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79 сom
Connect Hearing will price match Costco Phonak Brio? or Spam?
Feb 26, 2015 in Phonak by  pvc
A fresh out of the box new part is stating in this >> post << that Connect Hearing will value coordinate The Costco Phonak Brio cost of $2700/Pair. That, as well as you can get the cutting edge innovation, in particular the Phonak Audeo V90. That, as well as you can get the cutting e... Read more
70 сom
Phonak Virto V
Aug 29, 2015 in Phonak by  rasmus_braun
Update 9/1/2015: Phonak Virto V: New custom portable amplifier offers more execution in littler size than whatever other custom listening device Warrenville, Illinois (August 31, 2015) – The new custom Phonak Virto V is the most recent expansion to the Phonak portfolio in light of the capa... Read more
54 сom
ComPilot II vs ComPilot Air II - What are your experiences?
Apr 05, 2015 in Phonak by  pell1203
Would jump at the chance to know what comes about clients of either ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II Phonak streamers have been encountering? Criticism from singular clients of either unit and in addition those comfortable with both models would be significantly refreshing. As an update, the bigger ... Read more
44 сom
Any experience with Costco audiologists?
Mar 14, 2016 in Phonak by  withwords44
Unfortunately new listening devices would be out of my financial plan at a private audiologist, yet the Brio SP or UP at Costco may be a decent course as I've perused it's an indistinguishable chip from the Naida Q. Anybody have any involvement with their audiologists? - Chris ... Read more
42 сom
New user trying Phonak Audeo V
Dec 31, 2014 in Phonak by  Beaujolais
Hi., I'm a beginner to HAs and to discussion. In October, I attempted Oticon Alta smaller than usual RITE. Presently I'm attempting Phonak Audeo V RIC. As yet experiencing difficulty with discourse in clamor and quick discourse, for example, in film exchange. My audi doesn't appear to be doing much ... Read more
41 сom
Costco Phanok Brio Hearing Aids
Aug 18, 2014 in Phonak by  brialocus
Hi, Have utilized the Brio for two weeks up until now. I am cheerful the execution of the Phonak for a serious to significant hearing misfortune individual. Be that as it may, I was frustrated that the audi disclosed to me that Costco does not bolster the Roger Pen that could be extraordinarily he... Read more
40 сom
Phonak to launch Belong platform and lithium-ion hearing aid
Jun 27, 2016 in Phonak by  rasmus_braun
Media Release Phonak to dispatch cutting edge stage including the principal standard lithium-particle rechargeable portable amplifier Stäfa (Switzerland), 27 June 2016 – Sonova Holding AG, the world’s driving supplier of hearing arrangements, today reports that its Phonak image will dispatch ... Read more
40 сom
Phonak Brio 2s - 1st Impressions
Oct 12, 2016 in Phonak by  Ray3
I grabbed the Brio 2s yesterday and a few things are obvious in that brief span. They are a change over the Brios I was trialing. More strong and the sound is just...better. Somebody with specialized skill may say something later with a superior expalnation, yet the processor being 2 times speedie... Read more
38 сom
New Phonak hearing aids not as clear
Jan 26, 2016 in Phonak by  Isosceles
Hi - I as of late obtained a couple of Phonak Audeo V90 listening devices to supplant combine of 5-year old Phonak Audeo S Smart I. The old guides are as yet working, so I am ready to think about old versus new. After two or three expanded tweaking sessions with the audiologist, I am as yet not read... Read more
37 сom
Sep 07, 2014 in Phonak by  Turtley
I just began trailing an arrangement of the Brio P-UP helps thus far I'm inspired with them despite the fact that I've just had them a day. Discourse sounds much superior to my old simple guides. I brought a companion with me so I'll have a base voice to contrast with and he sounded gentler yet grea... Read more
36 сom
Do I need the various programs on the Audeo V90 312T?
Apr 18, 2015 in Phonak by  Ansextra
I just gotten my HA's last week (my initial ones). I now have the Air Streamer and was hoping to program the HA's from my telephone. My Audi feels that the "auto" setting is fine and there is no motivation to introduce alternate projects like "Music", "Eatery" or "Discourse in 360". questi... Read more
32 сom
Phonak Naidas comparison
Jan 17, 2016 in Phonak by  ljjehl
About 8 years prior I was fitted with Phonak Naida V UP helps. I cherished the auto alternatives and in addition the network with FM connectors and additionally my ClearSounds Quattro neckloops. Quick Forward to todays new guides, I am currently equipping to buy more current models. I now ponder wha... Read more
32 сom
Brio or Brio 2?
Feb 18, 2017 in Phonak by  asharpvol
I have had phonak helps (estimate 13 battery) from Costco now for 1 month. Recently saw that the word Brio is imprinted in favor of each guide. On the off chance that you have the brio 2 what does yours say? Simply thinking about whether I may have gotten the old model. ... Read more
31 сom
Some questions, and an Audiologist nightmare yesterday
Jun 26, 2015 in Phonak by  MarkD51
Hello people, first time posting. Right off the bat, this goes ahead the heels of attempting two fresh out of the plastic new RIC's that did not work for me, the Phonak Audeo V90 312, and a Starkey 110Z. Both had appalling criticism issues that apparently couldn't be amended by the distributing au... Read more
29 сom
Anyone have the Bolero V90?
Jul 24, 2015 in Phonak by  RadiantJez
I am thinking about the Bolero V90 and was thinking about whether anybody had any involvement with them that they would share. I am going in for my audiologist arrangement on August sixth and they are the principal portable amplifier I might want to attempt. I will be running with a form rather than... Read more
29 сom
Apr 21, 2015 in Phonak by  brec
Today I purchased a couple as demonstrated in the string title. For points of interest, please observe this post in another string in the parent gathering. I didn't demonstrate in that post that the audiologist with whom I managed stated, upon my request, that she urged me to post the points of in... Read more
27 сom
Phonak new cross quality
Jun 10, 2014 in Phonak by  jerryray
I have another Bicross for a couple of days now. I am thoroughly hard of hearing in my left ear. I have had the left side set for +8db, after the clench hand few days. It kind of works, however the sound is to a great degree thin. They as of now knock up the lows. This unit goes over the ear.Wou... Read more
25 сom
Audeo Q312T (Q70?)Recommended by Audiologist; Phonak Brio R-312T recommended by Costco
Oct 21, 2014 in Phonak by  SpenceRidge
Costco suggested the Phonak Brio R-312T....$2600 for two. I attempted the portable amplifiers out for 15 minutes; I went around and conversed with a few at the nourishment tables. I loved the portable amplifier. It accompanies a 3 year warranty...3 year misfortune and damage...4 years in the event t... Read more
24 сom
Phonak Sound Flow Virto Q90
Aug 27, 2015 in Phonak by  MarkD51
Like others, I am seeing the Sound Flow program which is the default boot up program. At that point: 1-Stereo Zoom (Speech in Noise) Lots of clamor murmur, similar to a consistent repetitive sound, preferring this one by any means. 2-Zoom Control (Speech Focus) 3-Music 4-Phone-T-Coil (will... Read more
22 сom
Phonak Audeo V90-312's - Target Software 4.3.1 and Hi-Pro USB
May 30, 2016 in Phonak by  rozel
Hi all I might want to attempt and program my own particular HA's having sat with my Audiologist now for a couple of protracted sessions and simply have one inquiry. I claim the above HA's, which I got as of late, and need to recognize what links I have to associate them to the Hi-Pro USB. Here's ... Read more
21 сom
Phonak Nadia Q90 up...voices sound like a blown speaker
Jun 03, 2016 in Phonak by  Squerly
I'm testing these now. Just a single guide in my left ear. With my extreme hearing misfortune my aud disclosed to me this was the most grounded portable amplifier. Sounds that I listen, other than discourse, sound beautiful normal......speech sounds like and old blown speaker. Muted confused. My... Read more
20 сom
Phonak genealogy?
Feb 06, 2016 in Phonak by  corona
As happens at regular intervals, I wind up in the market for utilized/ended portable amplifiers. What's more, as usual, I get myself confused attempting to make sense of the makers' item cycles. I am by all accounts doing more awful at it this time, so I thought I'd simply ask: Would somebody be s... Read more
20 сom
My new Virto V90 ITC HA's are a winner!
Nov 18, 2015 in Phonak by  MarkD51
While I've just been wearing them for about barely 2 hours now, these Virto V90's I quite recently got are guardians. AutoSense is empowered in the Boot Up Program, and I discover AutoSense apparently a great deal more amiable, less irritating, appear to be smoother and less prominent with any tra... Read more
19 сom
Order placed
May 03, 2015 in Phonak by  unpaidbill
I put in my request with Costco Friday...should have them next Friday. Supplanting my ReSound helps. ... Read more
19 сom
Exercise -- sweat! -- with Aud
May 05, 2015 in Phonak by  brec
It would be a little comfort to run, stair-climb, climb, and so on with my Audéo V90-312s as I can utilize a ComPilot Air II to stream book recordings without using earbuds and related wires, and wouldn't need to evacuate/embed the HAs earlier/after. In any case, I'm worried about conceivable harm ... Read more
18 сom
Phonak Virto V90 Nano IIC On The Way
Dec 03, 2015 in Phonak by  GPZ4189
It has been just about 2 1/2 years since changing to the Starkey Soundlens from a RIC display. The left was great from the begin, yet it took three times of sending the correct side back to Starkey before it was a worthy fit (I needed them truly profound, the way they ought to be). Come to discover,... Read more
17 сom
Phonak Virto Q90 Update
Oct 06, 2015 in Phonak by  MarkD51
Although my Virto Q90's were come back to the neighborhood Audi to be sent back for discount, I have been in a talk with both Choice Hearing Aids, and furthermore my nearby audiologist yesterday evening. Because of criticism issues, and some sharp "clicking inconsistency", Choice Hearing has expre... Read more
17 сom
Buying used Phonak Audeo Q90/Costco Phonak Brio Hearing Aids
Feb 18, 2015 in Phonak by  pvc
Okay, how about we take a genuine living/constant case of purchasing utilized amplifiers (HAs). Recently I purchased an utilized match of Phonak Audeo Q90s for $680 USD. The Phonak Audeo Q90 is the same as the Costco Phonak Brio, with the exception of the Brio is less the tinnitus and EchoBlock hi... Read more
16 сom
Costco Phonak Brio 2 (Product Information)
Oct 03, 2016 in Phonak by  rasmus_braun
Update 3/17/2017: Phonak Brio 2 is a group of RIC, BTE, and ITE instruments accessible from Costco with highlights like Phonak V90 items. RIC Models: • Brio 2 R (10 battery, remote, 2 control levels) • Brio 2 R-312T (312 battery, remote, t-curl, 3 control levels) • Brio 2 R (13 battery,... Read more
16 сom
Does everyone use streaming devices?
Jun 16, 2016 in Phonak by  MattF
I don't have portable amplifiers yet, lifting them up one week from now. I conversed with the audiologist about spilling gadgets when I requested the guides, particularly since I utilize remote increased earphones to sit in front of the TV, and get an opened up headset in film theaters. He said we... Read more
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