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49 сom
Affordable Hearing Aids
May 24, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  maxC
ive been glancing around at various portable amplifier organizations and have been hoping to check whether there is a more moderate computerized listening device than the ones that i obtained from hearsource. i cannot discover anything that is sufficiently high quality to beat 995 for every HA. ... Read more
49 сom
Hearing Loss and Mental Health???
Jan 14, 2012 in Hearing Loss by  kevels55
Hi Folks, I was having an exceptionally fascinating discussion a few evenings ago after I caught my significant other chatting on the telephone to another expert (My better half is a Specialist Social Worker for the Deaf & HOH) Anyhow, I caught her platitude, "if your customer has a Severe/Pro... Read more
48 сom
People who speak softly P*$$ ME OFF!
Nov 14, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  BradMM
This is another marvel yet I'm as of now educating a little class with just four individuals in a little lodging meeting room. I don't encounter this ordinarily however these individuals all appear to simply talk delicately and I'm continually saying "HUH???" Because I don't regularly encounter this... Read more
41 сom
Can't hear TV movie dialogue
Feb 04, 2010 in Hearing Loss by  rchearing
Had a listening device test around 8 yrs prior, got an amplifier, wore it for 6 months and never wore it again. Presently I have turned out to be occupied with watching motion pictures and have a major issue hearing the low discoursed. Is there a conservative contrasting option to these costly g... Read more
38 сom
Bee Venom Theropy (BVT) for hearing loss
Jul 13, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  FrastNH
You folks need to do some exploration before bouncing in the console and tik send uncommonly senior individuals. Disillusioned! ... Read more
37 сom
Noobie - a little overwhelmed
Nov 24, 2009 in Hearing Loss by  sdubya
I'm not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt where to begin. I have pondered for a couple of years if my listening ability was poor. I have a villain of a period hearing in swarmed circumstances. Every one of the voices appear to mix into one major chaos of sound. Honestly its appallin... Read more
35 сom
Don't know what to do
May 15, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  Dipshitt
Hi everybody. I'm a 16 year old from a little nation named Malaysia. I have gentle sensorineural hearing misfortune because of acoustic injury i endured about a month back in my correct ear (25 db at 1 khz, 35 db at 2 khz, different frequencies are inside ordinary range). I'm discovering it truly di... Read more
35 сom
Need your advice
Oct 16, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  Gittje
I have a gentle to direct hearing misfortune, due either to inherited causes or maybe because of a fall when I was 16 years of age (mellow blackout). From that point forward I got ringing in the ears. With maturing the misfortune declined and I saw I additionally built up a gentle type of hyperacu... Read more
34 сom
Are we considered disabled?
Jun 10, 2012 in Hearing Loss by  queenfluff
I have had hearing misfortune (gentle to direct) for a long time. I have portable amplifiers. Generally, I can hear individuals IF It is tranquil - it is loud and there are huge amounts of individuals talking it is troublesome. Telephone are a genuine annoyance - despite the fact that I have an amph... Read more
33 сom
Help with aids please
Apr 05, 2009 in Hearing Loss by  wiremanlu56
I have a high recurrence hearing misfortune, and have been thinking about guides. One audiologist disclosed to me mine to extreme at the top of the line for helps to do much and would not prescribe them. he said 90% of audiologist would offer them however to profit. i experience serious difficulti... Read more
33 сom
mild hearing loss tinnitus will hearing aid help
Jun 03, 2012 in Hearing Loss by  dreamtheater
Hi all new here. Around 5 months back my listening ability went from impeccable to pretty much not all that immaculate as showen in the audiogram I've taken shown beneath My privilege and left ear are practically indistinguishable 250 | 500 | 1000 | 2000 | 3000 | 4000 | 6000 | 8000 20db| 15db ... Read more
31 сom
getting the best sound from your aids
Apr 07, 2008 in Hearing Loss by  azureblue
This week end I had a test and modify session with an examination audiologist who has a listening device/test tube test machine. Subsequent to experiencing this procedure, I have chosen this is the way that portable amplifiers ought to be fit-they should be completely tried and set with the test tub... Read more
30 сom
Advice on dealing with hearing loss
Nov 08, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  LucyD
I am a 46 year old female and was analyzed 2 years prior as having serious otocolerosis. I am not a contender for surgery in light of the fact that there has been some harm to the nerve in my correct ear. I speculated that I had a hearing issue for a long time, however I am having an extreme time ... Read more
28 сom
Real-Ear Testing
Oct 19, 2013 in Hearing Loss by  Barbarrosa1
Has anybody had Real-Ear Testing by their audiologist in the wake of being fitted with new HAs? Simply read a "Shoppers Reports" give an account of portable hearing assistants & they propose having this test done by the audiologist. They reference an article from Hearing Loss Help: http://hearin... Read more
27 сom
Hearing Loss and Depression
Sep 19, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  cmiddlet
I consider what number of individuals who are hard of hearing and almost deaf likewise experience the ill effects of sorrow. I likewise think about what number of create discouragement throughout finding a hearing arrangement. I recollect as a tyke and youthful grown-up, it wasn't excessively tro... Read more
26 сom
Discuss how you got hearing loss here
Mar 07, 2014 in Hearing Loss by  jason1919
I'll begin. I was conceived with a contorted ear waterway with gave me serious hearing misfortune in my left ear and extreme to significant hearing misfortune in my correct ear. I additionally nearly went totally hard of hearing in my left ear because of something many refer to as perilymph fistula ... Read more
25 сom
any micro bte's out there for this hearing?!?
Nov 11, 2009 in Hearing Loss by  Philosophy
I have been wearing siemens phoenix 303 model for recent years now, I have hearing misfortune in both ears and because of vanity, I wear just in right ear. however now I am getting hitched and I need to hear everything. so i will wear both.......but i need the miniaturized scale bte's which port... Read more
23 сom
Hearing aid/s -need advise
Jan 13, 2014 in Hearing Loss by  potpot
need master prompt on whether i ought to go for portable amplifier/helps or not. i experience the ill effects of a mellow to direct misfortune to my left side ear and a gentle misfortune on the correct ear. I additionally endure changeless shrill tinnitus on both ears. My audiogram is beneath. L 3... Read more
22 сom
New to the Forum but not to hearing loss
Jul 04, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  daverojo
Hello everybody, I have had hearing misfortune since I was a youngster. I don't comprehend what caused it however my figure was all the heap music I heard as a child. Specialists have been prescribing that I get a portable amplifier for quite a long time and now after my last test will do it. ... Read more
22 сom
Can someone please explain how voices work?
Aug 30, 2009 in Hearing Loss by  sortofcookiebiter
Hi, I have mellow to-direct treat nibble hearing misfortune, and I'm hearing really well with my HAs. There are a few people, however, that I just can't get it. It's not how boisterous they are, as they sound splendidly uproarious. What's more, it doesn't appear to be the means by which high or lo... Read more
21 сom
Teacher and first hearing aids
Apr 06, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  alwood
I show second grade. I am getting my first arrangement of helps. Thought about whether any other person can share the alteration time frame I will have in about seven days. I am somewhat anxious. Any proposals? I have mellow/direct low tone misfortune. ... Read more
21 сom
Has any of you ever had hearing loss from taking advil?
Mar 14, 2014 in Hearing Loss by  jason1919
I took 400mg of advil two days back at 1:00 pm and had hearing misfortune alongside a peculiar sort of weight in my ear at 10:00 pm. Presently, the odd weight is gone however regardless I have a touch of hearing misfortune. Could taking the advil caused this? ... Read more
20 сom
Is an ENT allowed to refuse to...?
Jun 27, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  Z300M
I am in the USA - Michigan. Our medical coverage permits up to $500 repayment for portable amplifiers when prescribed by a doctor. I have an arrangement booked for tomorrow with an ENT who is a piece of a training with audiologists and that additionally offers listening devices, I as of now have t... Read more
20 сom
Advances in closed caption
Oct 27, 2010 in Hearing Loss by  carnutfl
I as of late was viewing a video from youtube that gave a beta rendition of moment shut subtitle from Google. I was astounded at how precise it was. Ideally, this innovation will be adjusted for use in different commnications and will be an advantage for those of us that have significant hearing mis... Read more
20 сom
If I do not use hearing aids hearing loss increases
Apr 13, 2013 in Hearing Loss by  Pepito
Hello companions. I think about whether it's actual that when you don't utilize portable amplifiers hearing misfortune increments. Much obliged ... Read more
20 сom
Dentists and Hearing Loss
Sep 07, 2006 in Hearing Loss by  Admin
Study Investigates Hearing Loss and High Speed Dental Tools Article Tools» E-Mail This Article» Write the Editor» Print This Article08-25-2006 Following 36 years in private dental practice, Fred Kreutzer, DMD, started attempting to listen. It’s been a long time since he resigned from his tra... Read more
20 сom
Did you ever feel like you dont want to hear normally?
Feb 13, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  Rocket
Having lost my listening ability as a newborn child, I've never realized what "typical" hearing is. For the vast majority of my life I longed that I could listen "regularly" until one day, it occurred to me that I truly would prefer not to. I wear two portable amplifiers, and I get by. I'm certain... Read more
20 сom
Nov 12, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  EnglishDispenser
Just inquisitive: why have you gone to three audis? Were the initial two lacking? ... Read more
19 сom
I've been in denial - It has finally hit me!
Jul 18, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  beldanjo
Last evening, I escaped my auto and heard the creepy crawlies in the trees. All things considered, I've heard them earlier and it appeared to be quite typical, yet I just got new listening devices and needed to perceive what improvement they made. I hauled the listening device out of my correct ea... Read more
17 сom
New and in need of advice.
Nov 23, 2010 in Hearing Loss by  leppie
This Friday I have a test booked however I'm somewhat stressed with respect to what's in store. For various years now and as far back as when I was a high schooler I've experienced difficulty with hearing when around foundation commotion and gentler sounds yet when I last had a test 2 years prior I ... Read more
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