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344 сom
searching for fitiing software
Feb 23, 2009 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  Juergen
Hello, I will purchase a top of the line hearing gadget and for me it is essential that I am ready to do the fitting my self. So in the event that I deside to get one I need no doubt, that the product is accessible I have done an outline of all the product I know up to now. It would be ideal... Read more
115 сom
Self Programming DOs and DON'Ts
Jan 20, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
DOs: Get the fitting programming setup and prepared to utilize first!! Do this before you begin burning through cash on gear. You will require the most recent form of programming for the most recent model listening devices. The product is free and "for the most part accessible". However, a few mak... Read more
99 сom
Is Downloading Fitting Software - Easy? Hard?
Dec 05, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
Initially Posted by xxxxxx;nnnnn Genie you should know about Genie versus >>Genie2<< Phonak Target Phonak iPFG Reverberate Avent... Read more
83 сom
How to buy a mini PRO (USB 2.0 Hearing Aid Programmer)
Jan 26, 2017 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
1) Go to 2) Search for "little expert hearing" 3) That's it! Locate the most minimal price+shipping ($159 Nov-2016) Cost has changed uncontrollably ($159, $299, $166) Try not to utilize Google to scan for this. You will get diverse/higher evaluated comes about. Go specifically... Read more
55 сom
Software and Hardware available
Nov 13, 2013 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  HearingAidRep
If anybody might want to buy any of the most recent (or more established) programming from any maker at that point please send me a PM and I should do my best to find it for you and get a duplicate posted out. I can likewise offer a chosen few bits of equipment which will help you with programming. ... Read more
43 сom
Mini-Pro - valid option or waste of money
Aug 16, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  CarolinaCop
Hello all, I've been prowling for about seven days now, yet simply enrolled. My listening ability is ordinary, however my significant other wears HAs. I'm learning as much as I can & need to get a developer to help her adjust. I worked for a considerable length of time as a PC design before ev... Read more
43 сom
Looking for Connexx 7 fitting SW
Nov 17, 2013 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  tast
Hello, I'm new around here. My audi thinks about connexx 7 as my 2 year old child I'm extremely baffled. Right now we are trying immaculate Micon 7mi however my audi truly have no clue what is it with this machine settings. I have inspected all the video and study manage, and in case I'm not per... Read more
40 сom
Newbie. Hi.
Jan 23, 2017 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  Meshuganah
Hi all, I have been looking for a couple of days from Brisbane Australia and on an expectation to absorb information. Back ground is hardware, sound however now a law understudy. Direct hearing misfortune in view of devastations stuff in the Navy, likewise I was a jumper so had some ear diseases. I ... Read more
32 сom
Successful project to make a DIY CS44A Phonak programming cable
May 29, 2010 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
For documentation purposes this is a Successful venture to make a CS44A Phonak converter link. Additionally observe my Failed endeavor to make a CS44A Phonak converter link by Clicking - > HERE. You have to begin with a 6-wire link, not a 4-wire link. Note that this augmentation link has an ind... Read more
32 сom
Hi-pro to Starkey Cable advice needed
Feb 21, 2017 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  allenmoretsky
I'm confounded about the links that I have to program my Starkey WI110 HAs. I called Starkey bolster in the wake of taking a gander at http://www.starkeyhearingtechnologie...orsStarkey.pdf The diagram demonstrates a straight link for the RIC 12. Starkey bolster revealed to me a Purple programm... Read more
32 сom
Bernafon Oasis 19.0 software
May 19, 2014 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  tenkan
Hi there, hello anybody know where I can get a duplicate of the Bernafon Oasis 19.0 programming, please PM me on the off chance that you know, thanks ... Read more
28 сom
What do I need to program Phonak Audeo V90?
Feb 20, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  Jamesiv1
Hi people, Novice here. I just got a couple of Phonak Audeo V90's yesterday - my first match of listening devices and I cherish them. Additionally have a ComPilot II. I downloaded and introduced Phonak Target 4.0 yesterday to my Windows 7 64-bit portable workstation (Bluetooth empowered). What... Read more
26 сom
Starkey Inspire / cables
Jan 28, 2014 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  akial
Hi, I'm thinking about to self-programming my HA, I've discovered a NoahLink developer at 400$. My concern is that I miss the Inspire programming, and the link to associate the NoahLink to my Xino i110. Have anybody proposal? How might I discover the links? Would i be able to purchase the In... Read more
24 сom
Connexx 8 "fatal error"
Feb 13, 2017 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  bob h
I'm attempting to get another Connexxlink set up. I have the product introduced, and the Connexxlink gadget seems to speak with the Bluetooth OK. When I attempt to "identify hearing instruments", the Connexxlink show goes clear for a few seconds, than the program solidifies, and shows "Application... Read more
24 сom
Feb 17, 2013 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  MCB
I went to the audi's office a week ago and got tubing supplanted. I couldn't turn HA's up without getting excessively criticism, so I needed thick divider tubing. I watched her do it, and I know it is something I could do effortlessly myself, with ease. I have been examining the previous couple of h... Read more
24 сom
Windows 8 Hi-Pro USB drivers
May 15, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  ziploc
I just got another PC. My Hi-Pro ran fine on my old Windows 7 machine however the Hi-Pro doesn't show up in the gadget list on the Windows 8 machine. Windows says the Hi-Pro is working and as of now has the most recent drivers introduced. Be that as it may, it doesn't work. From what I can figure I ... Read more
23 сom
Possible to source battery tray for Audeo Smart III?
May 05, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  golem
The battery entryway detents have flopped on my moms Smart II which isn't an issue when the entryways are shut yet more so the reason they get incidentally turned on when just being put away for the night. I've been endeavoring to source new parts however have so far wagered unsuccessful. Phonak enc... Read more
23 сom
Oticon Opn BT interface
Sep 17, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  wolverine
Forum client jamin had discovered Oticon Fitting LINK 3.0 accessible at a German web store. The BT dongle in the photo has a Sennheiser logo, which is not an amazement, as Sennheiser Communications is a joint wander of organizations offering items under Sennheiser and Oticon brands. They appear to s... Read more
22 сom
Buying a Hi-Pro in Europe vs USA
Mar 07, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
When I seek eBay/Europe for "USB Hi-Pro" I see practically similar things that I see on eBay/USA. So I don't get why Europeans request that where purchase this? Possibly it's more hard to get things sent into Europe from an outside nation?? I don't have a clue. Perhaps Europe has no laws for Mas... Read more
22 сom
Resound Forza with Detached Microphone from Costco
Nov 22, 2013 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  georged193
I am being fit at Costco with ITE Forzas measure 13 battery-with this isolates mouthpiece outline. I like the fit since they are less cumbersome in my channel due to the separated amplifier however I am serious to significant and may need to hinder the vent for the additional power as indicated by t... Read more
21 сom
Working on a new product, would love your feedback
Mar 30, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  bneil
Hi all, A kindred architect and I are taking a shot at another listening device. We'd love to hear your considerations on the off chance that you'd share. Here's the abnormal state idea: Bluetooth Low Energy associated with your cell phone. Sent direct to you, no office visit required When... Read more
21 сom
Connexx / Rexton ( KS7 ) for newbie
Mar 24, 2017 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  z10user2
So here we are...a new string. pvc demonstrated in another string that surprisingly utilizing the program with the purpose to interface your guides that you make a customer and put in your audiogram. After that then I assemble one would connect and distinguish the guides and I get it's then that... Read more
20 сom
Very successfull non-standard DIY fitting strategy
Apr 09, 2016 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  trevorman
I'm new to DIY listening device programming, and my first involvement with it has been sensational. I have direct high recurrence hearing misfortune, and the nature of sound I am showing signs of improvement than what I've had throughout the previous 4 years - since I gazed wearing HAs all the time.... Read more
19 сom
Do not pay for the Fitting Software, it's Free
Feb 02, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
I am not saying it's accessible to download. I am not saying it's lawful to download it when you do think that its accessible. I just said it's free. That is, it is not sold by the maker. The maker gives the product to allowed to their business outlets. A couple of makers additionally give fitti... Read more
19 сom
Buying speaker wire/receivers online
Feb 04, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
First let me clarify why I am inquiring... In the event that you purchase utilized amplifiers (HAs) the RITE demonstrate HAs have speaker wire/collectors that come in different sizes. They additionally come in various power yields. Hence, when purchasing utilized HAs, it will be likely-as-not that y... Read more
18 сom
Cable free fitting problem
Jan 17, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  rona100
I as of late obtained a Unitron iCube to use with my Phonak listening devices and iPFG. Both guides customized fine; however when I backpedaled the following week to change the programming,the helps were not ready to be distinguished or altered. I just began doing this stuff so any assistance would ... Read more
18 сom
I'm taking the plunge
Aug 16, 2014 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  sh00tingstar
Hi all, I've been thinking about self programming for a few years - and I am prepared to make a plunge. Would anyone be able to help me with respectable hotspots for equipment? For the Hi-Pro I was taking a gander at this seller: Same deal... Read more
18 сom
Looking for Connexx 7 fitting software.
Feb 04, 2013 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  Shurup
OK people, we should attempt this once more, now in a different theme so ideally it will avoid of subject answers. Others would profit by it too once the new Micon line of HA turns out to be more across the board among us. FYI, Connexx 7 is required notwithstanding the Connexx 6.5 to program Mic... Read more
18 сom
Adjusting your own Hearing Aids.. My experience to date
Feb 02, 2013 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  blomasky
1st, obviously this is NOT for everybody. You must be engaged, have an abundant excess time to spend, willing to examine, hope to commit errors (so you better have GOOD reinforcements).. be that as it may, my story: I just moved up to Phonak Audeo S IX. They are a gigantic change to what I had, my... Read more
18 сom
Programming the Phonak Audeo Q
Feb 20, 2015 in DIY Hearing Aids/DIY People by  pvc
Scroll down to see every one of the means for programming the Phonak Audeo Q. Interactive links:>> Self-Programming-Help, Fitting-Software << may answer questions you may have. This is my USB Hi-Pro. There are many like it, yet this one is mine. My Hi-Pro is my closest companion. It ... Read more
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