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22 сom
Phonak Lyric 3 ?
Jan 22, 2014 in Lyric by  glucas
I saw on the Sonova site the Phonak Lyric 3 is planned for the first 50% of 2014. Does anyone know whether this is a noteworthy new arrival of the Lyric ? Each of the one with simply incremental change ? ... Read more
7 сom
Anybody a Lyric with another HA???
Mar 19, 2016 in Lyric by  HOHKate
I adore Lyric's all day, every day wear and hate to consider surrendering hearing during the evening, however my misfortune pushes the cutoff points of what Lyrics can adjust. I'm supposing the perfect answer for me may be one Lyric and a more brilliant/more grounded fueled guide in the other ear. I... Read more
2 сom
Working (and living) abroad where no Lyric providers, what to do ?
Oct 29, 2016 in Lyric by  Emre
I am working abroad where there is no Lyric suppliers. I think about whether there are contract/purchasing alternatives; a) to purchase, get it put/fitted and set from/by a supplier and having one extra combine with me while backpedaling abroad. Post one (or match) back when there is an issue an... Read more
0 сom
Lyric for Music
Aug 11, 2015 in Lyric by  Fastenough
Has any one any experience of the Lyric with music both tuning in and playing (I play the violin and piano). Right now I am an utilizing a Virto Q Phonak advanced guide and the piano sounds clangy notwithstanding when all the favor writing computer programs is expelled? ... Read more

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