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Hearing aids from India
Aug 15, 2014 in Digital Hearing Aids by  simring
I simply requested a couple of Siemens amplifiers from India. They are far less expensive than even Costco and are probably new from the Siemens industrial facility in India. The vender said he would program them to my audiogram, however I assume I'm all alone after that. Does anybody have involveme... Read more
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General Question about Top of Line Hearing Aids
Jun 08, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  InVision
I was taking a gander at Alta Pro Ti and OPN listening devices. While looking it was prescribed to me likewise to take a gander at top of the line Siemens (Signia). Any data would be valued. Can't discover any examinations between brands that is not promoting hyp. Thank people !! M ... Read more
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Need Programming Advice on Digital HAs - Any and all advice greatly appreciated!!!!
May 31, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  amberly
My foundation: I'm in the market for new portable hearing assistants and I'm truly battling. I have an extreme to significant inclining hearing misfortune in both ears and have worn simple amplifiers from '83 to 2008 (18 mos to 26 yrs). I was conceived with my listening ability and lost it at year... Read more
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New Products - what is realistic to expect in the near term?
Jun 10, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  AdamsHouseCat
Oticon OPN is by all accounts the main new item with another take at display. In the event that I see effectively, Oticon OPN is driving execution through considerably speedier flag handling/condition appraisal, without guiding receiver directionality. What/when would we be able to expect anythi... Read more
8 сom
Standard Hearing Aid Efficacy Test ? Why isn't there one ?
Jun 08, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  glucas
It's extraordinary that Oticon have turned out with the Oticon Opn. The cases of 30% of better discourse understanding in commotion is welcome news. In any case, they have dumped utilizing limited pillar directionality. Presently, I am a straightforward customer who does what he is told - for th... Read more
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Volume on Oticon 2.0 Connectline
Jun 06, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  AlanM
The volume on my TV Connectline TV 2.0 is too low regardless of turning up volume on Streamer, HA's, and amp-preamp to which they are associated by means of RCA yield and I can't utilize TOSLINK. Is there a method for expanding the volume of the Connectline. In the event that I can't do it can my au... Read more
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Please look at this hearing aid and tell me what you think
May 31, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  zipline
Hi, I understand this listening device is made by a vast chinese organization, yet a few remarks here demonstrate that many significant brands are made there. This organization began offering their items coordinate on Amazon. Here is one of their top of the line items. How can it contrast an... Read more
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Going to Costco for first time aids
Apr 19, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Squerly
I'm going to require help again from you folks, trust you wouldn't fret... My Costco is around 90 minutes drive every way. I know will be consuming the roadway with alterations and tuning however I don't realize what helps Costo has or even where to begin. I'm accustomed to wearing a Bellman Sym... Read more
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Confused about recommendations! Help?
May 22, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  halfdeaf
I am new to this Forum and new to HAs. I have great hearing in just my correct ear - the left is about dead. (sudden onset, reason obscure). I've seen 2 audiologists a week ago. They both suggest the Phonak Cros II. says I ought to get the Audéo 312 V90 and the other dr says that is ... Read more
5 сom
May 06, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  RUSS-SHETTLE
I saw on Facebook a post from Signia being the news name for Seimans. Did they purchase out Seimans? Is Seimans no more. What's the story? ... Read more
34 сom
HA's for Music?
Oct 15, 2015 in Digital Hearing Aids by  EllisW
Me once more. A companion, similar to myself, is occupied with the best HA's for tuning in to/hearing music. There's a string on that theme here, yet it's from 2008. Would you be able to people say something with more present data? A million much appreciated. ... Read more
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Introduction and question about used products
May 01, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  KermitTFrog
Hi all. I've been sneaking for some time and have added to one string up until now. Something else, this is my first "Hi" to everybody. This site has been an incredible asset for finding out about overseeing recently analyzed hearing misfortune, purchase portable amplifiers, and so forth. As I'm... Read more
1 сom
Buying Groups
May 24, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  HearingAwareness
I'm looking a joining Audigy Group, EarQ, or Marcon to help run my training. I simply needed to check whether anybody on hear has had any involvement with a purchasing gathering. I'm attempting to get a few gauges on cost of going along with one preceding I get in touch with them and need to manage ... Read more
15 сom
HA's and Hearing Protection
Oct 04, 2011 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Factory Worker
I am new to HA and have an up and coming apointment to get fitted. Iam worried as I work in a processing plant condition. While I invest the lion's share of energy in an office envronment I do work in the plant where hearing security is required. My worry is I am getting the HA since I am experienci... Read more
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Numbers on receivers ReSound Linx
May 23, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  KarenK
I have had these HAs for a long time and I simply saw numbers on every collector. One is 2 and the other is 3. What, in the event that anything, does this mean?? ... Read more
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Phonak Naida Review/Rant/Fustrations LoL
Feb 23, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Whitewlf00
I have been wearing the Phonak Naida 5 BTE's in both ears for as long as 2 weeks. Its been an attempting knowledge. I have been hard of hearing since age 5 with an extreme to significant hearing misfortune and have worn simple guides up to this point I'm 25. My sister's canine ate my last amplifie... Read more
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Amazon Dryers for digital hearing aids???
May 19, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Pepito
Hello folks, I utilize the echarger for my 2 unadulterated binax. This:echarger-open-closed_276px.jpgI send you all a video about how woke my HAs after deshumidification (when just the middle catch on the charger is on, following 8-9 hours) I need to know whether is ordinary (check in the video how ... Read more
4 сom
Is There a Streamer Pro Alternative?
May 20, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  gpsgrandpa
I'm new to HAs and have been utilizing a couple of Oticon Alta Pro2 Ti miniRITE helps for two months. When I got them I additionally purchased a Streamer Pro 1.3 gadget with the sole expectation of having it interface with my iPhone 6s as a sans hands, into the guides gadget. When it is working accu... Read more
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Anyone with Costco experience in the Toronto area?
May 19, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  KalB
I will be going to Toronto sooner rather than later to purchase my HA at Costco in the Toronto zone. I might want to get notification from the individuals who had encounter managing Costco in the Toronto (GTA) territory. There are five or six Costco stores with Hearing Aid divisions. Any data would ... Read more
22 сom
Custom Ear Molds?
Apr 24, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Abarsanti
I have invert slant misfortune. I hear fine in the high recurrence however I'm at 60db at the 250/500 recurrence on the correct side and 55/50 on the left. I battle now and again with discourse seeing particularly by means of phone. At present I am utilizing open vaults on BTE helps. Any info if ear... Read more
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Sound Directional Adjustment
Feb 24, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  DeafEngineer
I went in for my first change on my Costco ReSound Future HAs this week, at that point I went to a course/supper. I could comprehend the speaker great (most likely 15 ft away), yet after supper, the same number of individuals around me were talking, I was not ready to see well, despite the fact that... Read more
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Blue Tooth
Feb 24, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  jimh
I put this i the wrong gathering, moving it ... Read more
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JohnD, what programmes have the NHS put on your Naida aids?
Feb 24, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Guest
JohnD What programs have the NHS put on your Naida helps. I just have the III yet right now I just have the T loop and FM, I likewise have a telephone setting however that doesnt work (cannot hear a thing with it) so I need to transform it for something else yet not certain what. Thought I wou... Read more
13 сom
ReSound Adjustments
Feb 20, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  DeafEngineer
Can somebody disclose to me what number of projects are accessible in this guide. The audi I utilize dependably needs me to hold my back to his PC show, so I'm never ready to perceive what choices each program permits. Would anyone be able to give more information? I would love to see some screen ... Read more
2 сom
Audeo problems
Feb 23, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  JankoDjuric
hi, i'm having issues with audeo gadgets. the issue is a breaking sound that happens in the smaller than expected, shrewd and yes models yet just in the III and V arrangement. the splitting sound is not identified with any development or clamor. I can hear the splitting notwithstanding when the pati... Read more
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Phonak Naida V UP
Feb 24, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Bow
I just purchased this match of listening devices and i begin to feel a tiny bit irritated following a couple of days. A few times encountering sound drop then its naturally back once more. It is possible that one side, depends on..for illustration when chatting on telephone, or sound of doorshut or ... Read more
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Unitron Moxi 20 New User
Feb 18, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  jaldridge
I thought I'd post my impressions of the principal week and a half. I have worn the Moxis full time since getting them. They are exceptionally agreeable, and I have been overlooking that I have them in. Situations have shifted from calm to VERY uproarious to music. I cherish the way the gadgets open... Read more
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Conversational Hearing Tests Online
Feb 23, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  DeafEngineer
I was in for a change yesterday for my Resound Futures. The Audi expanded my volume on both projects, and afterward on program 2, augmented the discourse improvements and limited the clamor upgrades. from that point forward I have seen that I can hear and comprehend male voices superior to anything ... Read more
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HAs for unilateral hearing with low frequency hearing loss
Feb 23, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Chadbert
Hi all, I am considering attempting new portable amplifiers to check whether they have enhanced since my I purchased my last ones 4 years back. I have finish misfortune in my correct ear and low recurrence misfortune in my left. I can more often than not do alright when individuals talk at typical... Read more
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Movie theaters
Feb 22, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Deb in CO
I simply posted this in the more broad "Portable hearing assistant Forum," at that point acknowledged it was more pertinent to "Computerized Hearing Aids" segment. Sorry for the repeat...... Approve, I'm beginning week three of my trial of Phonak Naida S IX UPs and generally I'm truly excited with... Read more
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