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647 сom
Phonak Spice
Sep 01, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  sonor/zildjian
Thenew top of the line item that Phonak will dispatch on EUHA in October is called Spice...Roadshows in Germany beginning Sepember 20, CEU Course on October fifth. I haven't discovered any points of interest yet. Would someone be able to reveal to me more? ... Read more
344 сom
searching for fitiing software
Feb 23, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Juergen
Hello, I will purchase a top of the line hearing gadget and for me it is critical that I am ready to do the fitting my self. So on the off chance that I deside to get one I need no doubt, that the product is accessible I have done a synopsis of all the product I know up to now. If it's not t... Read more
299 сom
Resound Linx
Feb 20, 2014 in Digital Hearing Aids by  ccm
Hi, Went to my Audi today to put in a request for the Resound Vevos demonstrate 961 or 962 when she revealed to me that Resound will be sending her equipment and programming for another model called Linx. Appears the Linx can change volume through your Iphone. Additionally it should have the most ... Read more
293 сom
Experiences With Phonak Audeo - YES HA's?
Jan 31, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Neilk
Someone said getting the just discharged Phonak Audeo - YES IX's on this board. I had my audi arrange a couple for me to trial close by my Siemens Pure 500's. They will ideally be in after about seven days, and she will give personal time to trial both before settling on a choice on which to keep. S... Read more
222 сom
"official" Oticon Dual Thread
May 20, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  blackmamba
I have seen this done on other Equipment Forum Sites not identified with this site . This can work extremely well in shielding related strings from being scattered and rehashed everywhere . Clearly this could be a genuine help to those new to the Hearing Aid Forum . As of this date the DUAL is ano... Read more
206 сom
New Resound Alera 61
Aug 04, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Dick4295
The official statement on this was a few days prior. Are any of you familar with it? It has remote alternatives, for example, the Resound Unite TV Streamer, Resound Phone Clip and the Remote control. It is totally remote. I got an email from Resound saying that the cost run from $2685 to $6135 per... Read more
196 сom
self programming where to get hard- and software
Apr 01, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  frogg
PAX, I found these drivers for hipro, with reference to GNresound programming, which is likewise accessible to the general population for download. Don't know whether they will help you or not. http://hello star too will be searching for a maker who has SW accessi... Read more
187 сom
September = New products at Costco?
Sep 03, 2013 in Digital Hearing Aids by  AdamsHouseCat
The gossip has been that Costco would get another resonate Product (Verso based?) and another Kirkland signature item in September. In the event that anybody gets the hang of much else authoritative will you please post? ... Read more
153 сom
Phonak Target Software... Last try before I give up..
May 18, 2011 in Digital Hearing Aids by  jellson1998
Hey! Is there anyplace to get the Target programming? I have attempted downpours, and all that I can consider with no good fortune.. I as of now have an iCube, simply need to make 2 little changes.. ... Read more
149 сom
Have any of you guys bought a HA off E-Bay?
Sep 09, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Sasba858
There is a person in e-narrows that is offering Siemens portable amplifiers at practically staggering cost. He has 2 Siemens Pure 500 Digi Open Fit RIC Hearing Aids for $2,849 or 1 Siemens Pure 500 Digi Open Fit RIC Hearing Aid for $1,349. Them two likewise accompanied free remote and a free charger... Read more
148 сom
Don't Buy Starkey hearing aids
Oct 22, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Cityhunter
It is not worth to purchase the Starkey listening devices. The product is not accessible for download and the links are not standard. Can't do self programming in the event that you needed to. Attempt Resound. Programming and links are promptly accessible. My 2cents worth of feeling to those pro... Read more
138 сom
Rexton Quintra 2c, Costco's newest??
Sep 12, 2013 in Digital Hearing Aids by  MinnBobber
Hi, anybody have any data with respect to the new Rexton Quintra 2c at Costco? Costco "aide" (not the primary fitter) said it just arrived in seven days back. Marginally greater body than Rexton Charismo 2c. Agent catches on help. Promo with free pocket remote control until January. I went i... Read more
137 сom
New Hearing assist devices better than hearing aids
Jan 26, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  tgh
My AudeoQ90's are very pointless in loud situations. No measure of fiddling by the Audiologist makes a difference. I am amazingly touchy to mid range and very heartless to higher sounds. My general hearing is sufficient to get by day by day without helps. I really hear better in clamor with ... Read more
135 сom
Adjusting the America Hears FreedomAD aids
Oct 25, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  GrampaDennis
Gale made the proposal in another string that we should begin a string particularly to share encounters and guidance for programming the America Hears FreedomAD arrangement helps with their Virtual Office programming. Here it is! To help get things I'll re-post several goodies soon that I have e... Read more
131 сom
My Experience Buying
May 07, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Aaron
A bit of a rage here. Simply my sentiment, others my vary and that is satisfied with me. Foundation, resigned Electrical Engineer. Claimed electronic assembling business. Age 75. Direct to serious hearing misfortune with run of the mill Ski incline. Heredity and seniority. Is by all accounts stabl... Read more
130 сom
Naida Adjustments & Audis
Aug 14, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Serendipity42
I know there are numerous many notes scattered all through this board about phonak Naidas & changes. I've grabbed bits & recommendations here & there, thank you everybody for the assistance. In any case, being another Naida client I am a tad bit disappointed in light of the fact that I f... Read more
114 сom
Starkey Otolens - my review
Jul 30, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  skunker
Hey everybody, I'm staying here wearing my new Otolens. Just lifted them up yesterday. On the off chance that you're pondering, I have around 80db misfortune in the high frequencies. This is the first occasion when I've worn HAs since I was in grade school (I'm 29 now). I was conceived HOH. My... Read more
112 сom
The New Exelia M BTE, MyPilot, iCom Bluetooth review
Feb 23, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  biggeek
Product: I've recently put down $8060 on an arrangement of BTE Exelia M's...With the iPilot remote control and iCom Bluetooth/FM gadget tossed in "for nothing." I'll have a substance shaded Exelia M fitted March third for evaluation...Along with the iPilot remote... Read more
101 сom
Price of the new Oticon Agil Pro's
Apr 15, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Statos
I was told $3,075 per help. Is this ballpark for a great many people? ... Read more
99 сom
Frustrated with lack of technical knowledge available
Apr 02, 2015 in Digital Hearing Aids by  pajamapuma
I was recently thinking about whether there are numerous other individuals out there that are past baffled by the absence of specialized learning accessible from both audiologists and amplifier maker sites. Listening devices are in fact really basic in their development, however when I pose speciali... Read more
97 сom
ReSound Future
Jan 05, 2011 in Digital Hearing Aids by  lowflyby
Im being fitted tomorrow on this astounding new gadget that just turned out a couple of days prior. I'll post the outcomes asap. They are so new they are not on the site yet. I talked with the plant rep and she was truly useful. I have old simple units that are 15 years of age, I lost one in a misch... Read more
96 сom
New ReSound "The Dot"
Jan 04, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  NumbEars
The new ReSound "The Dot BTE" is suppost to discharged for the current month. Any data on it? It is most likely a diluted rendition of the new Azure, I would think. ... Read more
94 сom
Official Oticon Alta Pro Thread
Jul 16, 2014 in Digital Hearing Aids by  blackmamba
Ok so I'm the man in charge of the "authority Oticon Dual Thread " years prior . Well that is say 5 to 6 years back . I did that since it motivated approach to mistaking for individuals to get the information they needed when it was spread about wherever ? We had individuals asking a similar inquiry... Read more
90 сom
Best/worst hearing aid brands?
Feb 09, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  nedust
I am interested to comprehend what individuals on this gathering consider diverse amplifier brands. Which is your favorite(s) and why? Which ought to be maintained a strategic distance from and why? I anticipate hearing your feelings. ... Read more
87 сom
Pls post Phonak YES problems here:
Jun 04, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Confused
As some of you know, I cherish my Phonak Audeo YES IX a large portion of you. I have encountered a couple of issues in the recent months, however since Phonak and my audiologist have sorted them out rapidly, I didn't begin a string about it. It has been indicated out me that Phonak... Read more
86 сom
Newbie Report
Jun 20, 2013 in Digital Hearing Aids by  budober
New to these gatherings and to listening devices. As a matter of first importance, a healthy THANK YOU to all who set aside their opportunity to post here. It was an extraordinary help to me and I anticipate dynamic investment. I'm a senior determined to have what I now observe as "run of the mill... Read more
85 сom
Starkey Surflink Mobile updates
Nov 08, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  grantb5
I'm dealing with a little venture to make a Y link or little box to enable me to stream and charge in the meantime. In the event that anybody has any recommendations for highlights or favored connectors let me know since I may make a modest bunch of them. One individual as of now proposed a crossf... Read more
83 сom
Is my audiologist scamming me?
Feb 29, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  plasticmary
Hi. I could truly utilize some assistance. I need to utilize an audiologist assisgned to me by my protection. She is charging me $7000.00 for the Resound Linx 7. Without going into a considerable measure of detail, there are a few things that make me question her morals in any case, at last, i need ... Read more
80 сom
Widex Passion
Apr 06, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  seg615
Any surveys on this new portable amplifier ... Read more
80 сom
Attn: Hard of hearing consumers
Feb 19, 2015 in Digital Hearing Aids by  fuhgettaboutit
I simply need to make it clear, in light of the fact that there is some disarray over this gathering: paying little heed to what any "experts" need you to think, there is no requirement for the "most recent and most prominent" listening device innovation any longer. IT IS A SALES TACTIC SO THAT YOU ... Read more
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