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14 сom
2nd aids: Why "The best" frustration again
Mar 31, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  ohrob
Thanks to all in this gathering. It is really an indispensable asset with all the considerable sharing of data. This post is a vent and activity arrange approval ask. I got my first arrangement of helps 4 years prior. The underlying learning background was baffling as each audi (four) I went to wo... Read more
9 сom
New here and new to hearing aids
Mar 24, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Mr Blue
Last January I at last approached my doctor for a referral for a hearing test. I've known for some time my listening ability was falling apart and I couldn't put it off any more. About that time, I began hiding up here and investing a great deal of energy in the web instructing myself about portable... Read more
9 сom
Hearing aid retention wire
Mar 23, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  jake
Hello, I have been utilizing Phonak BTE from costco throughout the previous 3 years and generally content with them. For reasons unknown (maybe my head is not symmetrical - ha! ) the left collector remains in my ear superior to the correct one. The correct one doesn't go in as far. I would feet ... Read more
8 сom
First hearing aid and getting deaf pretty quickly
Mar 18, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  janko
My hearing has gone more awful through years, as should be obvious at the base audiogram. Despite the fact that I didn't open myself to commotion, hearing is deteriorating before long and I'm just in my thirties. Listening device is required. Likely Unitron bc it's the most expert store here (additi... Read more
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Hearing aids and iPhone apps
Mar 17, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  AudioStudent
Hi! I am an understudy taking a shot at a venture, and I'm trusting you'll round out this overview: It's short and will just take a couple of minutes - it's about iPhone applications that you've utilized with your portable hearing assistants, w... Read more
3 сom
Resound Enzo 2 or Widex Super
Mar 17, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  sunflower22
Hi! Any involvement with these portable amplifiers? Star or cons? Much thanks to you to such an extent. I have serious significant misfortune. My audiogram (yes same misfortune on both sides) 125 - 70 - 70 250 - 75 - 75 500 - 90 - 90 1000-100- - 100 2000-120- - 120 ... Read more
4 сom
Cala 8 IIC migrating
Mar 09, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  bhal
I just purchased Resound Cala 8 from Costco and I am upbeat by and large with the discrete outline and execution. One thing I am watching is that the portable hearing assistant has a tendency to move somewhat following a couple of hours esp when I am biting or talking and on numerous occasions I nee... Read more
3 сom
Needing a new hearing aid
Mar 06, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  TucsonTom
I have a phonak with a SmartLink + remote receiver that I've been utilizing for quite a long while and I have been extremely content with this blend. Be that as it may I had the phonak and the keen connection repaired barely one year prior for a few hundred dollars and the HA need another repair, li... Read more
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It is worth change from 7bx to 7px ?
Mar 06, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Pepito
Hello Someone has changed from Siemens Binax 7bx to Signia Primax 7px? Is it worth the new components like "SpeechMaster", "HD Music with 3 settings", and so forth.? The features: ... Read more
18 сom
Noob at Costco, plus Made for iPhone, how important?
Mar 04, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Recoil Rob
Hello to all, would you be able to hear me in the back? After an existence of noisy music, uproarious hardware and chasing it's come time for HA's. My ENT disclosed to me that there's no reason HA's should be so expensive and prompted me to go to Costco. I did some perusing up, particularly abou... Read more
3 сom
It is ok if I keeping my Siemens Binax Pure in the eCharger?
Mar 04, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Pepito
I recall in some place I read that they ought not be put away in the eCharger and this must be just used to charge the batteries. Why? ... Read more
9 сom
Decent Hearing Aid
Mar 01, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  fjccommish
Is this an average portable amplifier, or are there some likewise estimated that individuals prescribe? It's for my mother who has issues hearing the TV. Difficult to peruse the hand composing on her listening ability assessment. R/L 250 50/50 500 40/40 1K 40/40 2k 40/40 4k 40/40 6... Read more
16 сom
16 vs 24 bit converters and HA Audio quality,
Feb 22, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  bob h
I think the subject of 16 versus 24 bit HA sound, and music sound quality when all is said in done merits a different string, so here goes: This subject will be of intrigue for the most part to the individuals hearing's identity's adequate that it can be redressed to "sensibly" ordinary as for tun... Read more
8 сom
Widex ITE aids advice
Feb 22, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  tinky
Hi, I have worn hearings helps for around 37 years and Widex ITE helps for the last 20 at the 330 level. The last two sets I had were hard to set up because of input issues & took months of tweaking. I simply attempted the ITC as more power and practically just shrieked amid television so enormo... Read more
0 сom
America Hears AH GREAT Service
Feb 21, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  volky
Recently had an issue with my just about two years of age instruments. Talked with two exceptionally supportive individuals who both attempted to determine the issue remotely without much of any result. I was made a request to send the software engineer, links, and ears back for assessment. I though... Read more
5 сom
Samsung 4k TV and Bluetooth
Feb 17, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  JMorris271
Hi everybody. I require some assistance here. I have a Samsung 4K TV and a Samsung Sound bar that are both blue tooth skilled. The sound bar sounds fine and I adore utilizing it yet like most almost deaf people, I have it on louder than my better half is OK with. OK,moving on. I just obtained ... Read more
1 сom
Is it possible for a new person to get the wrong earmolds ?
Feb 12, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Quadhole
I solicit on the grounds that from another string a person gets some information about directional control on his K7 and states he points it to a discourse and doesn't function admirably, and in programmed when he turns it up he hears everything boisterous. Could Costco's or any Audi not know to giv... Read more
78 сom
Looking for Best HA and Source for Me
Feb 11, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  JerryR
Hi Everyone, I'm new to this discussion, and new to the universe of HAs. I had my listening ability test on Jan 26, 2017 and have distributed the outcome in my mark toward the end. From that point forward I've had one meeting with an AuD in Columbus, OH, and have 2 more set up for this coming week (... Read more
3 сom
Longer tube for Costco KSHA04?
Feb 10, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Erasmus
Hello, I'm posting this for my Dad who is having issues with the listening device he purchased from Costco. We think (yet could not be right) that the model number is KSHA04. Father assumes the producer is Siemens, however I found a string here that recommends his amplifier is an Onyx 16+. Along the... Read more
0 сom
Recommendation for my mother
Feb 08, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  bhal
Hi My moms hearing outcomes are 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 Bone 5 10 25 45 Air 65 70 60 90 95 This the correct ear. The other ear is somewhat more awful however comparative. As should be obvious she has blended misfortune yet as solid conductive misfortune. She experiences otosclerosis. I a... Read more
5 сom
Digital aid bit level?
Feb 07, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  bob h
Anyone know the bit levels utilized computerized in HA's? ... Read more
1 сom
Has anyone tried the Trax 42 XS model aids?
Feb 04, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  jg858
Hello everybody, I requested a Rexton Trax 42 xs at Costco in view of the by and large great criticism on this site for that arrangement, however I don't know whether anybody has attempted the XS (additional little?) rendition. I had at first requested a brio iic show however got word that my ear ch... Read more
2 сom
Purchase Linx 2 9
Feb 04, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Jake1811
I'm considering buying Resound Linux 2 9 RI E 62. I thoroughly consider these came in March of 2015 and had a hate programming refresh in Dec. 2016. Like DianeK1 post she thought she was purchasing the lastest and most noteworthy just to discover a month later another model turned out and she was sc... Read more
10 сom
Earmolds - Lubrication, Ear Itch
Feb 02, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Nebraskan
I know there are items like Otoease to apply to the external surface of earmolds to aid their addition. Ounce for ounce however I have discovered applying a little measure of 1% Hydrocortisone cream or gel before embeddings my earmolds to be a great deal more affordable with the additional preferred... Read more
18 сom
Best hearing aids for music
Jan 29, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  **maplesyrup**
I got my first match of portable amplifiers last September, from Audicus. One thing I've truly delighted in is tuning in to music on YouTube through the bluetooth. It's bewildering. Lamentably one thing that isn't all that great is unrecorded music. I figure that is on account of it really needs to ... Read more
137 сom
New Hearing assist devices better than hearing aids
Jan 26, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  tgh
My AudeoQ90's are very pointless in loud situations. No measure of fiddling by the Audiologist makes a difference. I am amazingly touchy to mid range and very heartless to higher sounds. My general hearing is sufficient to get by day by day without helps. I really hear better in clamor with ... Read more
8 сom
Microwave Oven Interference
Jan 25, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Bonaprof
I look every one of the strings yet couldn't discover any that specifically tended to whether microwave broilers are harming to listening devices. At whatever point we utilize the microwave broiler my portable amplifiers respond by making some blockage or turns on and off. I accept this is a charact... Read more
12 сom
Simple trick for on-the-ear headsets with RITC HAs, why didn't I think of it sooner?
Jan 21, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Volusiano
So I'd been wearing CIC HAs before until several months prior when I exchanged over the a RITE HA where the HA is behind the ear and the collector is in the trench. Along these lines, the Plantronics Focus Bluetooth headset I have never again functions admirably with the new setup any longer, since ... Read more
7 сom
Costco Kirkland K7 turning off
Jan 20, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  MSCOFF
I updated from Kirkland K5s to K7s about a month back. I'm truly content with the (for me ) much better execution. The change is practically identical to what I encountered from no guides to the K5s. My concern is that every so often one of the guides drops out or turns down/off after a speedy uproa... Read more
24 сom
Newbie here on my way to Costco's today
Jan 20, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Quadhole
Hello Everyone, Sorry for your loss...Well, been procrastinating on this for quite a long time. Just to awful now and I require hearing help to impart. Can't keep on pretending to hear any longer. Went and got my listening ability test a month back. At that point, 2 weeks prior they gave me a coup... Read more
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