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78 сom
Looking for Best HA and Source for Me
Feb 11, 2017 in Digital Hearing Aids by  JerryR
Hi Everyone, I'm new to this discussion, and new to the universe of HAs. I had my listening ability test on Jan 26, 2017 and have distributed the outcome in my mark toward the end. From that point forward I've had one meeting with an AuD in Columbus, OH, and have 2 more set up for this coming week (... Read more
74 сom
Does anyone know of a good HA that just amplifies?
Jun 16, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Squerly
celticaire raised a decent point on my Phonak post. Taking a gander at my aud for my left ear, in the event that you take out the exceptions (75/250 and 105/3k), it's fundamentally a level line. Freq - 250 - 500 - 750 - 1k - 1.5 - 2k - 3k - 4k - 6k - 8k - L - 75 - 95 - 90 - 90 - 85 - 80 - 105 ... Read more
73 сom
What's all the BUZZ about Open Fit Hearing Aids?
Jul 14, 2006 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Admin
The new pattern has been the new open fitting amplifiers. What are they, what are the advantages and who are they best intended for? I might want to talk about the responses to these and different inquiries in this article. To start with, it is vital to figure out what open fit portable hearing ... Read more
73 сom
Starkey Surflink Mobile ????
Mar 30, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  IslandGuy
A question for the Starkey specialists - I just observed on the Starkey Pro site something many refer to as "Surflink Mobile". Is this the hotly anticipated bluetooth gadget for the Wi arrangement? Says it will be accessible May 2012 - yet I was trusting somebody may have a littel bit of cutting edg... Read more
72 сom
If someone has 70db HL and gets 70db HA gain, does he hear 0db?
Nov 09, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Deaf123
This is a genuine inquiry and something ive been pondering for some time now. In the event that a listening device gives you as much pick up as your listening ability misfortune, does it totally cross out your misfortune and subsequently result in you being helped to 0db? Let's assume somebody has 7... Read more
71 сom
My Siemens Pure 700 BTEs (I hate them)
Feb 02, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Fantine
Week three of my 30-day trial for my new HAs. I detest them. Loathe, despise, abhor. Audie gave me 10 mm shut arches and changed the input setting from quick to standard, and ran a criticism test. She said that the test showed that the HAs created no input. All things considered, I say somethi... Read more
70 сom
Apple will release iPhone hearing aids
Jul 23, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  sdpate
Apple arranges a “Made for iPhone” line of portable amplifiers that could reform the market much like the iPod, iPhone and iPad Apple arrangements to discharge "Made for iPhone" portable amplifiers that will work with the iPhone 4S and more up to date models this fall. Apple's way to deal with... Read more
70 сom
USB Hi-Pro knockoffs
Sep 14, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  pvc
Does anybody know how these USB Hi-Pro knockoffs function? Would you be able to utilize an indistinguishable programming links from the GN Otometrics HI-PRO USB? ... Read more
68 сom
US culture versus European culture
Dec 21, 2011 in Digital Hearing Aids by  EnglishDispenser
Hi, Not certain where to post this, so this gathering should do! I find that US notices here can (in my eyes) appear to be somewhat ... fail ... forceful and 'pushy'. In any case I viewed a UK TV narrative yesterday which indicated entire US families living in a philanthropy motel rooms in lig... Read more
68 сom
What you think of Siemens in general? Pure 700?
Jul 17, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  patrickpetro
Right now I have DigiFocus II (Oticon) in one ear. My other ear is significantly Deaf so I just wear one. I think DigiFocus is okay anyway I don't believe it's great as the principal Siemens advanced portable amplifier I had 6 or 7 years back. I recall that it was very certain and sharp when wearing... Read more
66 сom
Wi Range Expansion (Starkey)
Jan 05, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  ZCT
One of the enormous, however not surprising, declarations at the Starkey Expo in Las Vegas this week is that the Wi arrangement (remote able) of listening devices is currently accessible in a custom item notwithstanding the RIC models it has been in some time recently. So now you can have a CIC, H... Read more
66 сom
Static with Oticon Alta?
Jun 11, 2013 in Digital Hearing Aids by  StrawberryGS
EDIT UPDATE: I got every one of my issues settled by evolving audiologists. $2k less expensive, and about imperceptible static. I'm leaving whatever remains of the exchange here in the event that any other person has comparable issues. - Beth I'm a fresh out of the plastic new portable amplifier... Read more
65 сom
Going to Costco for first time aids
Apr 19, 2016 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Squerly
I'm going to require help again from you folks, trust you wouldn't fret... My Costco is around 90 minutes drive every way. I know will be consuming the roadway with alterations and tuning however I don't realize what helps Costo has or even where to begin. I'm accustomed to wearing a Bellman Sym... Read more
65 сom
Widex Super 440
Feb 23, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  mugambo
Is this portable amplifier most likely the universes best kept secret!!??!!? Nobody is discussing it. Its been discharged for some time. No surveys. No nothing. My audiologist says that they cannot get hold of it and has no valuing and that Widex are as a rule moderate with it. I am truly contem... Read more
64 сom
Oticon Agil Pro vs. Starkey Wi or Otolens
Jul 21, 2011 in Digital Hearing Aids by  pdxpete
I'm at present trialing two top of the line listening devices and I require some guidance. For as far back as two weeks I've been exchanging between the Oticon Agil Pro smaller than expected RITE and the Starkey Wi. With regards to comfort, Starkey Wi's are substantially more agreeable. The tube... Read more
63 сom
Ordered a Pair of Wi 110s
Jan 12, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  wlamb1647
I went to my audi yesterday and had him arrange an arrangement of Wi 110 RIC 312s for me. I'll be backpedaling next Wednesday to lift them up. I'll be wearing them for a week or somewhere in the vicinity, and on the off chance that I like them then I'll backpedal and pay him for them. Would it be ... Read more
63 сom
Analog to Digital Converters
Jun 25, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  HonkyTonkJohn
Ok I have been perusing interminably! I am energized. I trust somebody on here can back me up. Has made them go that I play music. So alright in a band we are louder than 90 db. I recently discovered that computerized portable amplifiers are restricted to a 96 db confine in view of the A/D Convertor... Read more
62 сom
Phonak Audeo Q90
Jul 05, 2013 in Digital Hearing Aids by  wilt2448
I just grabbed my Phonak Audeo Q90's early today from the VA. They are supplanting the Oticon Delta 8000's that I got in 2007 from outside the VA at a cost of about $6000 for a couple. I'm composing this for a few reasons. One is to tell veterans that the VA gives quality most recent innovation list... Read more
61 сom
Access to quality programming... F@*&^#
Sep 09, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  MatthewJones
Ok. Some of you think programming your own guides is nuts. Some think it extraordinary. The fact of the matter is - I concur - somebody here as of late said. You can't backpedal to the audiologists enough to get the changes you require. There are such a large number of settings and fine tunings is i... Read more
60 сom
continued growing frustration
Oct 18, 2012 in Digital Hearing Aids by  PeteAndRepete
I've been hard of hearing since birth, simple w/o pressure all my life. I acclimated to analogs inside a couple of hours. Here I am 2 weeks in and don't feel any better. My way of life is quite basic. I work in IT and depend on telephone correspondence, appreciate tuning in to music a ton, and in ... Read more
59 сom
america hears
Feb 14, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  wiremanlu56
Anyone purchased got notification from america I figure this is an immediate fabricates site. Never known about them until the point that I began to peruse gatherings ... Read more
59 сom
Phonak Audeo SMART
Nov 04, 2009 in Digital Hearing Aids by  ABerri
Hey everybody, it's been around 3-4 months since I have been back on this site. Last time I was here, a large portion of the discussion in the Phonak territory was on the Audeo Yes V and IX. I was genuinely considering getting the IX's. Since I simply checked Phonak's site, I see they have what's ... Read more
58 сom
Phonak Smart IX vs. V - - worth extra $
Feb 02, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  mike-h
Audio offered me test drive of both of the Phonak HAs. From Phonak site I note contrasts are: 1. Couple Phone 2. Zoom control 3. resound piece framework 4. sound unwind 5. voice zoom To help with which (V or IX) I test drive I would especially acknowledge genuine encounter of a few clien... Read more
56 сom
Phonak Audeo Yes Hearing Aid Review
Jan 08, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Jerry Finley
Speaking for myself.. whenever I have a go at something new and radical it for the most part takes me a while to really choose on the off chance that I like it or despise it. For example.. when I had waterfall surgery a while back on one of my eyes. I picked to attempt mono-vision (one eye would hav... Read more
54 сom
iCOM Mini-Review
Jun 06, 2008 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Jaw2000
Got mine yesterday. It cost me $300. Must be charged, not a major ordeal. It's around 2" square, and same thickness as my razr telephone (when shut). It's somewhat of an agony to wear - like a 60's medalion - however whatever, I can utilize my mobile phone now - that is a major besides, I can ... Read more
54 сom
Phonak iCube problem
Mar 11, 2011 in Digital Hearing Aids by  JerryDee
I have a couple of Exilia Art Micro's and an iCube. Programming worked find for two or three days, at that point I chose to attempt and get the iCube combined with my PC. From that point forward the iCube won't converse with my Hearing guides. My portable hearing assistants are working fine ... Read more
54 сom
New Invisible in Canal (IIC) aids
Apr 11, 2011 in Digital Hearing Aids by  wutzizname
Wondering if any industry geniuses here have gotten twist of if and when we'll be seeing IIC models from different makers, other than Starkey? Excluding the broadened wear Lyrics/WOWs, it appears the Starkey SoundLens are as yet the main IIC models available. Does anybody know what different IICs ... Read more
53 сom
Self-programming Smart IXs
Sep 20, 2010 in Digital Hearing Aids by  Barrie
I have extensive experience with prescription, registering and research facility work and am on my fourth arrangement of helps. Albeit extremely happy with my audiologist, interest and the satisfaction in tinkering prompted my purchasing an iCube to go with my Smart IXs and MyPilot. I guarantee no p... Read more
53 сom
DH Hearing Aid test results - does he or doesn't he need a HA?
May 16, 2015 in Digital Hearing Aids by  allowingtoo
Since I am HOA we utilize CC on the TV and DH has become used to watching and "tuning in" to TV that way. He says I mutter a great deal and needs to request that I rehash everything. His girl from out of state was down here a week ago and persuaded him to go for a hearing test however since she said... Read more

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