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106 сom
Widex Dream 440
Aug 05, 2014 in Widex by  SqueakyChu
I have tried the Widex Dream 440 for two weeks. I am heading off to my audie today for my two weeks change. I had one past change and requested time to better trial these before returning. Despite everything I might want to get notification from different clients of this portable amplifier. Your e... Read more
27 сom
Unique Passion or Fusion 440
Nov 30, 2015 in Widex by  Mark Chambers
So at that point, has anybody done a trial on these or has acquired a couple and wearing them? I know comeagain would do a 45 day trial about a month prior and was trusting he may fill us in. I'd get a kick out of the chance to pose some inquiry of the individuals who are really wearing them. ... Read more
25 сom
Oct 13, 2015 in Widex by  rasmus_braun
Widex Press Release Copenhagen, October 15, 2015 Breaking the Sound Barrier Widex is glad to present our most recent amplifier, WIDEX UNIQUE™. Special pushes the boundaries of execution, taking computerized preparing to another level to catch more stable than some other portable amplifier a... Read more
22 сom
My personal experience buying HAID online
Nov 10, 2016 in Widex by  Adrian
I was searching for remarks about purchasing the portable hearing assistant on the web, there are not very many remarks, here I will attempt to grow this data to bolster the exchange on this specific issue. I picked this specific discussion since I am securing a Widex Unique Fusion 330. By the rou... Read more
21 сom
New Widex HA
May 11, 2016 in Widex by  altwolf
Has any one known about another HA from Widex.My Audiology said he thought they begin delivering in May.They are Windex Unique Fashion Power.He needs me to attempt these,but my concern trial date will be up one week from now on the Phonak Naida I have now.Any information would be useful. ... Read more
20 сom
About to buy Widex Dream Fashion 330 BTE.
May 03, 2014 in Widex by  Bluesview
Does anybody have involvement with this model or the 220, 440? ... Read more
16 сom
Widex Universal Program
Jan 21, 2016 in Widex by  skinnerd
I am trialing a Widex Unique 440 with the Com-Dex. As my audiologist has it set up now, I can go on my advanced cell and alter the mode to MORE CLEAR, or MORE COMFORT or HOLD TO MUTE, and I can CHOOSE DIRECTION to front, left, back, right or focus, however NEXT PROGRAM does not give me any choices. ... Read more
16 сom
Sibilance in Widex Unique 440 Fusions
Feb 09, 2017 in Widex by  TRY
I am new to portable hearing assistants and to the acts of audiologists. I simply completed the process of testing for one week my first match, Audibel A4, which had around 45 minutes of apparently cautious forward and backward modifications by the audiologist. I was by and large content with them... Read more
16 сom
Nov 02, 2016 in Widex by  rasmus_braun
Widex presents the best-sounding Made for iPhone (MFi) innovation. With an adaptable application permitting full spilling usefulness and control over the listening condition, the new Widex BEYOND amplifier gives the wearer consistent 2.4 GHz coordinate availability anyplace and whenever. Also, an ... Read more
15 сom
Ambient Noise Widex only
Nov 27, 2016 in Widex by  Gery_R
Afdter testing phonak audeo have a place and oticon opn1, I can hear the surrounding commotion of the collector in calm circumstances in a somewhat boisterous manner, which wasn't the situation with the other two brands. additionally the input is more terrible with the widex. that is the novel 440 r... Read more
15 сom
Which Widex acessory to get
Sep 27, 2016 in Widex by  joewatt
I'm in my time for testing for my Widex Unique 440's, which I cherish. I can get one embellishment free with this buy. The audiologist thought I may require the dehumidifier, however I'm inclining toward the Com-Dex. I think about whether anybody has any considerations/feelings on this - ... Read more
11 сom
Did I get the right aid?
May 12, 2016 in Widex by  RUSS-SHETTLE
I might want to get notification from Doubledown since you appear to be the inhabitant master on Widex Aids and mostly in light of the fact that I'm, truth be told, utilizing the Unique Fusion 330 RIC now, I'm interested to comprehend what you consider the decision my Audi made. I have needed to p... Read more
10 сom
Widex Unique Fusion 330 Cost?
Mar 22, 2016 in Widex by  willie1280
Just attempting to get fetched for these guides from a couple of people to perceive what the normal cost is. My audi is prescribing them to supplant my Oticon's. ... Read more
9 сom
Widex Mind 330
Oct 31, 2015 in Widex by  broceliande
Hello, I'm wearing Widex Mind 330 CIE in both ears and the correct guide quits working, and after that works again following a couple of minutes. In some cases for up to 1/2 hour, some of the time a couple of days, and afterward it begins playing up once more. Had it sent to Widex Australia twice.... Read more
9 сom
Widex USB Link + extras for sale
Oct 05, 2015 in Widex by  Gerk
The things are presently sold. Howdy people I have a Widex USB interface (utilized, yet never utilized by me!) available to be purchased, accompanied "additional items" (CD with drivers and that's only the tip of the iceberg) and USB link. I'm in Canada and I got it for a decent arrangement, wil... Read more
8 сom
Dream 330 Passion Hacking?
Sep 10, 2015 in Widex by  Gerk
Hi people ... a touch of foundation first. I'm a deep rooted performer/sound designer who has quite recently been "fitted" for a couple of Dream 330 interests. I've been into the Audiologist for a few sessions now for "changes" ... be that as it may, the issue is the two diverse folks doing the fitt... Read more
8 сom
Test Driving Oticon, Widex and Phonak
Apr 19, 2016 in Widex by  deastly
I simply completed test driving the highest point of the line models from each of the three makers. I'm keen on what others have found. I found the Widex were the main ones that attempted agreeable to me. Oticon sounds excessively tinny, even in the wake of being balanced numerous circumstances. P... Read more
7 сom
WIDEX DREAM 330 FUSION Program Question
Aug 23, 2015 in Widex by  N4ZX
Hello, I simply joined the gathering today in trusts somebody mightknow more than I can get some answers concerning an ace program alternative. I have a threeweek old combine of Dream Fusion 330 RIC portable amplifiers. Shockingly they had togo back to Widex as the Phone Program was not working. It ... Read more
6 сom
Real World Dream vs. Unique Experience
Apr 28, 2016 in Widex by  DaveTinn
I've chatted with 2 listening device focuses about Widex items and I'm getting increasingly questionable about which model may be best for me. Would someone be able to please give some genuine input on utilizing a Dream 330 versus Special 330 (or the 110 or 220)? I comprehend the Unique line offers ... Read more
6 сom
Widex outdated?
Dec 04, 2015 in Widex by  def_canuck
I am quite a while client of Widex. Begun off with Senso then Senso Diva lastly Mind 440 in 2009). I would even now be on Mind 440's however the left guide is requiring repair second time in 6 years. Both circumstances, the wax monitor holder tumbled off making the guide glitch because of proceeded ... Read more
6 сom
Widex Dream 330
Mar 04, 2015 in Widex by  trtaylor
New part here... I have as of late (< 2 weeks) been fitted with Widex Dream 330 listening devices. General I am exceptionally satisfied. The main thing I am experiencing difficulty getting utilized is the impact from having shut vaults. I have incorporated my audiogram in my mark. Any shot I mi... Read more
6 сom
Widex Unique 440 Music Program
Jul 05, 2016 in Widex by  segoviajr
Hi all... So I am assessing a couple of these, RIC's. I like them a considerable measure, yet I have totally fizzled attempting to make an independent music program (I am a semi-master established guitar fellow). Yet, I do find that on the off chance that I simply abandon them in Universal mode, t... Read more
6 сom
should a Com-Dex be able to do this?
Mar 12, 2016 in Widex by  drLPS4
I have been utilizing a demo match of Widex Unique 440s for about seven days. My listening ability master has additionally advanced me a Com-Dex to experiment with. The Com-Dex matched palatably with my Android phone and my Android tablet. Yet, I was planning to inspire it to combine with a Bluetoot... Read more
6 сom
Widex Cleaning Tools
May 11, 2016 in Widex by  DaveTinn
What cleaning apparatuses were incorporated with your Widex amplifier? My Unique 220 came just with a cleaning material. The client guideline manual shows 5 instruments are incorporated. I acquired my HA through TrueHearing and my audi says the material is the main included cleaning apparatus. Much ... Read more
5 сom
HD TV Plus TV DEX = No Go
Oct 23, 2015 in Widex by  Olles
I just obtained another Samsung JS8500 HDTV and a Samsung Sound Bar. I've had a go at everything to get an association: 1) HDMI link from TVArc space to the DEX (connected to a connector that accompanied the TV)and, 2) an optical link from the TV to the DEX. In both cases, I substituted between the ... Read more
5 сom
Widex dream 330
May 17, 2015 in Widex by  Artie65
I'm during the time spent buying an arrangement of Widex listening devices and my decisions are truly the fantasy 330 or the fantasy 440. Which model and style is best for my listening ability misfortune. My audiogram is as per the following: left ear 250-70 500-70 1k-55 2k-50 4k-60 8-80 right ear 2... Read more
5 сom
Widex TV Dex
Mar 14, 2015 in Widex by  pattysheehan
Dad just got this. Has Widex dream hearing aides...not beyond any doubt which number. At last got the thing all snared. He can hear the TV OK however about at regular intervals the portable amplifiers is stating "Ace". On the off chance that I see accurately, that implies that the TV Dex is not ... Read more
5 сom
Widex Unique receiver bandwidth & music streaming quality
May 17, 2016 in Widex by  DaveTinn
I utilize a COM-DEX with my Unique Fusion 220 (time for testing) with an outside arch to stream music from my iPhone. I'm frustrated with the nature of the music gushing, yet I comprehend HA's are not intended for music. My HA has a M recipient, which has a data transfer capacity of 100-9200hz. The ... Read more
4 сom
widex clear 330 tube remove ?
Sep 23, 2015 in Widex by  bernafon
I have a couple of widex clear 330 listening devices and I get a kick out of the chance to change the tube myself ,it is not the one with the speakerwire but rather with the tube . The association on the portable hearing assistant is a metal tube with an edge where the plastic piece of the tube is... Read more
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