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644 сom
Costco Kirkland Signature 6.0
Apr 02, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  rasmus_braun
Update 4/8/2015: • Made for iPhone (MFi) listening device with coordinate sound gushing • 17 channels, 9 pick up handles, 4 adaptable projects, 3 gushing projects • Audiological highlights like ReSound LiNX 9 • Receiver-in-ear (RIE) frame calculate with 312 battery ... Read more
299 сom
Resound Linx
Feb 20, 2014 in GN Resound/Beltone by  ccm
Hi, Went to my Audi today to submit a request for the Resound Vevos show 961 or 962 when she disclosed to me that Resound will be sending her equipment and programming for another model called Linx. Appears the Linx can change volume through your Iphone. Additionally it should have the most recent... Read more
94 сom
Resound Linx2
Feb 17, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  hearingnoob
Hi, I am new to the portable amplifier world and was fit with the Resound Linx 977TS fourteen days back. Things are going admirably and it functions admirably. Be that as it may they do have their constraints. I have heard that the Linx2 will be discharged one month from now and will have changes ... Read more
81 сom
Costco Signature 6 and 1st Visit
Oct 06, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  Neilk
I have not attempted Costco beforehand but rather was inspired by what I read here. So today was my first involvement with them. I let them know ahead of time that I was keen on the Kirkland Signature 6, and they revealed to me then that they were not awed by them but rather thought a lot more of th... Read more
60 сom
An Unusual KS6 Fitting
Dec 31, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  MVPinFLA
I got my KS6's yesterday. At the fitting, I was astounded at how noisy everything was and I advised the HAS to bring down the left ear a few. He did a little and said that I have to get used to them and he can change progressively if fundamental at the following change, which is in 12 days. When I r... Read more
47 сom
Is it time to upgrade?
Nov 23, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  MVPinFLA
I have had my Resound Futures that I bought from Costco for just about five years. I have been perusing great things about Costco's KS6 helpers and might want suppositions in the event that they will enhance discourse acknowledgment. I have more trouble with discourse than I used to, particularly wi... Read more
46 сom
Resound Cala 8 RIE: First Impressions
Aug 07, 2016 in GN Resound/Beltone by  gordier
As I had said in a past string, I learned of Costco offering the Resound Linx 2 RIE (with include level 9, estimate 61, 312 battery, and being marked as "Resonate Cala 8") half a month prior when I went into restore my KS 6.0 and experiment with the Costco Rexton Trax42 units. The KS 6.0s were my ... Read more
40 сom
Costco ReSound Cala (Product Information)
Aug 11, 2016 in GN Resound/Beltone by  rasmus_braun
ReSound Cala is a group of RIC, BTE, ITE, and MIH instruments accessible from Costco with highlights like ReSound LiNX2 9 items. It replaces the ReSound Sola product offering. Cala is accessible in two innovation levels: 8 and 6. Cala 8 has 17 channels and 9 pick up handles, and certain remote mod... Read more
36 сom
Recommendations for wife please
Apr 20, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  bama2k15
Hi, Spouse was advised a week ago she needs to get HA, so we've been looking into them. We'd get a kick out of the chance to remain under $2k if conceivable. She has an android telephone, however we have 2 IPADs. Without having her test brings about front of me, and knowing there's a ton of fact... Read more
36 сom
Resound LiNX 961 - My long winded feedback on the iphone integration and tech side of things
Apr 14, 2014 in GN Resound/Beltone by  holtt
I've had a couple now for right around a month, and thought I'd post a few notes, remarks and input. I've likewise posted a couple of lists of things to get at the end.BackgroundI'm a programmer and early adopter kinda individual - got a Mac in 1984 when they turned out, adoration devices, as to ups... Read more
34 сom
Cala 8 - Adjustment for noisy restaurant ???
Oct 10, 2016 in GN Resound/Beltone by  gdba
Majority of time I am in the fundamental "All Around" default program. It works extraordinary for regular one on one circumstances in a generally calm condition. Where I am battling is in eateries to the point where I simply surrender and take the guides out. I have an "Eatery" setting yet it doesn'... Read more
34 сom
KS6 Programs
May 09, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  KenP
I made a moment visit to Costco to check whether we could evade the correct ear input. No bliss there. However, it isn't visit or that uproarious so will trudge on with the vault that doesn't fit well. While there I asked the audi to included several program. Programmed Commotion Gathering ... Read more
30 сom
Just bought my first set of hearing aids.
Dec 28, 2014 in GN Resound/Beltone by  Connie Johnson
I have been having issues for a couple of year hearing a few ladies and youngsters. I at long last got my listening ability tried and was told I was a decent contender for portable hearing assistants. Than I discovered the amount they cost. I truly need to get a few however living on government mana... Read more
30 сom
Resound Linx 2 New User
Jul 30, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  Latemarch
Have now had the Linx 2 Type 7 RIC Hearing Aids for 2 weeks now. I don't stream. Wear them from 6AM to 9PM consistently and getting 6 days on the batteries (Power 1's) Paid $4700 for the match from a neighborhood Audiology aggregate that was suggested by a collaborator that wears Resound. Extr... Read more
29 сom
Android vs iPhone with KS6 or Linx2
Jan 09, 2016 in GN Resound/Beltone by  CaptainTrips
Current Widex 330 client. Might want to investigate advanced cell coordination for telephone utilize and control. Taking a gander at the Costo Kirkland Signature 6.0 and perhaps the Resound Linx2. For the individuals who have involvement with either, is there any utilitarian distinction between th... Read more
27 сom
Anybody using the ReSound Micro Mic or Multi Mic?
Sep 05, 2016 in GN Resound/Beltone by  roger55
I'm as of now in a trial with ReSound Linx2 RIC's with open arches. I believe will run with these now. It would seem that the Micro Mic or Multi Mic is an adornment I'd be keen on having. In the event that anyone here has it is possible that one, I'd beyond any doubt acknowledge input on how you... Read more
27 сom
Help with Kirkland KS 6.0
Jul 01, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  Norcal
This is my first post on this incredible discussion. I have been prowling for a short time and joined today since I require some assistance. I don't know how to produce the little chart that many individuals posting have in their mark, yet to make a long story short, my listening ability in both e... Read more
26 сom
Resound accessories?
Jul 30, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  dlleno
Hi all; would you be so kind as to opine re: the different Resound frill, their pertinence to different circumstances telephone cut: I presume I will profit essentially from this, if for no other explanation than to fulfill genuine hands free telephone calls while driving, even with iOS. mic: I ... Read more
26 сom
Issues With Streaming on LiNX2 - Help Needed!
Apr 26, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  richierich19681996
Hi all, Well I got my new LINX2 on Friday. My audi set everything up and duplicated the projects and settings over from my old LiNX 961s. She changed a few things and we at that point matched my iPhone with them to ensure that all was OK. Tragically we didn't make any test calls or tune in to any ... Read more
25 сom
New VA hearing aid user seeking advice
Jun 28, 2016 in GN Resound/Beltone by  TexasBob
This is my first time posting, so I'll thow this out so you all know what standpoint I'm maintaining and my restricted information. I paid out of pocket for my first match of HAs around 3-1/2 years prior. As a first time HA client, I was surprised by the change I got from my Oticon Ino Pro guides.... Read more
25 сom
Resound Streamer 2
May 10, 2014 in GN Resound/Beltone by  SL1
This is the thing that Resound says in regards to the Streamer 2: he ReSound Unite™ TV Streamer 2 changes your portable amplifiers into remote earphones. It sends stereo sound specifically from your TV, stereo or PC straightforwardly into your portable hearing assistants from up to 23 feet away. ... Read more
25 сom
Kirkland Signature 6 vs Oticon Alta 2 Pro
Mar 04, 2016 in GN Resound/Beltone by  thood
Hi all, New here and new to listening devices. Had first hearing test a few days ago and was demonstrated demo Oticon Alta 2 Pro. Decent attempt to sell something yet I've perused such a great amount on here about Costco achievement. i have an arrangement Sunday at Costco. I'd jump at the chance... Read more
25 сom
KS 6 questions during trial
Aug 04, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  stbasil
Tomorrow I go into Costco for my 2-week followup. I am thinking about whether my guides were modified to increment in volume amid the early piece of my trial. Provided that this is true, the tech did not disclose to me she were doing this, which is to a great degree bothering. I am a designer and ex... Read more
25 сom
Programming the ReSound Live9
Mar 07, 2010 in GN Resound/Beltone by  pvc
Scroll down to see every one of the means for programming the ReSound Live. Interactive links:>> Self-Programming-Help, Fitting-Software << may answer questions you may have. This is my USB Hi-Pro. There are many like it, yet this one is mine. My Hi-Pro is my closest companion. It is... Read more
23 сom
Dec 15, 2016 in GN Resound/Beltone by  jimisbell
Why are cheap Ebay HAs an awful arrangement. I discovered some NEW $5K HAs for just $900. How might I turn out badly? ... Read more
23 сom
Costco KS6 model question
Oct 04, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  BlueCamel001
From perusing discussion it appears that everybody concurs the KS6 is the ReSound LiNX2. Be that as it may, I don't know which show it is. Does anybody know the correct LiNX2 demonstrate the KS6 is? From the docs not the ReSound site I think it could be one of these three that all utilization the ... Read more
22 сom
GN ReSound now launches ReSound LiNX2
Feb 18, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  rasmus_braun
Today, GN ReSound is declaring the up and coming era of listening devices; the fourth era of 2.4 GHz innovation, ReSound LiNX2™ and Beltone Legend™. Because of GN’s exceptional R&D profitability, the items will be propelled in a full group of frame considers as of now from March 2015 in every... Read more
22 сom
New Cala 8 Owner Concerns/Comments
Aug 27, 2016 in GN Resound/Beltone by  reubenray
I got my new combine of HA's yesterday and I have a considerable measure to get usual to. Despite the fact that I had hearing misfortune in both ears for my whole life I have just had a HA in my correct ear. So my left ear is getting sore from the ear shape. This was normal. I have a non Samsung and... Read more
22 сom
Costco Equivalent for Resound Linx 2 with Built In telecoil and Size 13 Battery
Aug 04, 2016 in GN Resound/Beltone by  opelikamike
i'm genuinely new to the discussion and would value any guidance. I have worn Microtech Mobilty 50 portable hearing assistants for a long time yet as my listening ability misfortune is serious to significant in the high frequencies, I am taking a gander at buying something all the more capable. ... Read more
21 сom
Resound Unite 2 and Remote 2 at Costco
Oct 04, 2015 in GN Resound/Beltone by  hlm
Would somebody please reveal to me the cost of the Resound Unite 2 television streamer and the Remote 2 at Costco? Do they come independently or together? I might want to buy these, yet I can't manage the cost of the rundown cost. Much obliged ahead of time for your assistance! ... Read more
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