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92 сom
Censorship Of Threads?
Oct 20, 2011 in General Questions and Answers by  kevels55
Is there a strategy of "Control" on Hearing Aid Forums, I allude to the end of the "Foul Hearing Aid Profits!!!" I have never went over a shut string on this gathering (there might be others?) I was asking why it had been shut for no clear reason I could see? Would someone be able to or maybe Admin ... Read more
52 сom
Ripped off?
Jul 11, 2011 in General Questions and Answers by  melfan3
My child was given Octicon agil demo helps and a streamer to attempt before requesting. Loooong story yet he lost one of the guides and the streamer. The ENT is currently charging me full retail cost for both ($3200 for the guide and $200 for the streamer) These were demos! While I will pay the cost... Read more
45 сom
New to all of this, need just a little advice
Jan 03, 2017 in General Questions and Answers by  jcwoman
Hi Everyone. I'm wandering into the territory of hearing misfortune surprisingly and chatting with my specialist and audiologist about getting portable amplifiers. I have two or three inquiries for some target however knowledgable observers (you folks): 1. My instinct could not be right, however I... Read more
43 сom
Nov 06, 2016 in General Questions and Answers by  corona
Sometimes there's insufficient of it around here. You know your identity. ... Read more
42 сom
Hearing aid color for men
Nov 06, 2016 in General Questions and Answers by  Adrian
I've seen two or three strings looking at changing the shading or paint the hearing aid: Since I'm going to purchase my first combine of listening devices I am investigating the likelihood of ... Read more
39 сom
Is this forum ran by Local Battery?
Feb 19, 2014 in General Questions and Answers by  Otologix
The portable amplifier battery merchant in Hawaii? ... Read more
38 сom
I hate these! Everything is soooo loud and sounds so metallic.
Apr 19, 2015 in General Questions and Answers by  Riverott
How long does it take to get used to "advanced" sound? I began wearing these KS6 on Thursday. Sorry I've been attempting to be sure however today I'm having a negative minute - I trust that is the thing that this is! ... Read more
28 сom
ATTN: Vietnam War Veterans.
Dec 10, 2011 in General Questions and Answers by  Mick Shu
how a significant number of you are currently enlisted in the VA wellbeing System and have exploited getting listening devices essentially for nothing from them? it took me around 10 minutes to finish the printed material at my nearby Veterans Service Center and half a month later got a call from ... Read more
26 сom
New to HA's but not new to "what?"
Apr 17, 2012 in General Questions and Answers by  Curt
Over a month prior I had a hearing test and both ears are about the same, the outcome was direct to serious misfortune in both ears. I'm nearing the finish of the foreswearing time frame and needing to go into the woods and simply cry. I'm a college graduate who is resigned from the medicinal fiel... Read more
25 сom
Audiologist to support hearing aid bought on line
Jul 14, 2011 in General Questions and Answers by  Deafhead
I am anticipating purchasing a portable hearing assistant on line from Precise Hearing, who have offered to pay $75 towards the main neighborhood audiologist visit. From that point onward, I would need to restore the portable hearing assistant to them for alterations and they would return it to me t... Read more
24 сom
New results, which Costco for 2nd opinion or Sams
Dec 02, 2012 in General Questions and Answers by  bigan123
Hello all, Awesome discussion, been prowling and perusing for quite a while since first test outcomes touched base via the post office from Audiologist. I'm a 48 y/o who has been advised by spouse TV is dependably to noisy and discovered my self asking "what" to commonly at work so I went for test... Read more
24 сom
Oct 24, 2016 in General Questions and Answers by  Cue
Ok I am new to the greater part of this and have been disclosed to I require HA's which is fine however the inquiry I have is the reason when you are having the test they instruct you to tap the clicker on the off chance that you think you hear something contradicted to clicking it when your beyond ... Read more
24 сom
Social Aids
Aug 14, 2008 in General Questions and Answers by  Graham Daniell
Since my listening ability misfortune a year back (I have significant misfortune in right ear and direct to serious in left), I have discovered that the most concerning issue I have is while associating with individuals (or attempting to do as such). I have turned out to be isolated at work, incli... Read more
24 сom
Hi Pro Communication Problem
Oct 28, 2009 in General Questions and Answers by  Raudrive
I am requiring help with a correspondence issue between my portable workstation and the Hi Pro programming box.The tablet is a more current Toshiba with Windows Vista. The Hi Pro is the serial sort so I am utilizing a serial to USB connector. This USB/serial connector incorporates Prolific drivers t... Read more
23 сom
hearing range
Dec 25, 2008 in General Questions and Answers by  startrekmaniac
on the hearing reach what is 13000 Hz - to 15000 Hz? Would that be viewed as mellow? ... Read more
21 сom
Music Program
Sep 23, 2016 in General Questions and Answers by  Gittje
I am trying the Resound Linx2 961 and the Phonak Audeo V90 312 for the occasion. When considering my way of life and the high cost of the top end of these top notch helps, I think I could do with the Linx2 761 and the Audeo V70 312. Obviously the top end of the excellent guides have more compone... Read more
20 сom
-- Goodbye, Farewell and Amen
Mar 24, 2012 in General Questions and Answers by  Mick Shu
I came to find out about the most recent and most prominent HA innovation. Subsequent to working my way through Phonak, Starkey and settling on Siemens. I believe it's a great opportunity to head not far off. Different things I have learned.. most ADs are law breakers or, best case scenario clumsy... Read more
20 сom
Jan 18, 2012 in General Questions and Answers by  ZCT
I need to state, I've been an individual from this gathering for a long time, and I happen to configuration sites as a leisure activity. The moderately new promotions that have been included that show up between the gathering header and substance are revolting, excessively various and frequently k... Read more
20 сom
How do you like HA's with remote controls?
Nov 28, 2011 in General Questions and Answers by  Joyce Keay
Hi, I've quite recently started experimenting with helps. I've recently restored a couple of Oticon agil masters and next will be attempting a couple of Beltones. After that I'll be looking at a place that has bunches of models and is a piece of the HearingPlanet framework. In the interim I just tak... Read more
20 сom
Sep 30, 2010 in General Questions and Answers by  mondola
Hi there, I'm new to the hearing gathering and couldn't see an appreciated range, so however that I would post here. A little history, been hard of hearing the greater part of my life since birth. Some quality imperfection causes high recurrence hearing misfortune. I see individuals on here have... Read more
19 сom
newbie, my first pair of HA's..
Mar 14, 2012 in General Questions and Answers by  yukastep
hi all, i'm a 43 years of age. i have seen in the course of the last 5-6 years my listening ability has declined. after some web explore chosen to get hearing test. went to ent. was told i have right-side tinnitus, right sided direct blended hearing misfortune, gentle to direct left-sided sensorin... Read more
19 сom
phone with hearing aids
Sep 26, 2009 in General Questions and Answers by  stream2525
I simply need to know how great is it to utilize telephone with portable amplifiers. I am not looking at utilizing anything besides rather the guides as it were. No adornments. ... Read more
19 сom
HearPO, HearingPlanet, Audibel, etc. ???
Jan 01, 2010 in General Questions and Answers by  Sputnik
Can somebody clarify HearPO and HearingPlanet work? I addressed one audi who said that now and again HearPOs costs are better, some of the time HearingPlanet, yet different circumstances you could move the best value straight to the audi. My insurance agency does not take care of the expense of HAs ... Read more
19 сom
Regarding water resistance a question.
May 06, 2015 in General Questions and Answers by  froggy47
These principles that a large portion of the guides pass, do they imply that WHEN CLOSED the BTE part won't permit water INTRUSION for xx min at xx profundity? or, then again Does it imply that the parts INSIDE THE BATTERY DOOR are produced such that they are not harmed by the "battery put away"... Read more
18 сom
May 11, 2012 in General Questions and Answers by  pepper3
I have the beltone genuine 17 cic HAs and might want to have the capacity to program them myself.I have involvement with Siemens connexx software.Anyone know whether its conceivable to get hold of the solus genius programming. ... Read more
18 сom
H.A Cost
Apr 06, 2012 in General Questions and Answers by  silent night
I have regularly considered the amount Hearing Aid Manufacturers offer there helps for. Do you pay for the name, bit like purchasing a Nike or Adidas, So Starkey and Phonak will dependably cost more than say a Sebo Brand who likewise make great H.As. Im not having a burrow at the cost of Hearing... Read more
18 сom
Is 75db gain HA necessary?
Dec 19, 2011 in General Questions and Answers by  hockey4life
I have significant misfortune with 110db from 4K-8K. I'm wearing Starkey's image - Microtech Focus 50 CIC which probably can give 70-75db pick up. Since there is bending and static because of my high freq misfortune, it is set to where I am just getting 20db pick up in the high freq run, 30db pick u... Read more
18 сom
Turn signals on new car
Oct 24, 2010 in General Questions and Answers by  KarenK
I solicited in another part from the discussion yet nobody has responded...maybe this is a superior place to inquire. I never again have my Highlander...I bought a Prius in August, and now even with HAs I can't hear the turn signals. Any other person possess a Prius?? Does anybody here know whethe... Read more
18 сom
Attending the theatre
Jul 24, 2016 in General Questions and Answers by  anitajane
Prior to hearing misfortune I wanted to go to the theater every so often. Since my listening ability misfortune I have gone definitely once. I exploited the helped hearing gadget (infrared) however it didn't work for me by any stretch of the imagination. I now think about whether I had a flawed unit... Read more
18 сom
Cell Phones
Feb 06, 2010 in General Questions and Answers by  Raudrive
I am gotten in the center with PDAs. Is there a wireless with great volume? I utilize a Motorla V3 Razr now, it is great with men or louder than ordinary ladies, else I am missing excessively and can not comprehend words. On the off chance that I could discover a PDA with somewhat more volume it w... Read more
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