonak Maxx 211 BTE Phonak PicoForte PP-C-L-P Phonak Sono-Forte 332-AZ Phonak Sono-Forte p3 AZPhonak Piconet Phonak Piconet Phonak Pico-Forte C-2 Phonak Valeo 3... Read more
9 сom
A Possible Digital Substitute for Analog Aids
Jan 22, 2015 in Analog Hearing Aids by  Want2Hear
I'm 76 and have worn portable amplifiers for around 20 years. The hearing in my correct ear is extensively more awful than my left. While I have persistently attempted to refresh my listening devices I have not possessed the capacity to equivalent or better the hearing I get with my 11 year old simp... Read more
8 сom
What analog for music?
May 29, 2011 in Analog Hearing Aids by  arni
I am concerned that I haven't tuned in to music for quite a long time because of poor sound nature of advanced amplifiers. I once had ITE simple that enabled me to value the music replicated by costly Hi-fi stereos. In this manner I am searching for new ITE analogs that are useful for music listenin... Read more
8 сom
Distortion on remaining analog hearing aid available in market
Feb 29, 2008 in Analog Hearing Aids by  analoglover
Hi all: Yes, it's me once more. Following 2 years of experimentation for an entire cluster of advanced simple (still accessible) hearing aids,from fundamental to top of the line, I at long last discovered one that fulfill. That is Oticon Ergo(available in Canada). My distributor has balanced a cou... Read more
8 сom
Analog for Wilderness Hikes.
Nov 06, 2016 in Analog Hearing Aids by  georged193
I am an explorer and Hiker, and my digitals simply don't face the wet conditions I confront when in the wild. So I am searching for a POWERFUL simple BTE to destroy when in the wet boonies. No compelling reason to get high word acknowledgment since I frequently climb alone, however I have to hear if... Read more
8 сom
Nov 19, 2012 in Analog Hearing Aids by  sandy1
I am new to this gathering. Have had helps around 4 years now. I was destined to have hearing issues since both my grandma and mom had repulsive hearing, in the significant district. I am only 65 so am certain that is later on for me. I have Oticon BTE. Have been content with them however as of late... Read more
7 сom
Phonak Astro
Nov 25, 2012 in Analog Hearing Aids by  analoglover
I've quite recently perused Phonak site and discovered despite everything they offer Astro programmable simple portable hearing assistant in Canada. Is that valid? What an incredible news since at last one listening device producer knows somebody in the earth needs shoddy, great, straightforward sim... Read more
7 сom
Source for analog aids
May 27, 2011 in Analog Hearing Aids by  Don
I truly think you all should make the move to advanced and let your cerebrum change (6 months) however in any case, I went over this today. They say they will call around (to makers I figure) for you and find revamped aids. ... Read more
7 сom
Starkey Genesis DX
Sep 04, 2010 in Analog Hearing Aids by  john-S
After numerous months trailing the most recent advanced amplifiers and not having the capacity to endure their traps ie; poor sound quality, an excess of pressure, moderate laggy exchanging between programs, nothing sounding "genuine" and bluetooth that "almost" works. I think i have discovered the ... Read more
7 сom
Phonak Astro MC vs Beltone CSp-II
Jun 18, 2008 in Analog Hearing Aids by  analoglover
Hi: I am quite recently baffled with all the computerized listening devices. I called Phonak Canada today and they said they quit delivering this programmable simple portable hearing assistant as of now, however they may discover some in stock. When I checked this model on line, I discovered thi... Read more
7 сom
Lisound hearing aids
Nov 12, 2012 in Analog Hearing Aids by  kingleviathan
Hi All Would anyone be able to disclose to me anything about the Lisound Hearing Analog Hearing Aids HB66P and HB66P3. ... Read more
6 сom
inexpensive new aids
May 06, 2013 in Analog Hearing Aids by  elijahlovejoy
A week back i purchased another Beltone (Resound?) HP-76 Oto-sonic high power BTE help on eBay for $125. High power! i removed my Phonak Naida IX from my terrible left ear, and put my great $40 shape on the new Beltone. (Costco made themould.) To my enjoyment, the new HP-76 appears to be practic... Read more
6 сom
Volume Control
Nov 01, 2009 in Analog Hearing Aids by  monradon
Is it genuine on the off chance that it has a volume control its not advanced ??? ... Read more
4 сom
Analog Hearing Aids
Jan 13, 2013 in Analog Hearing Aids by  Smokeycomputer
Hi all, I wear two portable amplifiers which are simple. Have been wearing this since I was 3 years of age. Was informed that simple listening devices are becoming dull in the market and that is the reason there are advanced portable hearing assistants now. I can't wear advanced for some reasons... Read more
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