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Costco Rexton Trax 42 (Product Information)
May 14, 2015 in Rexton by  rasmus_braun
Update 12/14/2015: Rexton Trax 42 is a group of RIC, BTE, and ITE instruments accessible from Costco with highlights like Rexton 80 4c and Siemens 7bx items. RIC models: • Trax 42 (312 battery, remote, t-loop, 4 control levels) • Trax 42 XM (13 battery, remote, t-loop, 4 control ... Read more
137 сom
Costco Kirkland Signature 7.0 (Product Information)
Sep 13, 2016 in Rexton by  rasmus_braun
Kirkland Signature 7.0 is a RIC instrument accessible from Costco with highlights like Rexton 80 6c and Signia 7px items. • Premium TruCore execution • 42 channels, 20 pick up handles, 6 programs • TruCore Audio Exchange • Directional iLock and Mic-Pattern Adjustment ... Read more
60 сom
Costco KS7 user experience
Nov 04, 2016 in Rexton by  corona
So I've had these for fourteen days now, and I want to say a couple of things in regards to my experience. 1. The great: Generally, I truly do like them. They have basically enhanced my experience of hearing by a couple or requests of size or somewhere in the vicinity. I wear them when no one is a... Read more
45 сom
trying kirkland signature 7.0
Sep 15, 2016 in Rexton by  truck12
So I conversed with Costco HIS toward the beginning of today and new KS 7.0 is in. A week ago I was fitted with trax 42 and strolled around store a bit talking (and tuning in) to individuals, and was content with them. I am an amateur, never had HA's. HIS instructed me to hold up seven days before r... Read more
38 сom
Rexton Quintra
Apr 25, 2014 in Rexton by  lilia97
I just purchased Rexton Quintra and might want to know any of you who get or attempt this portable amplifiers brand and sort. What is your genius and cons contrasted with other portable hearing assistants, for example, Oticon Chili, Phonak Naida, and Resound? ... Read more
37 сom
Custom Molds
Sep 21, 2015 in Rexton by  tribalrose
As I posted in the KS6 versus Trax string, I've at last settled on the Trax 42 helps. Before settling on that choice, I wasn't willing to stress over custom molds, despite the fact that I comprehend they ought to give extra help considering my misfortune at low levels. I'd value any guidance about... Read more
33 сom
Impressions after a month
Feb 19, 2016 in Rexton by  DrBob
I have had my Trax 42s for one month. This is my second arrangement of listening devices. I wore Unitron Moxi's for a long time. Here are my contemplations: Geniuses They were just a large portion of the cost of my Unitrons I accept might be hearing clearer than I was with the Unitrons...but I... Read more
31 сom
Trax 42 size with 13 vs 312
Dec 12, 2015 in Rexton by  MVPinFLA
Does anybody know how much more extensive the Trax 42's are that utilization 13 batteries instead of the 312's. I would lean toward the one's with 13's; yet don't need them to be excessively awkward on my ears. I right now utilize 312's in my Resound Future's and expectation that the Trax 42 with 13... Read more
27 сom
Interference from motion detectors
Feb 19, 2016 in Rexton by  DrBob
I find that my Trax 42s are getting impedance at whatever point I stroll under a movement finder. I work in a building that utilizations them to control the lights. I additionally saw this issue in my doctor's office building. Has any other individual experienced this issue? ... Read more
25 сom
Costco Rexton Trax 42 vs. Kirkland Signature 6.0
Jul 22, 2015 in Rexton by  grouper
I just got once again from my in-store trial of the Rexton Trax 42's at Costco. I had beforehand trialed the Kirkland's in store a week ago. I didn't resolve to buy either HA today-require more opportunity to think it through. On the off chance that I had an Iphone 6 I would have purchased the KS6... Read more
22 сom
Can someone explain the KS7 Speech in Noise program?
Nov 14, 2016 in Rexton by  AdamsHouseCat
I comprehend that client ongoing modification for amplifier directionality is just accessible in the "Inside and out Program". It appears to be odd to me that amplifier directionality (narrowing the concentration) is not likewise accessible in the discourse in commotion program - as I can't help thi... Read more
21 сom
Soft Molds, Hard Molds, No Molds (Domes)
Oct 12, 2016 in Rexton by  Santa_Rosa_John
I've been utilizing Rexton Trax 42c guides with arches - not molds - and am thinking about whether I am passing up a great opportunity by not utilizing molds or something to that affect. I a going to change to Kirkland Signature 7.0 guides one week from now and might want to find out about molds bef... Read more
20 сom
Some Voices Now Sound Like They Have a Lisp
Feb 09, 2016 in Rexton by  DrBob
I have had the Trax 42s now for around 2 weeks. A few of my male associates seem as though they are talking with a stutter. I didn't have this with my last match of portable hearing assistants. Has any other person experienced this issue? Much obliged Weave ... Read more
20 сom
Trax 42 new info <- just have a look
Jul 13, 2015 in Rexton by  deaz14
Hi everybody i thought i would enlighten you regarding the Trax 42 - Emerald s 80 - binax unadulterated 7 the gap contrast's the Emerald from the binax simply has the tinnitus part expelled as should be obvious i have bx5 that have the tinnitus program and it measurement nothing to assist so squande... Read more
20 сom
Best programs to use with Kirkland Signature 7
Dec 19, 2016 in Rexton by  nimailni
I needed to make this string about choosing the most valuable projects, however I understood that I can't discover the rundown of accessible ones. When I got my guides, I chose "TV" program, yet it is not in any case recorded the KS7 manual. Here is the rundown of accessible projects (as indicated... Read more
19 сom
Disposable vs. Rechargeable?
May 29, 2016 in Rexton by  fishface
As I read through this gathering I can't help thinking that the vast majority of you that have the Trax 42 are utilizing expendable batteries. Those of you who do, may I inquire as to why? I got the Rechargeables yet am finding that they don't last throughout the day. They ordinarily last around 1... Read more
19 сom
Trax 42 xm - second fitting
Feb 19, 2016 in Rexton by  CaptainTrips
Had my second fitting at Costco yesterday, with extremely palatable outcomes. Here is the thing that we changed: + Feedback concealment was set from Slow to Fast. This has for all intents and purposes wiped out the criticism I was encountering with my left ear. + Rocker switches were de-coupled ... Read more
19 сom
Trax 42 question
Apr 17, 2016 in Rexton by  fishface
First of all thank you to those of you who contribute on this discussion. &nbsp;I have been prowling for a little time as I have chosen to try portable amplifiers out once more. &nbsp;I have attempted them 3 past circumstances, the latest being more than 10 years back. &nbsp;My discourse... Read more
19 сom
Rexton Trax vs. Phonak Audeo
Jun 12, 2015 in Rexton by  ziploc
I have been wearing Phonak Audeo Q90’s for as far back as 18 months and I’ve never been happy with them. I have had numerous modification sessions with two audiologists and even depended on attempting self-programming. I’m starting to feel that my issues may have a considerable measure to do with... Read more
18 сom
Could anyone offer Trax 42 programming suggestions to reduce restaurant background noise?
Jan 16, 2016 in Rexton by  ziploc
A Costco store is thoughtfully permitting me a three-week trial with “loaner” Trax 42’s. What I’ve perused here about the Trax recommends that they are best in class for separating an objective voice sitting opposite you in an uproarious eatery. Indeed, even after broad pro... Read more
17 сom
Smart Connect battery life
Dec 01, 2016 in Rexton by  Z300M
How long should the Smart Connect keep going on a full battery charge? I charged mine overnight, however at 5pm it's indicating practically purge on the Smart Connect application. I haven't done any sound gushing today and have scarcely utilized the Smart Connect by any means. ... Read more
15 сom
Rexton Mini Blu Blue Tooth Remote
Apr 20, 2015 in Rexton by  jnolte
I have Costco warming guides which utilize the Rexton MiniBlu remote bluetooth gadget. In the event that anybody is knowledgeable about this gadget, I have some broad inquiries: 1. Have you encountered an issue with your listening devices shrieking/input after you associate with this gadget? 2. ... Read more
14 сom
Tree 42 HA fails after loud noise... weird situation need advice
Jan 25, 2017 in Rexton by  Ratzo
Here's my concern. I have had my trex 42's one year this coming February. In Sept I had a few changes made to my HA program. At that point not long after my left HA would bomb every so often, remain low in volume for 30-a hour then simply returned on. we swapped out recipient for new one, it flopped... Read more
12 сom
CVS - Rexton EZ Revo CIC hearing aids
Jun 29, 2016 in Rexton by  jim.waltrip
Has anybody known about EZ Revo, Rexton portable amplifiers? Got hearing check at CVS.... the portable amplifiers are made by rexton and are CIC, 16 channel, digital.... ... Read more
12 сom
Kirkland (Rexton Onyx+) KSHA04
Jun 14, 2016 in Rexton by  Johnnyo
I have the above guides, Does any one know whether they have help to help capacity? Much appreciated ahead of time, John ... Read more
12 сom
Trax 42 ?
Nov 19, 2015 in Rexton by  Shrike6
I have been wearing my Trax42 routinely for as far back as couple of months, and had month to month checkups by the Costco tech. By and large, I am satisfied with the execution. we just changed me to shut arches, as I was getting some input ( shrieking) from specific clamors or pitches of sounds. ... Read more
12 сom
Otosclerosis, single or binaural for me?
Sep 18, 2015 in Rexton by  sandolamb
(Hi I'm new here and need to thank everybody for the immense data!) Short story is I have affirmed otosclerosis on the left, yet I'm not a possibility for surgery yet. In the interim, it's the ideal opportunity for a portable amplifier (or two?). In light of audits here I need to attempt the Tra... Read more
12 сom
Costco comment
Nov 18, 2016 in Rexton by  MDB
I went into Costco today and remarked to the extremely supportive portable hearing assistant fitter how accommodating the hearingaid gatherings were to me. She remarked that yes, they were an extraordinary asset, however that she gets a decent measure of individuals saying that they (we?) suggested ... Read more
11 сom
Trax 42 - first impressions
Feb 08, 2016 in Rexton by  CaptainTrips
Picked up my Trax 42 XM with streamer on Saturday. Up until now, extremely awed. I have the single programmed program 1 set up. Utilizing twofold arches (slight criticism in the left ear on occasion - the tech turned up the input cancelation a bit. At in the first place, I wanted to increase the v... Read more
11 сom
Just purchased a pair of Trax 42
Dec 08, 2015 in Rexton by  Joel
I attempted each model that Costco had and the Trax 42 appeared the best. I don't know the person who set up my test had it right as it was somewhat low and when I introduced and matched the iPhone application the volume control didn't appear to do a thing. The audiologist said that on accepting the... Read more
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