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212 сom
Hearing aids for veterans
Jun 14, 2012 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  raymon
I am an Army veteran, first amid the Vietnam period and served in big guns. I served my time and as far back as had ringing in my ears. Later in 1980 I came back to the Army save as an officer and served around 10 years. I generally breezed through the hearing test they gave, yet I knew dependably... Read more
58 сom
Dizzy/off balance and weird hearing loss???
Apr 23, 2015 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  nightwalker
Just a little foundation information: About 18 months back on my eighteenth birthday celebration, I beginning feeling truly bizarre and my ears hurt. As a youthful I had visit ear contaminations and I thought I had become another, so I began taking decongestants to help clear my ears (this is the th... Read more
57 сom
New member, with lots of questions.....
Jan 23, 2016 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  AidenL
Hi all, I simply signed up today. Male, and going to be 51 in April. Trusting that you all will have the capacity to point me the correct way and that I may get some helpful data from somebody with a comparable hearing misfortune as I do. My story is, I have had more regrettable hearing in my co... Read more
53 сom
Brand new here. Totally lost and looking for help/insight.
Apr 11, 2011 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  vishnu10003
Hey everybody, So I have a strange circumstance staring me in the face. I am a 28yo male and around 2 years back I began seeing an exceptionally detectable abatement in the nature of my listening ability. Fundamentally everything begun to lose totality and things begun to sound significantly more ... Read more
52 сom
New To Forum & New To Diagnosed Hearing Loss
Aug 29, 2015 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  davemd1820
Greetings All- My better half persuaded me to go to Sam's Club to get a hearing test. I truly enjoyed the audiologist, who has been with Sam's for a long time. Not certain I would buy a Liberty HA however, in the wake of perusing surveys. I am truly worried about getting maybe a couple HA's beca... Read more
51 сom
Why Don't Hearing Aids Cause Damage to the Ears?
Sep 07, 2011 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  MikeF
With a few people fitted with listening devices that have certain frequencies enhanced by 70 DB or more, why aren't their ears for all time harmed? Since the human voice delivers a perceptible sound of around 60 SPL DB and if that recurrence was increased by 70 SPL DB by portable amplifiers, the e... Read more
50 сom
Do HA's help retain speech recognition ability?
Aug 02, 2010 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  banshee
So I'm befuddled about something here. I have been told by more than one individual that I ought to get HA's before my discourse acknowledgment capacity goes south considerably more than it as of now has. The suggestion being that wearing listening devices will help discourse acknowledgment and in a... Read more
45 сom
Wife Needs to Participate in Hearing Exam?
Aug 07, 2014 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  NWPilot
I simply made my first meeting with a nearby organization for a hearing exam and they need my significant other to accompany me. The scheduler said it had a colossal effect in the nature of the hearing exam however didn't clarify why. Does this sound genuine that a man should profit by having their ... Read more
45 сom
Dec 08, 2015 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  HOH54
How long did it take others to acknowledge their listening ability misfortune? I am having a genuine hard time managing this; it feels like such a large number of things I appreciate are gone always for me. Particularly difficult to assume is the loss of music. Did anybody go to directing - did it... Read more
44 сom
What Age Did You Start Wearing Hearing Aids
May 20, 2008 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  nanzabo
Certainly would prefer not to pry into a people life. However, it appears like a various gathering posting on the discussion. I am 53 year old male lastly bought the amplifiers that I ought to have had two or three years back. At what age did you begin experiencing difficulty or wearing your porta... Read more
43 сom
When did you realize you had hearing loss?
Dec 25, 2008 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  Lucille
It has sort of crawled up on me. I had Meniere's sort indications years passed by and now, I'm getting somewhat more seasoned too. I knew I had a touch of hearing trouble and it has been more than a bit these last couple years. I had a medical attendant companion do an audiometer screening on ... Read more
43 сom
The real price of hearing aids
Jun 14, 2010 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  stevec
I read a great deal around the web on gatherings and web journals that portable amplifiers are being sold at huge benefit over the first maker cost. A few people say that retailers are making as much as 100% benefit on a unit. Be that as it may, where is the benefit going? Is the maker pitching to... Read more
43 сom
How Much Did You Pay For Your Hearing Aids?
Dec 15, 2009 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  sortofcookiebiter
Setting aside the issue of how much guides OUGHT to cost, I have been stunned by that it is so elusive out how much specific guides DO cost. It's more awful than looking for a sleeping pad! And after that I thought, 'We're the ones who know the amount we've paid, or the amount we've been cited; we'r... Read more
43 сom
Did you see this astonishing news?
Feb 23, 2017 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  SilenceIsGolden
Following distribution in the logical diary "Cell" comes this report of what ideally will be the heavenly chalice of hearing misfortune. The significance of it is that a group of specialists from Brigham & Women's Hospital, MIT and Massachusetts Eye & Ear have figured out how to recover in... Read more
41 сom
RNL BIO's success of stem cell treatment
Nov 04, 2009 in Sensorineural Hearing Loss & Stem Cell Research by  stemcellsdeafness
RNL BIO Rescues a College Student from Autoimmune Hearing Loss - or ... Read more
41 сom
Stapedotomy/stepedectomy experiences
Jun 03, 2015 in Otosclerosis by  daisymae
What has your experience been with surgery for otosclerosis? I had a stapedotomy a week ago and am charmed with the outcomes up until now. I'm interested to know to what extent it took others to recognize what the last outcomes were, any issues that emerged, any tips on the most proficient method to... Read more
40 сom
Social effects of hearing loss
Jan 20, 2009 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  shelley
I have been scrutinizing this site and haven't discovered much data on a noteworthy issue for me and my listening ability: how it influences my associations with family and companions. I can't envision that nobody else manages this, or is it the notorious elephant in the front room that everybody ov... Read more
40 сom
Grieving about hearing loss
Mar 21, 2013 in Sudden Hearing Loss by  lindamce
Wondered on the off chance that any other individual experienced lamenting stages in the wake of losing hearing. I had a gentle to direct misfortune for a couple of years on both sides and after that my correct ear kicked the bucket from an inward ear contamination 3 years back. I lamented for about... Read more
39 сom
Veterans.. particularly conbat Vets..
Jul 02, 2014 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  Doc Jake
why do you keep on thinking the VA won't help you? it's ain't a similar VA it was the point at which you returned home from RVN. visit your nearby VSO and get what you merit don't accept what your BIL's uncle said a companion of his said. don't just icy call a VA office and get an assistant who prin... Read more
38 сom
Most people just do not understand the ones of us with hearing loss.
Jul 24, 2015 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  cvkemp
I wish individuals would comprehend that wearing portable amplifiers does not imply that I am hard of hearing nor does it imply that with helps that I can hear like somebody with typical hearing. Listening devices do help however they can never give you back your typical hearing. I still more often ... Read more
36 сom
Florical drug information
Aug 10, 2006 in Otosclerosis by  Pedro De La Garza
The ENT recomended me Florical (one tablet day by day). Anybody think about the reactions for quite a while taking Florical?? Respects ... Read more
35 сom
Newbie Here!
Mar 15, 2013 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  BigWorm
Hello! I have been perusing alot of string and attempting to comprehend and assemble as much information as i can about hearing misfortune and help. This gathering helped me alot on comprehension and adapting as it were. So i at long last chosen to join the discussion! Short backround: At 12... Read more
35 сom
First sounds you heard with HA's
Dec 28, 2009 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  AnnaK
Just pondering what everybody heard when putting on their HA's interestingly. Sounds that you never heard or that you haven't heard for quite a while. For me, this is somewhat amusing, yet the heater really frightened me. Additionally, I had no clue that the fridge made such a consistent clamor. ... Read more
35 сom
Lyric invisible hearing aids....
May 03, 2011 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  Hearing2011
Does anybody here utilize them? Thinking of them as. They are exceptionally costly, clearly. ... Read more
34 сom
Job Hunting and Discrimination
Feb 09, 2010 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  Castle81
I simply need to vent. I am in my twenties. I won't get excessively into my occupation foundation yet I am low maintenance utilized (10-12 hours week after week) and I have been searching for all day work for just about 2 years now. Other than being hearing impeded, I am likewise outwardly debilit... Read more
33 сom
what percentage buy
Apr 13, 2015 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  gary1001
i have perused in different strings that cost is not the main motivation behind why individuals don't purchase listening devices. i have perused a large portion of the examinations. what i might want to know is the thing that rate of individuals get a hearing test that affirms they have a hearing mi... Read more
33 сom
hearing aids and glasses
Sep 10, 2014 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  momof2+dog
I have what may be a truly dumb inquiry or possibly a couple imbecilic inquiries yet here goes. At the present time I wear CIC HAs and furthermore work in a domain where I need to wear security glasses constantly and furthermore have recently discovered I have to wear glasses for remove. I need new ... Read more
33 сom
Sudden SSHL After Infection
Feb 18, 2015 in Sudden Hearing Loss by  The Latinist
On January 24 I rather all of a sudden created extreme torment in my left ear. I additionally immediately created ringing, popping, and hearing misfortune. As it was a Sunday, I went to a pressing consideration office and was, obviously, determined to have intense otitis media. I was given a 10 day ... Read more
32 сom
Cookie-bite hearing loss
Aug 04, 2009 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  MaM
How a large number of you have a mid-recurrence treat nibble design hearing misfortune? I have one that I was conceived with and my specialist says it's to some degree uncommon. Does anybody know how uncommon it is? I've additionally learned it makes fitting and wearing HAs trickier. Any "been there... Read more
31 сom
When to get Hearing Aids with mild loss?
Jan 10, 2014 in Discussion on Hearing Loss by  Whadyousay
I was trusting some of you could share a few bits of knowledge in view of your own encounters. A little foundation on myself. I am 41 and I speculated that I may have hearing misfortune quite a long while back. I at last got tried around 3 years prior. I was determined to have gentle treat nibble SN... Read more
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