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514 сom
Hearing Aid Practitioner employed at Costco
Feb 08, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  fuhgettaboutit
Hey everybody, I work at a Costco Hearing Center as a portable hearing assistant professional/container. To clear up, Costco's furnishes portable hearing assistants with a similar innovation made by an indistinguishable makers from different centers Phonak, GN ReSound, Siemens and Bernafon. We u... Read more
151 сom
Why Hearing Aids Cost So Much
Feb 01, 2012 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  ed121
All: Interesting information duplicated from another Forum References: <> <j4ioji$6gd$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Trace: 1315770825 8812 (11 Sep 2011 19:53:45 GMT) X-Complaints-To: s... Read more
143 сom
United Health Care hearing aids
Oct 24, 2011 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Soonerman42
I just come back from a United Health Care meeting where it was appeared, contingent upon the program, that portable amplifiers will be secured with 0 deductible or $360 deductible per help. Helps will be dispatched to guaranteed's home from a listening device organization United Health Care evident... Read more
129 сom
Costco-Siemens-Rixton-Kirkland Signature
Jan 04, 2009 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  dunk01
There is such a great amount of buildup about portable hearing assistants and brands. I went to audiologists and they prescribe the Siemens Aris 2, at about $2500 each. Costco reveals to me they have a similar thing that is made Rixton ( I may have the spelling incorrectly) which Costco offers a... Read more
115 сom
The Hearing Aid Industry - Feels like Extortion
Aug 17, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  edro
I am genuinely new to the business. About a year back I chose the time had come to look into making them hear helps. I am rapidly observing this industry is a tremendous trick. I will figure that some place previously, portable amplifier producers campaigned to have listening devices named as Me... Read more
109 сom
Costco Objectivity
Sep 22, 2012 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Tiler
Having posted various circumstances about Costco's portable amplifier program - I want to include some more prominent objectivity based various visits to various Costco dispensaries. Give me a chance to sort out my latest contemplations: 1. It is a fact that achievement is principally reliant on t... Read more
104 сom
Audiology Report and Questions
Oct 22, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Mark Chambers
Audiometric testing comes about show a gentle, dropping to tolerably serious high recurrence MHL right, and a direct to modestly extreme SNHL left. Sp rec is phenomenal right and reasonable left. Tymps WNL reciprocally. Acoustic reflexes are hoisted ipsi left in contrast with ipsi right.Given the ab... Read more
101 сom
How to tweak one's own HA
Apr 21, 2008 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  lentia
Hello Everybody, There is a prior string on this gathering examining the tuning, or programming or, on the other hand tweaking of amplifiers by the client himself. I have perused this string and thought that it was intriguing. Lamentably I couldn't acquire clear responses to the accompanying... Read more
99 сom
Songbird First Impressions
Apr 14, 2009 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Bobsk8
I chosen to post a string about my new Songbird, since there doesn't appear to be much talk of this guide on the gathering. As I posted on another string, I possessed a $800 Miracle ear numerous years back, and when it turned sour, I never supplanted it. I saw an infomercial about the Lee Majors Bio... Read more
90 сom
Lyric hearing aid by Insound Medical
Jan 06, 2008 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Alex
Does anybody have any involvement with the new Lyric listening device by Insound Medical? It sounds like it can possibly be truly energizing. It's covered somewhere down in the ear trench, is totally imperceptible, and is worn for quite a long time at any given moment. Sounds like what I've been sea... Read more
86 сom
Resound Alera vs. Future
Mar 01, 2011 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Alec
I comprehend that Resound Alera comes in three models - 5, 7 and 9 and that the Resound Future sold at COSTCO is like Alera. To start with, does anybody know the distinction between the 3 Alera models, and second, which of the three models is the Future like? A debt of gratitude is in order for any ... Read more
84 сom
Oticon Agils - So Far, So Good
May 01, 2010 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  jkzimm
4 Years prior I got my first listening devices. To spare cash, I had a neighborhood Audi do a test, give me an audiogram, at that point I got a couple off the web (Siemens Centra Life) at extensive reserve funds. And keeping in mind that they helped, I generally knew I was wearing guides, and they w... Read more
82 сom
Domes backing out
Sep 23, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  jcummins
After 6 days with no issues other than bluetooth savvy interface (which will be settled by a program changes this Saturday), running into issues with the arches retreating as the day goes on, and grabbing input issues. Appears the guides are fine for around 1/2 day...then the arches hanging and pull... Read more
82 сom
Medical Devices: Bah!
Jan 22, 2012 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  David9683
Because HAs are delegated therapeutic gadgets, clients have restricted access to typical market bolster. Rather than Consumer Reports, we have our own uncommonly prepared (and monetarily inspired) proficient to clarify things. Rather than normally tons of execution, we get showy advertising phrases ... Read more
79 сom
Acceptable Use of this Forum
Feb 07, 2010 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Admin
As expressed on the information exchange page and in different territories of our discussion, the discussion's purpose has dependably been to give a positive place to amplifier clients and experts to assemble with the goal to help each other out, share data and offer their encounters in an agreeable... Read more
78 сom
Starkey S Series IQ
Jul 22, 2010 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  jkzimm
I have begun a trial of Starkey Series 11 IQ's (RIC) in the wake of doing a 60 day trial of Oticon Agil Pro RIC's. My impressions up until this point: Voices sound somewhat less tinny than they did with the Agil's - this appears to make cognizance somewhat less demanding, however I have not yet be... Read more
77 сom
What is the average markup of hearing aids?
Jul 05, 2008 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  zenon
Greetings, In the wake of seeking, I've seen many strings wailing over the cost of portable amplifiers, scrutinizing the plan of action, protecting the evaluating and in addition assaulting the valuing. Individuals discuss cost of generation, where the overhead is, and so on. Yet, past all that ... Read more
75 сom
New user - first experiences
Nov 21, 2008 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  jem16
I have what has been portrayed as a "Treat Bite" misfortune and once in a while an invert slant misfortune. I lack correct figures yet at 250 it's at around 25/30, drops down to around 45/50 at around 500 and 1k at that point slants go down to close ordinary at 8k. I have quite recently been fitte... Read more
73 сom
Phonak CIC power ...Any experience??
Sep 08, 2009 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  stream2525
Small framework, huge outcomes: the new Power CIC from Phonak With the new Power “Completely-in-the-Canal” (CIC) hearing framework, Phonak presents an amazingly little in-the-ear arrangement planned particularly for individuals with serious hearing misfortune. The new hearing framework which is ac... Read more
70 сom
Heading to Costco
Sep 29, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  japple
I made an arrangement at Costco for 08-Oct. I'm truly wanting to get notification from others what's in store, what to ask, and what mark/demonstrate individuals accept will work best in light of my audiogram in my mark. I'm speculating the Trax42. One thing that emerged is they are expecting fu... Read more
69 сom
discouraged newbie
Nov 24, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Slowpoke
Senior resident with many years of slowly compounding hearing misfortune. Only as of late, for the fourth or fifth time throughout the years, I went to a neighborhood ENT office to examine and possibly purchase a couple of helps. Once more the outcome was an unctuous attempt to close the deal that o... Read more
67 сom
How Should Audiologists Compete with CostCo?
Aug 23, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  euphonious
In the hearing social insurance industry CostCo is related with negative emotions. This in all likelihood inferable from their capacity to undermine autonomous hearing social insurance experts in the market. Conversely it turns out to be very clear that purchasers/patients are very happy with CostCo... Read more
66 сom
Oticon Epoc and Bluetooth
Jan 26, 2008 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  Jim Hinkson
I am new to this discussion. I need to impart my current encounters to the Epoc and the Streamer. I have had incredible trouble utilizing my wireless and my home telephone due to my listening ability misfortune. I trusted that utilizing Bluetooth gadgets will help me. It does. I can hear the gue... Read more
65 сom
Online Hearing Aids
Jul 09, 2007 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  qwertz1
Hello all, I am new to this group and I have been checking out the web for evaluating on Hearing Aids. My significant other reveals to me that I have required amplifiers for a long while now I was thinking about whether anybody had involvement with Their costs appear to be... Read more
64 сom
New to hearing aids, need help.
Sep 06, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  BlueCrab
Hello all,New to the discussions, and new to the universe of portable hearing assistants through and through. Actually, I don’t even have them yet. That’s why I am here.I quite recently had my listening ability tried, and things are more regrettable than I thought. I’ve needed ampl... Read more
64 сom
hearing aid newbie
Jul 01, 2015 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  hammond
Hi everybody, I at long last got my listening ability tried and was revealed to I require portable amplifiers. I figure I've known this for a long time now, as my listening ability has become more terrible. Three inquiries: 1. Since these are my first portable hearing assistants, I'm expecting... Read more
64 сom
HA selection recommendations
Sep 29, 2011 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  BonsaiJR
I'm a novice who's resigned military and am exploiting a veteran's program where I can get the HA at cost in light of my needs and accessibility. I'm meeting my Audi one week from now for the determination. The brands are Siemens, Starkey, Audicon, Unitron, and Phonak. I travel a great deal and sp... Read more
61 сom
Hearing Aid SmackDown
Apr 18, 2013 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  sho
I'm 66 and because of heaps of shooting and general absence of care, I have hearing misfortune. I mean to think about the two distinctive portable amplifiers that were proposed by neighborhood stores. One is an Independent privately claimed operation and the other is a CostCo. I acquired the amp... Read more
60 сom
Linear Octave Frequency Transposition - LOFT
Feb 15, 2016 in Hearing Aid Discussion by  gciriani
I'm new to portable amplifiers, and I'm attempting to better comprehend the innovation before I make my buy. A current research article* I read, clarifies that Linear Octave Frequency Transposition (LOFT) innovation is better at smothering tinnitus. I can’t discover any portrayal in the sites of th... Read more
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