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20 сom
cheapest place to buy hearing aids online?
May 04, 2015 in Hansaton Hearing Aids by  math13
what are the best portable hearing assistants for hearing appreciation? I think I've lost a great deal of frequencies and can't work or comprehend discourse and can't bear the cost of much. ... Read more
19 сom
Hansaton new aids
Oct 05, 2014 in Hansaton Hearing Aids by  stone
Hansaton has another arrangement of listening devices. I believe that there is one to supplant the aBlue and 2 others. I was going to arrange the aBlue and a Susanne recommended that I utilize the Canto. This match of helps ought to be conveyed by the eighth of October. I will Post how they are ... Read more
10 сom
Question on Sorino Mini HA
Apr 27, 2014 in Hansaton Hearing Aids by  hippieelmo
I just got a couple of Hansaton Sorino helps. Needed to know when you initially turn on helps, do they go to full volume naturally? This is on the grounds that each time I turn them they seem like they are on full volume and I need to turn them down.. A debt of gratitude is in order for your assis... Read more
7 сom
In the ear HA for severe hearing loss
Oct 04, 2015 in Hansaton Hearing Aids by  meddie
I lost one HA and searching for a more affordable choice than setting off to my audiologist to supplant. I think I require in the ear in view of the level of my misfortune however in the event that anybody has another conclusion, please let me know. So for an in the ear, it appears Costco has restri... Read more
7 сom
Apr 09, 2015 in Hansaton Hearing Aids by  gary1001
i am thinking about the hansaton product offering. does any one have involvement with this item? ... Read more
5 сom
Are the Hansaton Sound HD9 compatible with target Software and Phonak CROSII ?
Jul 17, 2015 in Hansaton Hearing Aids by  lmhost
Anyone have some more data on this? Since the Hansaton Phonak helps are a Fraction of the cost of one Phonak Branded Aid Furthermore, the HD9 is by all accounts one V90 ... Read more
4 сom
Assistance for hearing-aid assignment- Please help!
Jan 18, 2016 in Hansaton Hearing Aids by  cheeby7
Hello, I am concentrate to wind up plainly a discourse dialect pathologist and must meeting three individuals with portable amplifiers. On the off chance that you would set aside the opportunity to round out this short meeting, I would be so thankful! Much thanks to you! 1. To what extent have y... Read more
3 сom
Hansaton Hearing aid Sorino
Jun 25, 2014 in Hansaton Hearing Aids by  dballer
My spouse simply got his new portable amplifiers. He is a first time client. He is a performer and is have a period wearing them. It has just been two days however he is experiencing considerable difficulties. Is there any individual who is in the music business that wears amplifiers. Can these be f... Read more
2 сom
Sonova acquires Hansaton
Mar 02, 2015 in Hansaton Hearing Aids by  rasmus_braun
Sonova purchases Germany's Hansaton Akustik GmbH; turns out to be new innovation accomplice for Hansaton supplanting Siemens: ... Read more

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