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Technology is going to disrupt the traditional hearing aid industry
Oct 14, 2015 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  Chamblis
The gadget, not the administration. That is the fate of amplifiers. That is an inversion of the present circumstance. The portable hearing assistant administration industry will campaign governing bodies and restorative sheets to attempt to stop it. In any case anything that enhances care and reduct... Read more
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Audicus? Does anyone use these?
Jun 17, 2015 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  bwv565
I simply gotten some answers concerning Audicus, who makes coordinate to-buyer portable amplifiers at a small amount of the cost of experiencing a retailer. It sounds truly fabulous, as far as client bolster (24-hour) and merchandise exchange, trial arrangement and so on. Has anybody utilized them? ... Read more
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AGX o Hearing Aids- Programming
Jul 28, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  Danny Mac
Hello Everyone I was quite recently fitted with AGXO portable amplifiers.. I requested the Hi Pro USB form for programming yet require help with finding programming.. The AGXO H-V2 arrangement I accept is an Oticon rebrand? TIA ... Read more
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Advanced Affordable Hearing HCX
Sep 26, 2014 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  msc1973
Long time peruser first time author. I know the position of most on this site about observing an audiologist and being particularly fitted with a portable amplifier. At the present time I simply don't have that sort of cash. I saw a promotion in this months Discover Magazine about a listening devi... Read more
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How can I choose a right hearing aid for my mother?
Jun 26, 2014 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  Margret Rosey
I am totaly new to this gathering and I don't know whether I can post my inquiry here. In the event that it is not please pardon me. My mom is just about 62 now, she need a portable amplifier. I kept an eye on the web and I found a website hearing assi... Read more
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Mimi's free iOS aid - experts needed
Mar 07, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  mimi-tim
Hello, there is an organization from Berlin which forms music inside their free application and customizes it to somebody's listening ability. I work for them and we are especially searching for individuals who endure hearing misfortune and can enlighten us concerning how they see music and live... Read more
3 сom
united health care
Mar 25, 2017 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  edsperfect
I have a high freq misfortune and can get portable amplifiers from joined medicinal services for 330 bucks each. Is it accurate to say that they are anygood however? what concerns me is it is altogether done via mail since no fitters in my general vicinity ... Read more
3 сom
Sep 14, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  hfvoip
ONSEMI : http://www.onsemi.comON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) is a main supplier of energy proficient semiconductor answers for clients in the power supply, car, interchanges, PC, buyer, medicinal, remote, cell phone, modern and military/aviation markets. The company’s expansive portfolio incorp... Read more
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iHear Medical launches cloud-based hearing solutions
Jul 01, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  rasmus_braun
iHear Medical Launches the World’s First Cloud-Based Hearing Solutions Inventive online stage by iHear offers customers guide access to moderate listening devices and the main FDA endorsed home hearing screener San Leandro, California (PRWEB) July 01, 2016 - iHear® Medical declared today the d... Read more
3 сom
Kirkland Signature?
Apr 25, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  rmingee
I'm beyond any doubt they're made by another organization, in reality the person said who made them however I can't recollect, yet does anybody have involvement with the Costco house mark listening devices? The value, guarantee and merchandise exchange are very convincing, yet I'm worried about how ... Read more
3 сom
ADA and IntriCon Partner to Launch earVenture Low-Cost Hearing Aids
Sep 14, 2015 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  rasmus_braun listening devices/ recent ne...s-and-patients ... Read more
3 сom
Anyone hear on Truehearing / Chime Instruments?
Nov 02, 2015 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  zafdor Who makes and what they would be equivelent to? ... Read more
2 сom
General Hearing Instrumnets
Jul 12, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  jim.waltrip
Anyone known about this.... Sams Club/Walmart? ... Read more
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Blamey & Saunders SIE-64
Aug 27, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  d'Wooluf
I was somewhat astonished to find that there hasn't been much discourse on Blamey & Saunders listening devices on these gatherings. Perhaps mine is a voice in the wild? Anyway, I've had a couple of their now-suspended SIE-32 display for right around five years. Five years is by all accounts abou... Read more
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Austar AST
Dec 12, 2014 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  bsalyers
I am new to this world and am keen on listening devices for my significant other. She is 54, with mellow, dynamic hearing misfortune, and we can see that she will in the end require assistive innovation. In the same way as other individuals, our protection does not cover listening devices, and we ... Read more
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Advanced Affordable scrubbed my review
Jul 31, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  G_Kallan
I as of late attempted a couple of Advanced Affordable Hearing's HC12, its "top notch" item. It's not terrible, but rather exceptionally restricted in controlling volume (must be done on both guides), on trimming high recurrence sound (must be done on both guides and with a provided screwdriver that... Read more
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Kirkland KSHA03 aids
Jun 21, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  Johnnyo
Can somebody reveal to me who makes the Kirkland KSHA03 listening devices.? much obliged, John ... Read more
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Audiology-Research elCheapo Better than expected
Feb 16, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  NotQuiteDeaf
I got a couple of audiology-investigate (page same name) REALLY CHEAP (not their Siemens show) ARX and I expected crapola, however they were on a par with my old and now dead Costco helps. Does anybody know whether it may be worth moving up to their Siemens demonstrate. ... Read more
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Zounds hearing aid
Dec 11, 2015 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  randyveach
I taken a gander at the Zounds amplifier and was very awed. It was somewhat costly (that is the reason I didn't get it). In the event that was $3,800 for both ears. Included rechargeable hitters and substitutions for those rechargeable players forever. Remote control unit to adjust portable hearing ... Read more
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Simple Ear
Aug 03, 2015 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  arydant
I am new to portable hearing assistants and presently can't seem to buy a couple. I am as of now assessing a couple of Resound Linx2 9s from my Audiologist. I have a HF move off beginning around 1.5k and these improve yet I don't think I would wear them constantly. Be that as it may, the cost ($64... Read more
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My Sam's Club Hearing Aid Experience
Jun 19, 2015 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  valerama
I've been wearing the SIE96 WL for about a month. I've worn amplifiers for as far back as 28 years, until this time dependably ITE. My old portable hearing assistants are Resound listening devices from 1997... each having been repaired once in all that time. They were basically the best available at... Read more
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1st HA Introduction Need Select-A-Vents for Bernafon ITCD
May 11, 2016 in Other Hearing Aid Brands by  thunder
Greetings to all. I have perused numerous ofyour posts and profit by the experience. Much thanks to you. I got my first hearing aidsyesterday and have been wearing them for around 8 hours. I got them through Costco, theexperience has been not as much as lovely. The HIS is experienced inbullying ... Read more

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