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111 сom
Phonak ComPilot
Dec 03, 2011 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  matbas
I gotten my ComPilot on 12/1, so I have two days of utilization as I compose this. I have been utilizing the icom and MyPilot for around six months. All things considered, I found that I for the most part would not convey the MyPilot, in light of the fact that being a person the best way to convey... Read more
91 сom
Oticon Streamer Pro Issues
May 13, 2013 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  StrayKatt
Hi. It is safe to say that anyone is utilizing the new Streamer Pro with an iPod Touch through Bluetooth? My old Streamer ended up plainly unusable when the secure switch softened up the bolted position. I chose to accept the open door to move up to Streamer Pro. So far I am lamenting that choice. I... Read more
78 сom
Dec 31, 2008 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  bomb
I was simply imagining that the icom would look kinda weird when on the telephone wouldn't it? does anybody know how little it is and on the off chance that it could be worn under a hoodie or something? will be getting it sooner rather than later however i was simply contemplating that. i'm not goin... Read more
68 сom
Artone Bluetooth LoopSet
Feb 06, 2007 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  jchap2k
Has anybody had any involvement with this bluetooth neck circle arrangement? It appears as though it is more minimal than the Eli with neck circle. (I am anticipating experimenting with the Micropower HA which can not be utilized with the Eli through direct fitting the extent that my comprehension g... Read more
58 сom
Made for iPhone hearing aids?
Sep 11, 2013 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  jcurious
Greetings, I had put aside some flex-burning through cash this year for "made for iphone" listening devices. My Phonak Nadias are beginning to demonstrate their age, and are expected for a substitution. The "made for iphone" listening devices were recorded as another component of iOS a year ago. T... Read more
47 сom
Oticon Integrates Wireless Bluetooth Receiver In New Epoq Hearing Aids
May 02, 2007 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Admin
Oticon’s most recent new innovation is star blast, incorporating a Bluetooth recipient inside its new Epoq group of listening devices. Epoq likewise gives remote binaural correspondence amongst right and left portable amplifiers to make stereophonic sound more normal. Be that as it may, to me the m... Read more
43 сom
iCom pairing with BlueTooth cell phone and iPod
Sep 22, 2010 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Maum
Hey All, I have been trialing Naida V and an iCom for about seven days now. The iCom is matched to my Motorola Razr cell. At first, both worked extraordinary for one day. Three issues at the present time which are making me psycho. # At whatever point I attempt to turn on my iPod and I am cl... Read more
41 сom
Phonak TV link
Apr 07, 2011 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  mech29
Anyone having any issues with the television connect? I got another one and it worked extraordinary for about a month,. at that point out of the blue it had low volume.I returned it to the audi and he traded it for another one,now after around 3 weeks of utilization it has low volume. I was runnin... Read more
41 сom
Resound Future - static noise while driving
May 05, 2011 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  bikey
I am trialing the resonate Future and both the Ha are functioning obviously. My concern - While driving the auto, my left HA (left ear needs more power) makes some static clamor like consuming wood sort of static commotion. On the off chance that I am at stop sign or flag then the commotion stops ye... Read more
40 сom
Oticon Streamer has a poor battery life.How to solve it?
Oct 21, 2011 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  jhc
I've been utilizing Streamer for very nearly one year, and discovered this inquiry. It has an extremely poor battery life to make telephone calls by PDA or telephone connector with Bluetooth on. So I need to charge it consistently, or even 50% of a day. Is it accurate to say that anyone is else ha... Read more
40 сom
Bluetooth 5
Aug 28, 2016 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  d'Wooluf
A witness into the not so distant future? I need to attempt to cling to my guides for one more year now. To what extent until the point that the guarantee emerges however? ... Read more
39 сom
Use Siemens Tek with office phone?
Aug 19, 2008 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Steever1234
I as of late obtained a couple of Pure bte's and the Tek remote improvement extras. I cherish the listening devices, coincidentally. At my office, I by and by have a Plantronics BT remote headset framework (CS70N). In spite of the fact that it utilizes BT, it creates the impression that you can ju... Read more
38 сom
Phonak ComPilot & TvLink S
Oct 26, 2011 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Razno
Phonak has new BT arrangement and new Phonak TVLink S. Phonak ComPilot - The savvy 3-in-1 frill Phonak ComPilot is your ideal 3-in-1 buddy, offering genuine comfort, remote opportunity and the consolation of VoiceAlerts, talked messages. ComPilot gives simple remote access to TVs, MP3 players an... Read more
37 сom
Oticon Hearing Aid Connectline Streamer Pro
Feb 01, 2015 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Avi
Hello, I am another part in the gathering and really another amplifiers proprietor the Aticon ACTO PRO MINI RITE. My child is going by USA and I might want him to purchase for me the most recent Aticon streamer since it is less expensive than in my nation. Is it accurate to say that someone is c... Read more
36 сom
? for Siemens Tek users
Oct 16, 2008 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Alias
I'm having issues with the Tek Transmitter. Regardless of whether it's snared to my iPod and just a foot far from me, or snared to my TV 12ft away, the Transmitter will work for a brief timeframe before dropping the bluetooth association. Getting it to reconnect more often than not requires restarti... Read more
35 сom
New Costo HA user needs bluetooth BLU RCU help please
Mar 11, 2011 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  NLL
Hello, I am a first time client as of now in the third week of a trial the Costo Premium Digital RITE helps with bluetooth capacities (BLU RCU). To buy the BLU RCU is around $300 and after that they empower your HA's product. Their leaflet has an extremely constrained one passage depiction. I am... Read more
35 сom
Bernafon Soundgate-TV adapter vs. Sennheiser SET840-S?
Feb 21, 2013 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  nimbleswitch
I'm having the standard issue with the TV on the divider: all together for my better half to hear it serenely she should have it turned down so far that it's for all intents and purposes indistinct. (My variant.) Anyway, nowadays numerous performing artists in films get a kick out of the chance to w... Read more
35 сom
Phonak ComPilot vs iCom
Dec 23, 2011 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  zanzibuz
Has anybody changed from the Phonak iCom over to the new ComPilot? How do the two think about? ... Read more
35 сom
Phonak and Bluetooth
Sep 02, 2010 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  jroosth
I envision this has been tended to and possibly I didn't invest enough energy looking and I apologize maybe. What bluetooth gadgets will work with a Phonak Nadia other than their Icom? I've utilized the Icom for over a year and it works "alright", however the rope it utilizes is exceptionally in... Read more
35 сom
iCom Firmware Update
May 01, 2010 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Raudrive
If you have not refreshed your iCom, another refresh is accessible in the Phonak iPFG 2.6. There were no updates for the MyPilot or iCube. Relax. ... Read more
32 сom
Are any aids currently made with integrated Bluetooth?
Aug 08, 2013 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Rayith
Last portable hearing assistants I purchased were Widex, back around 5 years prior. The guides were fine, however the Bluetooth neck circle never worked effectively, and was basically pointless, or more terrible. Had my camera sack stolen from our auto two or three months back, and my guides were ... Read more
32 сom
Phonak iCube
Jan 15, 2010 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  rokketman711
Does anybody on here have a Phonak iCube I would have the capacity to buy or obtain (on some sort of course of action). I simply got new Naida IX's, yet last modification and tweaking of my HA's is ending up being a torment (one week to plan audi arrangements, time, and heading to make small alterat... Read more
31 сom
Bluetooth for TV to Rexton Finesse HA's
Dec 29, 2014 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  NewGuy
Hello, first post here. I apologize if this has been addressed somewhere else yet I don’t find comparable in the presents or FAQs.I’m attempting on set up Bluetooth sound network between my mother’s TV and her Rexton Finesse HA’s. I can’t appear to find an immediate solution on the conceivable ... Read more
31 сom
Oticon streamer pro dropping connection
May 16, 2016 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  xrogers
I have an Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3 (I believe, it's an early star show) with firmware refreshed this past January, and Agil Pro BTE portable hearing assistants. I utilize the streamer as my essential association with my telephone (presently an iPhone 5s). I have come to utilize and depend on this set... Read more
31 сom
Phonak Audeo Yes IV's sound drops off
Apr 25, 2009 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  English
I am presenting this on check whether there are any more individuals out there who have had issues with Phonak Audeo Yes HA's. I am occupied with one particular blame. My correct HA works fine for a couple of minutes then the sound drops off to nothing for some time at that point returns on once... Read more
30 сom
My 2 cents about the current state of Hearing aid bluetooth operation
Feb 11, 2016 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Don
My greatest objection about how every one of these gadgets function is that when there is a sound delivered by something you are associated with, it is by all accounts a major ordeal that it is changing over to bluetooth sound, with a notice peep and a couple of moments delay. I would love it if, wh... Read more
30 сom
How reliable should streamer connection be?
May 05, 2015 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  greghahn
I have another arrangement of Rexton Finesse CIC helps and the Mini Blu streamer. This is my first time with a bluetooth spilling gadget. While I like it, I expected a more hearty association than I am encountering. 1. The weakest connection is from streamer to my guides. I comprehend that the str... Read more
29 сom
Phonak iCom bluetooth to landline
Dec 16, 2010 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  Sparafucile
Hi, I haven't gotten my iCom yet, however I downloaded the manual. Would anybody whose done this, please remark? Much obliged! It appears that I need to purchase a Bluetooth empowered land-telephone that sets to a headset, similar to this one, the Vtech DS6322-3 Cordless Phone[ Read more
29 сom
Phonak TVLink
May 21, 2010 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  davidjbrooks34
Anyone out there got or utilized a Phonak TV-interface with their ICom ? Any sentiments ? I am in the uk and discovering it REALLY elusive any individual who offers them, and I thought about whether its value the exertion !! Additionally I have no clue about the cost. I was quite recently taking a g... Read more
28 сom
TVLink by Phonak - anybody tried it out yet?
Nov 14, 2010 in Bluetooth & Hearing Aids by  adrien24
Hello! I'm exceptionally inquisitive to see whether anyone has gone for the Phonak TVLink and assuming this is the case, how would you like it? Did you pay $400 for it? I trust that is the amount it costs, yet I could not be right. I like how it has a charging support, in light of the fact tha... Read more
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