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365 сom
Lowering cost doesn't increase Hearing Aid purchases
May 11, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  HIP_Matt
Thread has gotten off subject. Right now talking about human services in the U.S. ... Read more
321 сom
Costco Kirkland Signature 5.0
Sep 16, 2013 in Hearing Aids by  ww-mjw
I went to Costco today. They said this is another model that has just been accessible for two or three weeks. Is this the new model in light of the Resound Verso 9? Much appreciated. ... Read more
176 сom
Obscene Hearing Aid Profits!!!
Sep 28, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  kevels55
Now people, I’m completely mindful I continue slamming into a similar drum of the hearing business, too bad if I’m like a canine with a bone! They (HA producers) have a hostage customer base, they should think it is their inherent right to abuse said customer base (by means of subterfuge/trickery/... Read more
141 сom
Oticon Chili
Jun 10, 2010 in Hearing Aids by  xbulder
Oticon will discharge maybe @ euha, something call Oticon Chili which will be the World littlest super power it will be batery #13 It will have 1-Speech protect 2-nano covering 3-discourse protect 4-spacial clamor managament 5-new fitting calculation call DSEsp 6-binarual sincronizat... Read more
131 сom
Best Hearing Aid Manufacturer?
Nov 14, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  browne2012
I'm not certain if this has as of now been talked about or not? I'm pondering about the best listening device maker? I require a couple of Behind the Ear (BTE) amplifiers with ideal/high power. Would you be able to prescribe which amplifier producer is better for this kind of portable hearing assi... Read more
121 сom
Hi! Im new to this forum. I have a lot of experience fitting hearing aids
Jun 04, 2010 in Hearing Aids by  mikejfl
Hi! Im new to this discussion. I have a ton of experience fitting amplifiers from basically all the real producers. I'd be cheerful to answer inquiries of assistance with portable hearing assistant thoughts or fittings. Anticipate being a piece of this discussion. ... Read more
110 сom
A Little History
Dec 16, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  ed121
Prior to 1977, anybody could offer/fit amplifiers. There were serious sham's and incompetant fitters. The business appealed to the FDA to pronounce a little enhancer/sound conditioner (also called a Hearing Aid) as a Medical Device. The state lawmaking bodies at that point were campaigned to limit... Read more
109 сom
hearing aid design flaws on the rise
Feb 16, 2012 in Hearing Aids by  corey
Hi I am new to the site. I truly am sad if there is another gathering on this theme, I haven't possessed the capacity to discover one utilizing look work. My initial 4 behind ear listening devices back in the 80's endured 5-6 years before the principal disappointment happened that incorporates a f... Read more
107 сom
Im getting hearing aids!
Oct 24, 2013 in Hearing Aids by  palmfish
I'm another part and this is my first post here. I simply saw this is the "distributed articles" territory so it shows up I posted this in the wrong area. My statements of regret... I'm 48 years of age and first saw the slow loss of my listening ability sharpness soon after I started my flying voc... Read more
96 сom
Cost of hearing aids!!!!
May 01, 2010 in Cochlear Implants, Middle Ear Implants, BAHA by  Barrmark262
Just cited 6M for new guides. Mine were 4500 3 years prior. I ponder what they cost the dispencer?? Dennis ... Read more
78 сom
What's so great about these new aids???
Dec 22, 2010 in Hearing Aids by  GMFWoodchuck
It appears that everybody has overlooked with reference to what a portable hearing assistant should do. Make the world louder. Not pack. Not lessen. Not beep. Not take 7 seconds to turn on. Not second figure me and reveal to me that I changed the volume. Not support a few sounds while making others ... Read more
76 сom
Starkey S Series IQ
May 08, 2010 in Hearing Aids by  hunter
Getting prepared to experiment with the new S Series IQ by Starkey. 71 db and no criticism. Did an ear impression yesterday/Looking forward to it. Anybody have any knowledge or involvement with it? It appears to be exceptionally encouraging. I have a Starkey Sequel and a reinforcement for it however... Read more
73 сom
Choosing first HA's, feedback needed
Dec 09, 2013 in Hearing Aids by  Blue Pearl
I first posted about chosing my first combine of HA's two years prior (!!!). I never completed the procedure at that point, as it appeared to be overpowering to do it in the brief span outline that I had before the finish of the year. I have been (and still am) totally overpowered with a great deal ... Read more
72 сom
New guy and wife with ????? Help Please
Aug 18, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  dunk50
OK, I am 65 years of age spouse is 62. Been hitched forty years and were worn out on saying HUH!!! We both just went to a nearby Audi and had testing and got some HA's to experiment with. I have been perusing and prowling on this discussion however as this is my first post I will state ahead of time... Read more
65 сom
Costco Phonak Brio (Product Information)
Mar 31, 2014 in Hearing Aids by  rasmus_braun
Here's the item information for Costco's Phonak Brio line. Brio is a full scope of RICs, BTEs, and ITEs. The greater part of the models look precisely the same as their Audéo, Bolero, Naída, and Virto partners. 3 RIC models: R-10, R-312, R-312T 5 BTE models: B-M312, B-M13, B-P, B-SP, P-UP 4 ... Read more
61 сom
What is Bandwidth, why it is so important
Nov 29, 2009 in Hearing Aids by  cmb427
I think transmission capacity in amplifiers actaully have two implications, and the audies and listening device mfr's may not utilize that term to indicate what I am alluding to beneath. I am speculating these definitions so anybody please hop in the event that you have your own thought on what term... Read more
60 сom
hearing prices
Sep 08, 2012 in Hearing Aids by  dav
I require new listening devices and I heard Costco offers them for a considerable measure less expensive than any other person. They test you too. What you folks think? ... Read more
55 сom
Are you embarrassed to wear hearing aids?
Mar 31, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  Betty
Hi All, I was thinking about whether any other individual feels awkward and humiliated to wear listening devices? I know they are incredible and extremely supportive - however regardless I am not open to telling individuals I have a hearing misfortune and wear amplifiers. I respect your considerat... Read more
55 сom
Costco Kirkland Signature 5.0s
Nov 17, 2013 in Hearing Aids by  ww-mjw
I Just got a couple of these last week. They accompanied an "Ordinary" program and an "Eatery" program which is for foundation commotion. Are there some other pre-set projects accessible? Much obliged, BTW, I am very content with the guides. ... Read more
53 сom
Why You Should Wear A RIC
May 10, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  ZCT
Someone was getting some information about RIC innovation in another string and I thought I would assemble a short post here for those considering new innovation and asking why RIC listening devices have overwhelmed the business in the previous five years or somewhere in the vicinity. Here are my ... Read more
53 сom
Ranking of Hearing Aid Manufacturers
Oct 23, 2009 in Hearing Aids by  Hear-Ring
Hello, Does anybody know which makers are in the main 3 in the United States? I am searching for data on this from a solid source, and I can't appear to discover anything on who is the "genuine Industry pioneer". Or, on the other hand leader(s) so far as that is concerned. Much appreciated. ... Read more
52 сom
ESTEEM Hearing Implant for SNHL
Jun 29, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  HearingAidGirl
I have recently begun seeing promotions for this gadget in my general vicinity (Northeast USA). Anybody have musings or experience? ... Read more
52 сom
Starkey Announcement
Dec 23, 2010 in Hearing Aids by  edisonhearing2
Thought some of you may get a kick out of the chance to realize that Starkey as of late declared they will be putting forth an undetectable listening device for each way of life with three innovation levels: SoundLens 11, SoundLens 9, and SoundLens 7. SoundLens 11 will include Voice iQ2, intended to... Read more
51 сom
Need help!
Dec 10, 2007 in Hearing Aids by  NumbEars
I have attempted the Orticon Delta 8000 and the Moxi Element 16. Attempted a zillion distinctive PC set settings as of now, on both units, without much of any result. With the Orticon, I couldn't hear discourse in a group well by any stretch of the imagination. My better half instructed me to dispos... Read more
51 сom
Tired of waiting for completely implantable CI's....
Mar 10, 2010 in Cochlear Implants, Middle Ear Implants, BAHA by  patrickinstardom
Hey, From time to time I find out about energizing advancements and associations that could prompt a totally implantable CI (no massive outer gadgets to stress over, aside from maybe for the charger, which wouldn't trouble me.) I continue hearing that it is conceivable to do this however I conti... Read more
49 сom
Affordable Hearing Aids
May 24, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  maxC
ive been glancing around at various portable amplifier organizations and have been hoping to check whether there is a more moderate computerized listening device than the ones that i obtained from hearsource. i cannot discover anything that is sufficiently high quality to beat 995 for every HA. ... Read more
49 сom
Hearing Loss and Mental Health???
Jan 14, 2012 in Hearing Loss by  kevels55
Hi Folks, I was having an exceptionally fascinating discussion a few evenings ago after I caught my significant other chatting on the telephone to another expert (My better half is a Specialist Social Worker for the Deaf & HOH) Anyhow, I caught her platitude, "if your customer has a Severe/Pro... Read more
48 сom
People who speak softly P*$$ ME OFF!
Nov 14, 2011 in Hearing Loss by  BradMM
This is another marvel yet I'm as of now educating a little class with just four individuals in a little lodging meeting room. I don't encounter this ordinarily however these individuals all appear to simply talk delicately and I'm continually saying "HUH???" Because I don't regularly encounter this... Read more
48 сom
Dumping Starkey S for Bernafon Verite
Nov 23, 2009 in Hearing Aids by  roberthamden
After battling for 3 months of Starkey innovation and an Audi that couldn't program the Aids I attempted a Pair of Bernafon Verite at Costco today for 30 +-a couple of minutes, what a distinction. Not sufficiently about time to make a last judgment, yet I could obviously hear the electronic money en... Read more
47 сom
Costco Hearing Aids
May 25, 2011 in Hearing Aids by  dond13
Hi, I am new to this discussion and have been researching and having a go at portable hearing assistants for some time. I have had a great deal of inconvenience discovering one I could endure and I got notification from one companion that he thought the Costco amplifier was great. Has anybody here a... Read more
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